My playlist for the day

It is a wonderful morning….August is about to end “finally”….didn’t sleep at all last night, first we had visitors at home and they left around 12:30, bas it was pretty cool….we all enjoyed their visit..then I got to bed, and had a thought keda….and it really bugged me awi…fa I surrendered and went out to the balcony reading till morning…

So I came to work, and decided to custom a playlist for the day instead of just keeping the hillarious number of mixed english and arabic songs going on….fa here is list for today:

1- Only a woman like you “WOW”
2- I’ll never break your heart
3- I swear
4- Words
5- When I need you
6- Tell him
7- Memories
8- Marina
9- Hotel California
10- Hero
11- Total eclipse of the heart
12- Kiling me softly
13- Don’t cry
14- Hello
15- Endless love
16- I promise you
17- I said I loved you but I lied
18- When a man loves a woman
19- Only you
20- Now and forever
21- Say you, say me
22- show me the meaning of being lonely
23- Get another boyfriend
24- Love is
25- Truly, Madly, Deeply
26- Seasons in the sun
27- Dancing queen
28- Sweet dreams

“Sigh” 🙂

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Tagged….Let’s give it a shot

Been tagged by Blue & Moon to answer the following….so here we go.

10 years ago:

First year in college….was hell freaked out as I been to the same school from KG1, till thanaweya 3amma, my friends and atmosphere were the same since ever I started going to this school, the idea of going out of this ring was scary…lucky me, a friend from school happened to join the same college I been to, made my life way easier…being brought up as an over protected person, didn’t help me much at this stage…but my friend “who later became my very best friend” was always there….Gotta say this year was a turning point, started to realize that the world is huge…and I gotta grow up to discover it real well. Never thought about having a boy friend at this point of time, although back in school it was a popular trend….had many crushes…still have the crush thing with me till now, rarely fall in love…

5 years ago:

Working in the company here….a grown up, responsible person…a noticeable change in personality….still kinda shy, and don’t like to blend with the crowd, kinda not welcomed from many people around, but my boss then taught me how to be professional, and forget about personal feelings…later this year, people started to accept me as is and we all managed to get along pretty well.

As for the heart status back then….it was the happy beginning for the “later” drama.

1 year ago:

The worst stage…confused big time, was hard to figure out the real me from the one I become….bas I really decided to figure “me” out, was hard, can’t claim eno I am there yet, but almost there. The hard thing about it is which is better?!!! Gosh…was so painful.

Wish I make good use of it, wish I can see my dream of “the shop around the corner” come true, wish I can be a better perosn….wish I can be more reasonable.

5 snacks I enjoy:

chips& dips, cheese fingers, pop-corn, Greco’s melted cheese & beef sandwiches, and assorted nuts.

5 bands/artists that I know the lyrics to most of their songs:

Celine Dione, Mariah Carey, Barbara Streisand, Jewel, and Richard Marx.

5 things I’d do with $100,000,000:

My shop around the corner, but will have it the “fox’s” style instead :), go live in cape town for 3 years “will build a school & hospital there”, build a house for mentally and physically abused women in Egypt “kinda rehab, where they can come out again to world as good as new”..mmm, ya3ni will think about the rest later.

5 locations I’d like to run away to:

One obsessive thougt is to go climb the Tibet and spend sometime there…I really want to do this, and think would be a good experience, South Africa “Cape in Particular”, Richmond “virginia”, Alexandria “during winter only”, and Spain.

5 bad habits I have:

starring at people or things when there is something strange, changing moods in no time, interupting people while they talk but I just do this out of being afraid of losing the idea fa I spit it out, Can’t translate this one in English but I am literaly “7o2na” when I want something.

5 things I like doing:

Exercising, reading, talking and hanging out with someone I like, movies in dark room with a huge bowl of pop corn in my lap, like bubble baths….and playing with shower gels and other body care stuff.

5 thing I will never wear:

You mean won’t wear in public or?? coz I would wear anything, it is just there are some stuff I can’t wear in public, and I mean anything that looks inappropirate….ah….”I can never wear a yellow shirt….I don’t like yellow clothes aslan”

TV shows I like:
20/20, the view, Friends, 8 simple rules, gilmore girls.

5 movies I like:
The bridges of Madison county, a walk in the clouds, the last samurai, meet joe black, and the city of angels

5 people I’d like to meet:

Nilson Mandila, The Dalai Lama, George Cooloney :))), Louisa May Alcott, and Christopher Marlowe.

5 biggest joys at the moment:
Lunch up on the roof with good company, a nice gesture from someone who would make the day…a frappucino cup…a friend’s high, kinda distinctive and a bit weird laugh…I laugh eventually!!!

5 favorite toys:
My Simpson’s puzzle, scrable, risk “not toys awi”.

I’m tagging:

Berry, Emi, and Mohamed

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This one will knock your socks off “UFO Talk”

Check out the 2 videos in this page, God..this is awesome…recorded videos for UFOs during the formation process of a crop circle…INTERESTING.

Some close people know am an extraterrestrials fanatic….to the extent that one of my very favourite birthday presents from an ex-boss was an illustrated video for an alien utopsy….threw up twice during watching…and it has been sitting in my library since then…bas was super cool.

It is just I feel like there is a whole different world up there…super advanced…with different people, how on earth can I stop thinking about it…mesh 3arfa to me it is very puzzling….I wish I would be encountered one day?? this shouldn’t be freaky….at least I would have some real answers away from the internet and books.

My sister gives me the “u wierdo” look, whenever we come across such issues….explained to her know several times how advanced and peaceful aliens are…but all in vain.

More on UFO’s, favourite psychics, and mysteries later.

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Sleepless in Cairo

Yep…the title is derived from the movie “Sleepless in Seatle”….When it comes to Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan….should be a super movie….full of thoughts and extraordinary scenes. Why am I talking movies now???? The thing is I didn’t sleep well in a long time now, fa I am kinda edgy and tensed….

yesterday, was the SS Pre-historic art presentation, although tired bas I thought this would be cool and interesting fa shouldn’t be missed….by the end of the day thought I am too drained to attend, SPA and relaxing sounded like a brilliant idea, but had to work late fa was done by 7 which was the presentation time, so I did it….very stupid move, driving back home wasn’t cool too, had this feeling of “I will run over someone in a minute”…thanks God didn’t happen….again didn’t sleep well, fa the mood is still the same…Rasha mentioned that she really got tired of my Geminian moods…fa treated her to something to keep her mouth shut :))) I got the reputation already…fa kfaya ba2a :))

The presentation was good….funny things happened keda “maybe I am the only one who is seeing it funny” bas won’t tell eih el 7asal :)) during the break, we had this movie talk, and ideas for new movies to be shown….fa I listed a couple of them keda…then I cried…you know what…”Man on the Moon” it is the Bio of the American comedian Andy Kaufman…being so enthusiastic about the guy, fa I started telling his story…it is a very interesting one by the way…Andy died at the age of 35 after suffering from lung cancer. The guy’s biggest fear was not that he would die, but that he would not be remembered “like and admire the concept BIG TIME”.

A man full of hope and a real survivor…I love when people struggle for what they want…although life and death is of course in the hands of God…but still his attempts were remarkable…many fables and stories about his rebirth… it is also said that when back to life Kaufman got plastic surgery to dramatically change his appearance and is a current day comedian “many claimed that the comedian is Jim Carrey, may be coz he is a big fan of Andy Kaufman, or coz he starred the man on the moon movie”…Ooooops….I did it again, I just like the idea fa when I am enthusiatic about something, takes a train to stop me :)))

– Ah…one little thing, all the photos in my blog(s) are taken by my-humble-self….they are all in my usefilm collection……

“A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires” from Coelho’s Fifth Mountain

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Chatt…a poem by Rita 3ouda

I dream to live

Live to Survive

Survive to be more humane

Be more humane for you to love me more

* A super expressive poem by Rita 3ouda….check the arabic version here… is even more beautiful.

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Finally…this day is about to come to an end

Good God….that was one tough day…boss is finally back, fa it took us forever to wrap up w keda…still had to do that silly project that I came up with…still it is important to be done, and it was a good idea, bas a hell of a thing to do.

Have gazillion errands to run after work, bas mesh 2adra…still gotta do at least my visa renewal related ones, ophhh, still can’t do anything except the photos in the afternoon…time is flying and I am mesanta7a keda…and that is not good.

* What’s wrong with people, is it the hot weather or what??? I am talking to this guy in the phone asking about something? and I am like this is Nermeen E from ……, fe he goes like “ahlan w sahlan ya fandem, meen ma3aya??”!!!!!!

Another one happened today bardo: a vendor coming to see Diaa, fa he enters the office, me, Rasha, and Diaa, are the only ones there, fa he looks to Rasha…and goes like “Ostaz Diaa??” Rasha said something that I can’t really write down here and we both burst into laughters.

“Most people know intuitively that when you fall in love, the worldis full of magic. What they don’t know is that when you discover theuniverse is full of magic, you fall in love with the world.” Phyliss Currot, Book of Shadows

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Team Building ;))

By midday yesterday…we were kinda bored to death, fa Diaa proposed we go out for lunch, although it wasn’t lunch time at all, bas we were itching…me being a devoted and a caring employee, I suggested we call it a team building outing ;)) since ya3ni the 3 of us work for the same Mgmnt..different departments though…bas bardo team building at Fudds, makes a noticealbe change in employees relations ;))))

I used to be in a private office keda for a while….thought it is the coolest thing ever, and when we had this problem of finding places for other employees, I suggested my work area as it is huge “takes 3 workstations, only one was there”, although wasn’t so excited about it ya3ni…el howa, just trying to help, wento w zo2ko ba2a…right now I am really glad that I have people along in my office, especially they are very interesting and really fun to be with.

The car pool thing was a great failure…Lamia is pissed don’t know why!!!! she is not the type of a person who would come and say u did this or that!!! even if I asked what’s wrong she goes like nothing…am ok…fa I stopped asking. People should be more easy going, if there is something wrong, spit it out, and let others know…I really have no problem in saying sorry if i did something wrong, but I am not expected to go like wonder if you are ok or not?? or what’s up?? u know what I mean!!! This morning she was like, I think not willing aslan to say Good morning or keda…bas I started!!!

Now gotta go, but here is my little farewell from Louisa May Alcott’s “Fairy Song”

When next we meet in the Fairy dell,
May the silver moon’s soft light
Shine then on faces gay as now,
And Elfin hearts as light.
Now spread each wing, for the eastern sky
With sunlight soon will glow.
The morning star shall light us home:
Farewell! for the Elves must go :)))

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Beautiful morning “after a quite tough night”

What a beautiful morning

The best in life is free

What a beautiful morning

Believe me

What a mystery

Though the world’s on fire

Yesterday’s hard words is still in my head

I feel no despair

No regrets or sorrows

Cause this new day

Makes me dance on air

What a golden day

What a beautiful morning in my life

The best in life is free

I give it all away

And I wonder what more is to come

And this beautiful morning changed my mind

Believe me when I say

The shadows fading out

As the day grows bright

We are turning pages

And we write new chapters of our life

Some are strong and long

Others weak with sorrows

Keep the focus on the rising sun

What a golden day

What a beautiful morning in my life

Love Ace of base song….Had a tough night…but hey…IT IS A BRAND NEW DAY.

Some people say I am fun to be with, cheerful, happy and full of energey, which adds a good essence to any gathering….good thing to know, I really like the way I am.

Why tough night??? had this self confrontation thing last night…although I hate such confrontations, ususally harsh, healthy though……I don’t like being down for whatever reason, even though I am hurt or crashed big time, it might shows but still, it doesn’t exactly show what’s behind…

I always have a smile on my face, never meant to fake it, I just believe it has to be there, so I can have a good day, I shouldn’t frown as it is gonna be reflected in my attitude, “your perception creates ur reality” type of thing….

I am not really into dramtic realities…which doesn’t mean I am not admitting their presence, it is just I am not into dramtic moods.

Why am I writing this?? CLUELESS….the whole thing was triggered after having a whole day ORIGINAL smile, not that type of I gotta do it one “although involuntary” :)))))

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La2 mesh Alo wala 7aga, a few updates keda…and I will go solve some work related riddles, God only knows how things would get straight…otherwise turning into pumpkin would sound like a HAPPY ENDING 🙂

Apparently, I screwed up my blog after changing the template….but Mohamed fixed it for me, not sure what was wrong with it, but he is the pro here, so, why fuss?? fa thanks….la2 mesh thanks khalas ;))

Not in a working mood khales…fa we went out for an early lunch; it was like 11:20 or something, still didn’t kill the day…

Had a conversation this morning with Ahmed the finance “10th story race” guy, it went like this:
A: Ezayek ya Noona?
N: Fine ya No2no2..
A: No2no2?!!
N: yeah…from No2no2 w nana “the cartoon”, remember??
A: Do I look like a frog to you
N: not only to me ;p
A: “kinda furious but trying to hide” Ya salam, said who ISA??
N: Easy…easy, Why are you so offened, it is the cutest frog ever, who used to play flute, and had a red tiny cap 🙂 I used to like him awi.
A: “laughing” there is something wrong…. positive you are 27???

Try this one, u will love it…get 2 toasts or 1, spread some peanut butter…then add strawberry jam…DELICIOUS.

I have been wasting time, blogging, getting myself a cup of “shay belaban”, chatting, and doing nothing of any value in the last hour or so….same “I gotta go study” attitude :))

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حاجات قديمه :)

النهارده بعد الغداء بشوية كنت قاعدة بحكى مع ماما فى حاجات كتير و كده ، و فجأه لقيتها بتقولي انا عندي ليكي حاجه مكنتش ناويه اطلعها غير لأولادك…و ده ايه ده بقي..قعدت اتحايل عليها شويه بعدين قامت جابتلى 3 رزم ورق شكلهم قديم شويه…فقلتلها ايه دول….قالتلى اقريهم و انتي تعرفى…ياه ه ه ه ه…..جبتيهم منين دول با ماما :))) و ابتسامة عريضة من الودن للودن …..الورق اللى ماما ادتهولى ده عبارة عن 3 رزم ورق مقطوع من كراسة فى كل رزمه قصة قصيرة بالعربي كتبتهم في صيف 1993 . كل واحدة فيهم من بره مكتوب عليها اسمها و التاريخ اللى اتكتبت فيه.سطور من ال3 قصص:و قضى على حبى 25/3/1993 :في صباح يوم ربيعي مشمس جلست شيرين تتصفح الجريدة لتري “ايه اللي بيحصل فى الدنيا”. و كالعادة بدأت بأخر صفحة لأنها تتشائم من اخبار الصفحة الأولى….أكرر اعتذارى لك 2/5/1993:كان بداخل المظروف ورقتين…الأولى استقالة هبه، و الثانيه كانت ردها و فيه قالت “اسفة، لن استطيع ان اقبل عرضك لأنى سوف اظلمك انت و عماد….فأن تزوجتك ستكون من اتعس الأزواج وأكون انا قد دمرت حبيبي…أكرر اعتذاري لك”حب او لا حب، هدا هو السؤال 19/1993 – 22/8/1993 :أنا عملت لك كل حاجه و جبت لك كل حاجه حلمتى بيها، لكن انتي عمرك ما فكرتى تدى كنتى بتاخدى و بس. أنا كان ناقصنى ابن بس مش منك، من واحدة بتحبنى، عشان تحب بيتى و ولادي….بس كده….محاولات مش فاكرة عنها حاجه خالص، بس مبسوطه انها لسه موجوده
جملة اعتراضية: غسلتي الفراخ يا لينا من اللى تحت الحوض!!!! مش ضروري تفاصيل
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كراكيب فى دماغى

قررت بما أنى فى البيت أدون بالعربى، علشان علي رأي بابا عيب اوى انى معرفش أعبر عن نفسي بلغتى…فقلت له بس انا بحس ان الكلام بيطلع ركيك و سخيف مش زى الناس التانيين و كده، فقال لي ملكيش دعوة بحد، أنتى أكتبي بس و مره علي مره هتبقى أحسن 🙂 فأيه بأه..الأغانى العربى, قديمة أو جديدة بس كلها أغانى ليها معنى عندى ممكن حلو أو وحش بس فى الأخر بعتز بيهم أوي:عهادير البوسطةأتدكرتك يا عاليهو اتدكرت عيونكيخرب بيت عيونك يا عاليهشو حلوين “فيروز”الأغنيه دي كانت ضمن أغانى كتيرة لفيروز كنت بسمعها فى بيتنا، بس وقتها كنت بزعل عشان كان نفسى يبقى اسمي عاليه و فيروز تغنى لي :)فى ليلة عشق وخدانىعلي الشط الهوا التانيقابلن البحر فى عيونكشربت عطشت من تانىهى دي بدايتك معاياشوف بقى قلبى و جنونه “حنان ماضي”أغنية من أجمل أغانى حنان ماضي، وأنا أصلا بموت فيها، بس مينفعش أسمعها في أول اليوم علشان بتنيمني شويه…أخر الأغنية بتقول “يقول أنا مبسوط كده..متحاسبونيش مدام عشقت” و الجملة دى بأه معناها كبير أوي….عارفة…مش عارف ليهبتونس بيكىو كأنك من دمىعلي راحتى معاكى و كأنك أمي “عل الحجار”أجمل و أرق مشاعر و كلمات فى الدنيا و مو سيقى عمر خيرت فيها مش طبيعيه. فرشت رمل البحر و نامت و أتغطت بالشمسصارت مثل النار اعصابى أمتى الحلو تحسطيورك يا بحر تغازلها و تشرب من ايديهاأمواجك ترقص فرحانه و تبوس رجليهاو الرمل يموت من الغيرة يحضنها يغطيهاو أنا مثلك يا بحر و أكثر معجب جدا بيها “كاظم الساهر”لا تعليق…و النبي فى صورة فى الدنيا أجمل من كده…انا مش من هواة كاظم الساهر بس بحبله 3 أغانى “قولي أحبك” “هل عندك شك” و الأغنيه دي.فى شجرة جواجنينه عليها علامهأيوة موجودة و قلبي محفر فيهاسالمه يا سلامه رحنا و جينا باسلامة “داليدا”من مقررات عربية بابا و شريط داليدا كان صعب أوي انه يسيب العربية…و كمان بفتكر رحلات المدرسه…وردة فى جنينهو جنينه عطشانهزرعوها وحيدة ومن الوحدة دبلانهوعدوها الجنه وعدوها دنيا حلوهسابوها فى النار تسقيها من غير ميهوردة فى جنه و وردة فى نار ألوانها حلوه العين تحتارعلموها القسوة و الحب فى جدورهاعلموها … تتحداهم بعطورهاتغرب الشمس و هي تقلب الأرض في ساعهتزرع الأرض المنسيه..حب و شجاعه “عايدة الأيوبي”مش عارفه ايه سر حبى للأغنية دى بس بحبها…و بحب عايدة الأيوبى جدا.لسه فى أغانى تانيه كتير بس كفاية كده دلوقتى :)))
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Read Mostafa’s account “female genital mutilation”, and didn’t manage to hold back my tears…it is SICK…way far from what the word “Humanity” means. Read this, this, and this to know more about the physical, psychological, and sexual effects of female genital mutilation. Literally…catastrophic repercussions.

“Women have been called queens for a long time, but the kingdom given them isn’t worth ruling” Louisa May Alcott

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I love you….I honestly love you

Olivia Newton John’s extraordinary song….been a long while since I heard it, bas the minute I read Moon’s account on the wedding first song…fa I thought I love this one awi, although it doesn’t sound like a wedding song at all 😉

Since eno today’s mood fel laziz, and it is Thursday “the day I really cherish :)” relax and enjoy the super romantic song…and have a splendid weekend 🙂

Maybe I hang around here

A little more than I should

We both know I got somewhere else to go

But I got something to tell you

That I never thought I would

But I believe you really ought to know

I love you, I honestly love you

You don’t have to answer

I see it in your eyes

Maybe it was better left unsaid

This is pure and simple

And you should realize

That it’s coming from my heart and not my head

I love you, I honestly love you

I’m not trying to make you feel uncomfortable

I’m not trying to make you anything at all

But this feeling doesn’t come along everyday

And you shouldn’t blow the chance

When you’ve got the chance to say

I love you, I honestly love you

If we both were born

In another place and time

This moment might be ending in a kiss

But there you are with yours

And here I am with mine

So I guess we’ll just be leaving it at this

I love you, I honestly love you

I honestly love you

P.S: How would I upload a song in here??? this should have been awfully romantic; floating hearts, music, w 7arakat 😉

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