Yet another film hindi

It was the last day in an extremely strenuous workweek when I called the sis to check if she would like to go watch “Slumdog  Millionaire”,  I was pretty sure she won’t tag along as we definitely dropped down this “going together to movies” issue a few years ago, our last one was “wa7ed men el nas” fa you can imagine how unyielding is our pact 😉 (between us girls: she talks during movies, shhhhh).


El Mohem we went to the movie which happened to be in Genina Movie Theatre, (a prestigious award winner movie should be allover the place, not only in a few movie theatres across Cairo, no??). We had an hour to waste fa we went around the mall keda, and sister kept torturing me as she practically stopped in front of each and every candy stall we came across.  At the very beginning I thought she wants to buy something in particular but tab3an I was wrong, she was just doing it for the fun of it.


I will spare you the familial details and now to the movie review (if I may say), actually it is not a review khales, it is only my opinion, and I can really sum it up in a simple sentence: 

Slumdog Millionaire; yet another “film hindi”, in a short time span.  I totally understand that the movie has practically rocked the world and all, yet to me it didn’t make much sense, like many of those loooooooooooong movies we used to watch during the eid vacation when we were young. 


It is the same old recipe.  Throughout the movie inconsistency prevailed.  I have to admit that at many points I was touched to the core, and I also have to admit that the movie is visually brilliant.  But the flawed storyline really got into my nerves, I was totally disappointed.


Although I loved the Jai Ho Score at the very end with all the music, energy, and stuff, yet I went like “howa film hindi”.  There is nothing wrong with aflam hindi by the way, I can confidently tell that so many of us used to like the colorful scenes and the music offered in those ones we used to watch zaman, but the drama was never a measure coz we knew that they mostly lack realism.

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Chasing the Golden Butterflies in El Dorado

I want to live
I want to give
I’ve been a miner
for a heart of gold
It’s these expressions
I never give
That keep me searching
for a heart of gold
and I’m getting old
                                     (Heart of Gold, Tori Amos)



I sure am getting old, but apparently it is not a good enough reason for me to stop the chase.  I am not willing to give up, cannot apprehend the idea of letting go and  cling to whatever life offers. 


It ultimately offers some good stuff , but what is good? Can you define “good”!! good is subjective, nothing definite about it. 


I suppose we all learned the hard way that Dreadfully Awful can surprisingly be Splendidly Admirable, no!! but again who can tell! We always get to figure it out pretty late in the game.

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Prayer for a blueberry girl

Neil Gaiman’s Prayer for a Blueberry Girl.
The type of prayer I would want for my daughter 🙂

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A quick tour inside Abdeen Palace


Paris Gate: was intently constructed for Empress Eugene of France entrance during the Suez Canal opening ceremony.  Bas 3ashan el na2, the palace was opened 3 years after the ceremony 🙂


Supposedly a royal fountain outside the museum complex

100_6735lr1The Tea Kiosk: koshk el shay as they used to call it.

100_6688lrMausoleum of Sidi Badran : one usually don’t expect a mausoleum (ma2am) inside a once was royal residence, no?? the thing is the mausoleum was already on site before the palace’s construction and Khedive Ismail ordered the architects to incorporate it in the palace’s design.  Unfortunately it was closed for renovation, but I heard it is breathtaking.

100_6718lrMe likes 🙂

100_6732lrThe Music Kiosk: Koshk el Mosika, royalities lazem yes7o 3ala music tab3an mesh alarm clocks.

100_6728lrAt this point of the tour, gurads will start asking you to stop as you cannot get any closer :S and tab3an I SO wanted to explore further.


And the baby is finally out!!

During the past few days SMS and phone calls with Dido were more or less about THE BABY.  READ is a newly born newspaper, those who carried out this project  were determined to make a dream come true, to put together a different kind of publication, a newspaper for young people.  They worked hard to present to you “The Only Newspaper for Youth in Egypt”.


A vivid concise and to the point biweekly newspaper that comes out on stands on Sundays, printed in full color and covers many interesting aspects:

* News of major events and happenings classified by Continent ( Africa – Asia – Europe – America – Australia) + Middle East
* Special focus on citizen journalism through columns powered by Global Voices Online
* Business Specialized Page
* Science & Technology Specialized page
* 2 pages for sports
* 2 pages for performance & visual arts
* Book Fair
* Human interests
* Masryetna:
A page in Arabic language discussing Egyptology and all related topics on Egyptian history & culture


Where can you get your copy!!
– Read is distributed freely in all private universities
– Read is available free at different bookstores (Shorouk Bookstores – Kotob Khan)
– Read is available free at different coffee shops (Cilantro – Starbucks)
– Read is available at On The Run branches
– Read is sold only for One Pound at Newspaper stands & kiosks.

Read’s Partners:
Content: AFP (Agence France-Presse) – Global News Agency + Global Voice Online

Grab your copy and let Dido know your opinion 😀

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