An angry letter to Egypt’s Political Activists

Dare I say that I consider the rise of Egyptian Political Activists one of the revolution’s downsides?  I would actually take my exclamation to the next level and consider it a counter revolution movement to be perfectly honest.

Let me start the love letter off with a disclaimer. This is by no means a directed criticism, it is an angry post from an Egyptian citizen who has been trying to see Egyptian Activists (some of them are friends) playing an integral role in transforming the country, and helping –not only encouraging- others to take part.

Alas, away from very few who have been around for a few years now and were around for the support since the eruption of the revolution, activists were genuinely competing in hurling to the focus points particularly the crazed international and local media .  It is pretty sad to see that those who have been trusted and followed in most cases mislead thousands and thousands.

Fighting the windmills, twisting facts (which in cases was for raising the morale), promoting small victories that might at core be considered actual losses, and lack of foresight.

Let me tell you of a firsthand account; One day during a blogging conference that was held outside the country, one famous activist wasn’t sure if he should support the students protests or not, another leading activist and blogger encouraged him saying do it “wesh”…not knowing (what, where, why, or how).  Allak “wesh”..we do things for the sake of doing them? or because we need/have to do them?

I laugh out loud whenever I see a post from a “political activist” rallying for something “abusing” the martyrs and injured!!! Where have you been last year when you didn’t even tweet an initiative to help them as you were busy campaigning for a huge -commercially driven- charity campaign? Did you try to visit any…look me in the eye and say yes!!!

Dear famous activist the utter truth is while you were busy posing and posting about the consecutive interviews others were roaming different paths trying to console numerous unknown families who never took the streets but were in dire need for support, moral if not financial in most cases.

While you had nothing in mind beyond your “E-Sabooba”, some took on themselves the effort and risk to unravel the secrets of the WWW to Egyptians living in the outskirts.

While building a rapport with the media living inside your own bubble, erecting a façade around you adorned with arrogance and foul did lose your people.
Get out of the bubble, realize that an actvisit’s place is neither inside a studio nor a cafe, his job is not to update the others with shows and speeches times.  If you decided to take the role of an activist..focus, pick your fight..and believe that your actions will speak louder than your words.

“HELPED are those who find the courage to do at least one small thing each day to help the existence of another–plant, animal, river, or human being. They shall be joined by a multitude of the timid”  ~ Alice Walker

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On a positive note; Egy Women Rock!


While we are being engulfed by the presidential elections grey tornado…two young Egyptian women were busy making history during the British Open Squash Championship 2012.
Nour El Sherbini beats her fellow Egyptian Raneem El Weleily to become the youngest-ever British Open women’s finalist.

فيها حاجة حلوة!!!!

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5/365 – A year after 25 Jan 2011


The number of Martyrs doubled up, the parliament proved useless…People are still in the streets…cheering Selmeya Selmeya!!

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بـــارك بــلادي

My heart is filled with joy and is about to’s magnificence lies in the come back of Egypt’s Copts to the streets  following the 9th of October massacre  .

On the 9th of October and shortly after I started following the march, I bbmed a christian friend and told him that now I am confident no one will be able to hijack the revolution…was super excited. Told him Egypt’s Copts are making history here…and bringing the revolution back. Needless to say I couldn’t open my mouth post the atrocious ending of the day.

But today, a march organized by the Cathedral From El Abbaseya Cathedral to Tahrir Square in memory of the Maspero Massacre Martyrs…hope renewed.

Photo Credit: Simon Hanna

Martyrs photos, Chants, Priests leading..and singing the national anthem. A come back that has been described as the “ the most organised march I’ve ever been on. Quite beautiful”  I have the confidence, courage, and audacity to say الثورة مستمرة

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الله محبة

“The fact that religions, which usually have at their core a promotion of tolerance and peace, have been exploited to carry out violence clearly indicates that individuals and groups have not discovered the true “peace message” that is inherent in almost every religion.    (by Cilliers, Ch. 3, p. 55)”

                                             — David R. Smock (Interfaith Dialogue and Peacebuilding)


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A quick tour inside Abdeen Palace


Paris Gate: was intently constructed for Empress Eugene of France entrance during the Suez Canal opening ceremony.  Bas 3ashan el na2, the palace was opened 3 years after the ceremony 🙂


Supposedly a royal fountain outside the museum complex

100_6735lr1The Tea Kiosk: koshk el shay as they used to call it.

100_6688lrMausoleum of Sidi Badran : one usually don’t expect a mausoleum (ma2am) inside a once was royal residence, no?? the thing is the mausoleum was already on site before the palace’s construction and Khedive Ismail ordered the architects to incorporate it in the palace’s design.  Unfortunately it was closed for renovation, but I heard it is breathtaking.

100_6718lrMe likes 🙂

100_6732lrThe Music Kiosk: Koshk el Mosika, royalities lazem yes7o 3ala music tab3an mesh alarm clocks.

100_6728lrAt this point of the tour, gurads will start asking you to stop as you cannot get any closer :S and tab3an I SO wanted to explore further.

Egypt’s first Medal in Bejing

is Bronze!!!  ya di el fedi7a.

I guess this is a personal achievement for mesba7, but nothing to be proud of “nationally” speaking. My ordinary way of thinking goes like (when you pack and go to the Olympics you  go with the mindset of obtaining a gold or at least a silver medal, no!! and in case you acquired a single bronze medal…you simply don’t jump up and down claiming victory)!!


P.S: am happy for Mesbah, what he did is really awesome, am just totally against alleged victory

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