On Belonging ;D


Tayeb seriously, tell I shouldn’t feel that I belong to this place 😀
The minute I stepped in Disney World I felt at home..at ease. I laughed my heart out, and sang along (Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious).
ahhhhhh ya albi…If only I was a real cartoon princess 😀

On: someone

I asked if he is here for  “a reason, a season, or a lifetime”.   “lifetime” he answered.  While I was sure he is there only for a season.

during that season “I was taken by His voice and His gestures, not by the substance of His speech. He charmed me but never convinced me; for He was too vague, too distant and obscure to reach my mind.
I have known other men like Him. They are never constant nor are they consistent. It is with eloquence not with principles that they hold your ear and your passing thought, but never the core of your heart.”

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on a more positive note :D

Life has been good on my side the past few weeks bardo, I have to admit ya3ni:

– I’ve been promoted 😀  “yupppppppie”

– My bad Achilles tendon is much better, and am almolst pain free

– Am going on vacation ISA starting mid next week  “halulujah”

– I met a guy that I so wanted him to be mine, yet he could be only in my dreams.  It was the kind of thing that after the encounter I was like ““Even though this is clearly impossible, it’s amazing” :D. Moral of the story “frog princes do exist” ;))

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The drama queen strikes back

I am neither amused, nor challenged!!!

and a tad heavy-hearted (for a reason I know), and am angry for I have seen it coming, yet being the incurably optimistic person that I am,  thought I might have a chance.

Not to mention the severe mood swings; as fun as it might be, being a Gemini is obnoxiously exhausting.


Nerro, Rateeba & Ensaf

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