Back to work

Yeah…it is good to be back after a few days at home….a bit boring…but playing lazy cat for a change was terrific :)….the good thing is eno it is my last day before the eid vacation, which I will start 3 days early :)) 3ashan am pampering Nermeena shwaya, and taking her away from the work and stress atmosphere.

I know not so many people are fond of “the truth about cats and dogs” the movie, but for me, it is one of those movies that I can see for countless times, not coz it is the best movie ever, it is just a personal thing keda …….I HAVE BEEN THERE, and don’t get excited I wasn’t the playboy’s mate of the year….was more of the Time’s woman of the year :)). Well, it wasn’t serious though…but myself and another friend had this conflict before, was more of a funny thing at the time, we both were good to each other, but cheating was expected ya3ni 😉 The good news is I wasn’t defeated BY HER, as the whole thing ended up with neither me nor her!!! A Miss Universe came along and we were “BEKH”…….

It is good to stumble in the movies that u like keda, ya3ni, I don’t usually read the guide or so, I just go like crazy through the channels quickly, and I stop when I find something interesting…fa this week the best were, the mirror has two faces which is one of Barbara Streisand’s best movies….love the scene where she is lecturing about love and keda, the second was dead poet’s society…one of the my favourite movies..might be a bit boring…but for no reason I can stand the slow rythme “a friend smsed to let me know the movie is being aired on mbc2…found that cute awi”, and finally the truth about cats and dogs…..

I don’t read a lot these days…whenever I feel like reading shwaya…I read a short story or a poem for Gibran’s Secrets of the heart…I love it aslan…especially the Mermaid.

“You know how someone’s appearance can change the longer you know them? How a really attractive person, if you don’t like them, can become more and more ugly; whereas someone you might not have even have noticed… that you wouldn’t look at more than once, if you love them, can become the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. All you want to do is be near them”

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The Quest for Stargate!!!!

The curious me…scored 72 in this quiz

About the whole Stargate thing….many people say that I should stop thinking about as it is nonsense w keda….

What is Stargate? “for all who wants to know what is Stargate”

The word Stargate has become a merging point between fiction & reality. The cinema Stargate was an ancient time-dimensional doorway to the cosmos ~ with knowledge of ancient writings & star constellations as the keys to opening the gate … The reality Stargate is an ancient depiction of a cosmic-portal painted at the entry to a cave containing one of the most ancient representations of the constellation known as the Pleiades. The star map and other ancient paintings & features within the cave have provided the keys to connect over four decades of study involving: decades of field archaeology linked to an ancient alphabet; Egyptian hieroglyphs; ancient symbols for the star system known as Sirius, revered as the Star Goddess Sothis by the ancient Egyptians ; and links to an even more ancient culture ~ with a directional key to a prime base of the cosmic visitors who had arrived on earth at the very dawn of antiquity.

The fictional Stargate offered a physical doorway for humans to step through ~ at present, the real Stargate has only provided a mental doorway. A portal-of-the-mind that has provided a means to step into an expanded mind-set capable of connecting a massive assortment of information, that individually meant little ~ now, collectively assembled, offers keys many of the prime Ancient Mysteries as well as a mind-link with our cosmic visitors.

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الأسكندرية – سيدى بشر "بوست قديم بس وحشني"

قبل ما يكون الصيف العجمى و الساحل الشمالى, كان هو سيدى بشر و بس. كنا يا دوب نخلص الأمتحانات و تانى يوم نحضر الشنط عشان نسافر. ايام متتنسيش فكراها بكل تفاصيلها الصغيرة, كنا دايما نسافر بعد الساعة 1 عشان الجو بيبقى حلو و كمان عشان نوصل عالفجر و نشوف الشروق عالكورنيش. مش ناسية اصرارى على انى اكل فطير من واحة عمر, ولا حتى الأستعدادات قبل الدخول عالملاحات عشان الريحة الرهيبة, ولا الصيادين و هما واقفين بيستعدوا عشان يبتدوا يوم جديد, ولا الناس و هي بتجرى الصبح بدري أوى…
السوبر ماركت فاتحة, بتاع الخضار شغال…عادى يعنى 5 الصبح أو بعد الظهر مفيش فرق أكتر من ان الدنيا بتكون زحمه شويه 🙂 عمارة كبيرة على البحر على طول, الدور شقتين, و غالبا مش فيها سكان كتير..عالسلم أدام الشقة شباك صغير كل اللي تشوفه منه بحر و سما و بس….صعب أعد الساعات اللى وقفت فيها فى الشباك ده…كنت أفوق علي صوت جدتى او ماما و هما بيقولوا أدخلى يا نوري عيب كده, ما عندك البلكونة كلها :))) كنت بضحك و أقولهم بس هنا مفيش شارع و عربيات ولا ناس يبوظوا المنظر:)
اليوم عادة كان بيبتدي بدرى اوي، سامية تصحي تحضر الفطار وجدتى تقوم و تشرف بنفسها على أكل البنات (أنا و
أختي) عشان كانت الأجازة هى فرصتها الوحيدة انها تطمن على نوعية الأكل بتاعنا 🙂 نجهز حاجتنا و ننزل جرى… كنا بننزل البحر الصبح بدري يا اما في عايدة يا اما في فينيسيا, الأتنين كانوا فى المنتزه…الأكتر كان عايدة بس لما كنت بزرجن كانوا بيضطروا يغيروا عشان اليوم ميتقلبش :)) نرجع عالساعه 12 أو 1 الضهر، عالحمامات و نغير و كدة , بعدين قعدة شاي بلبن عائلية (عيلتنا مشهورة بحاجتين: الشاى بلبن و الدماغ الناشفة) بعدين ننام شويه و نصحي يكون الغدا جاهز….ناكل ونظبط نفسنا و ننزل، ممكن المعمورة، ممكن وسط البلد، أو مسرحية فى السلام…أو تمشية عالبحر…و دى بقي كانت أكتر حاجة بحب أعملها…
ننزل على بلاج سيدى بشر و نمشى لحد ما نتعب..غالبا كنا بنوصل لبعد بير مسعود بشوية…كنت بتسمر أدام بير مسعود عشان اشوف الناس و هما بينطوا و يطلعوا من البحر الناحية التانية..بعد ما ينطوا كنت ابص جوا البير… ياه الدنيا ضلمه أوي، و أسأل نفسي، طب هما مش خايفين…و مرة واحدة موجة صغيرة تخبطنى في وشى والناس تصقف جامد عشان البطل المغوار اللي طلع من البحر بعد ما نط فى البير، أصقف معاهم بعدين نمشي..كان في واحد بتاع غزل البنات “كنت ببقي هموت عليه..بس للأسف كان من الممنوعات” .ممكن بأة و أحنا مرو حين نعدي عالناحية التانية نجيب فطير من عند جاد ونعدي تانى، نطلع على مكان كدة فيه صخر كتير، نختار واحدة نقعد ناكل عليها، حوالينا كباين مهجورة كتير، مخيفة ساعات، بس جميلة أوي :))
أخر صيف كان لينا هناك يمكن عدي عليه أكتر من 15 سنه…شقتنا في سيدي بشر لسه موجودة زى ما هي…بس كل حاجة حواليها اتغيرت..بحب أروحها بس فى الشتاء عشان بحس انها ممكن تكون اقرب للأسكندرية بتاعة زمان اللى فى دماغى 🙂
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Is it getting cooler or what??

If you noticed, it is getting cooler everyday….could this be true, are we gonna wear heavy clothes before December this year??? I Hope so, am SO ready for winter….I missed my super cool winter mornings, evenings, and nights…want them back ba2a 🙂

Speaking of cold weather….the new office mate is giving me hard time, turning on the A/C on 22 degrees or less, and I really feel cold, fa I go like, would you please turn it off, or put it on higher temp. wala 7aga….fa he turns it off….10 minutes later, it is on…..imagine keda spending the day asking someone to do something….he does it….then changes his mind…then u ask… need to tell how annoying this could be…..can’t get it, ya3ni should we spent the whole day in a freezer. A window in such days would suffice….grrrrrrrrrr, I didn’t get my Ramadan cold this year and was happy for that….eih da ba2a 😦

The new air-freshener thingie at the ladies room sucks “BIG TIME”….yeah, in the middle of nowhere at any time it goes like “fsssssst”…..fa if you are in the middle of something….it freaks the hell out of you….kaman it doesn’t smell good khales..

Here is a positive thought….and frankly it is the only thing that gave me enough strength to get off the bed this morning “Gosh…that was hard”… having a long weekend…yep…again, will have Sunday off plus my weekend, then work for 4 days…ba3den OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, back to work Nov. 7….ya3ni I have 4 and less than half “beshwaya” working days to go, then am out of here :))))))) told ya…..can’t get more positive 😉

Preparing myself for an early photo-hunt outing tomorrow ISA, the thing is I don’t wake up as early as work days during weekends, but still early, even if I slept late awi….fa I would have my round, then hit the Virgin Store…. “question to self here” any ideas for tomorrow?? well, right now the citadel appeals to me awi, or may be I will just go around Heliopolis and come out with not a single one :)) will leave it to the mood tomorrow ba2a.

Nesreena’s post triggered a lot of good memories and definitely more and more laughs yesterday….”we both blog, she is not an active blogger awi, but she blogs, we don’t check each others blogs regularly, may be out of giving a space aw 7aga mesh 3arfa that’s from my side, from her side ba2a, she feels eno I write a lot and she really doesn’t have enough patience to read all this, it is easier just to tell her what is the whole post about”.

Back to her post, she used to draw when we were still young….and kept on doing it till mathalan the beginning of the secondary stage….in order to encourage her, sweet mum sent her drawings to be nicely framed w keda, then put them all in the living room….that was so sweet but kinda weird and hard to explain when you have people at home, fa we both used to call our living room “ma3rad el fanan 3esawi 3esawi 3esawi” remember the movie!!! :)))))

“Anything less than mad, passionate, extraordinary love is a waste of your time. there are too many mediocre things in life to deal with and love shouldn’t be one of them.” A Dream for an Insomniac

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حبس انفرادي

حبس انفرادي..بس ارادي…مش عارفة ليه مش عايزة أشوف او اتكلم مع حد أعرفه…النهارده كنت مستنية حفلة و جيه عزيز بفارغ الصبر..بعد الفطار ابتديت اجهز عشان انزل…كلمت واحدة صاحبتي كان المفروض اعدي عليها عشان اخدها معايا…بس اعتذرت لها..عشان خايفة أتأخر عليها…مع العلم كان الوقت كافي جدا…بس انا مكنتش عايزة يبقي معايا حد في العربية…أنا و يني و بس.
الساعة 7 و انا جاهزة و عالباب…ماما بتسألني..انتي نازلة بدرى كده ليه…لأ مش بدرى و لا حاجة…ده يا دوب يا ماما…احنا الاتنين عارفين انه فعلا بدري…بس بما انها اصلا بتفهمني من غير ما اتكلم…فباستني و قالتلي طيب بس خلي بالك من نفسك.
نزلت…طيب ما هو فعلا بدري…أروح فين..كان نفسي ابقي ساكنة قريب من النيل قوي…نفسه اشوفه دلوقتي…طيب ايه…مش عايزة اقعد في مكان اشوف في حد أعرفه…أو اضطر اني حتي اسلم عليه….مرة واحدة لقيت نفسي في المعادي…عديت علي جرين ميل..خدت واحد كابوتشينو تو جو…و عالنيل…فضلت قاعدة في العربية شوية…الجو تحفة…في لسعة برد خفيفة…المو سيقي مع الكابوتشينو احلي حاجة في الدنيا…بس ناقصني حاجة…ابص عالكنبة..الاقي شوكولاتاية بالبندق…يا سلام..كده كملت!!!! قررت اتخلي عن يني و اخد شوكولاتتي و الكابوتشينو و انزل اكملهم بره العربية…ووقفت في الهوا..كل اللي شايفاة مراكب صغيرة و النيل.بس قش الرز معكنن عليا.. فضلت واقفة حوالي نص ساعة…ما حستش بحاجة غير لما سمعت صوت واحدة جنبي بتقولي “أعمل للجميل شاي” بصيت لقيت وش بشوش…بنت صغيرة مش كبيرة…بس علامات و شها و ايديها بتقول انها كبيرة قوي…ضحكتلها و قلتلها…”لأ شكرا”…”ردت ووشها مرسوم عليه علامة أستفهام “ليه بتقرفي!!” أنا بسرعة “لا و الله ابدا بس انا مش بشرب شاي سادة خالص…لو عندك لبن ممكن أشرب” سكتت شوية عشان تشوف حل للمشكلة دي “مفيش حليب بس أروح أجيبلك”….كلمة حليب رنت في ودني…بقي لي كتير مسمعتهاش…دايما بحس ان الحليب ابيض من اللبن…مع ان الأتنين واحد..بس كلمة حليب ليها وقع مختلف “لأ متتعبيش نفسك..اصل انا لازم امشي دلوقتي عشان هقابل ناس صحابي”..”طيب هتيجي تاني…و نشرب شاي بحليب مع بعض يا….” قلتلها “نرمين…أكيد هجيلك تاني…انتي اسمك ايه؟؟” “فاطمة…بس انتي قولي لي بطة” ضحكت من قلبي “طيب يا بطة أكيد هجيلك قريب”..
ركبت العربية…و قررت اني…مش هاروح الحفلة…قفلت الموبايل…كملت الليلة مع يني في العربية…كل اللي في دماغي ابيات من قصيدة قديمة لمحمود درويش بحبها قوي…
اعتقلت نفسي داخل نفسي
لأن نفسي ليست جاسوسة علي نفسي
و المطر يتساقط في الخارج بلا سبب.
طوبي لمن يعرف حدود سعادتي
طوبي للرب الذي يقرأ حريتي
طوبي للحارس الذي يحبس طمأنينتي في عينيه الساهرتين
طوبي لمن يفهم ما معني ان أكون السجين و السجان في أن واحد
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About Helen of Troy

Since we are talking favourite characters, thought I would talk about one from Greek Mythology, a female figure that I like, and find very interesting. Well, to be honest, you really cannot see any good portion of character development. The larger story is literally involved with the rise and fall of people around her. She even displayed very little emotions and was sort of unaffected by the war outcome. Still I like her 🙂

Helen of Troy, or Helen or Sparta, one of the most controversial female characters in literature, has been the literary and mythic symbol of beauty and illicit love. She was the most beautiful woman in Greece best known for being the cause of the Trojan War. A wholewar which lasted for ten years.

Helen, was flesh and blood certainly, but she was also immortal, since her father was none other than Zeus. Her mother was the beautiful Leda, queen of Sparta, who was ravished by the father of the gods in the form of a swan. Leda’s husband was Tyndareus, who later the same night, unaware of his feathered predecessor, also impregnated his wife. She produced two eggs, one of which yielded Helen and Polydeuces and the other of which contained Castor andClytemnestra.

Helen was a beauty as a child; therefore, Theseus kidnapped her, so that she would be his wife one day. Her twin brothers came to her rescue and brought her back to their mother. When it was time for Helen to marry, many Greek kings and princes came to seek her hand or sent emissaries to do so on their behalf. Among the candidates were Odysseus, Menestheus, and Patroclus, but the favorite was Menelaus who did not come in person but was represented by his brother Agamemnon. All but Odysseus brought many and rich gifts with them. Tyndareus would accept none of the gifts, nor would he send any of the suitors away for fear of offending them and giving grounds for a quarrel. Odysseus promised to solve theproblem in a satisfactory manner if Tyndareus would support him in his courting of Penelope, the daughter of Icarius. Tyndareus readily agreed and Odysseus proposed, before the decision was made, all the suitors should swear a most solemn oath to defend the chosen husband against whoever should quarrel with him. Helen and Menelaus were married.

Following Tyndareus’ death, Menelaus became king of Sparta. Few years later, Paris, a Trojan prince came to Sparta to marry Helen, whom he had been promised by Aphrodite after he had chosen her as the most beautiful of the goddesses, earning the wrath of Athena andHera. Helen fell in love-as Aphrodite promised- and eloped with him, leaving behind Menelaus and Hermione “her daughter”. When Menelaus discovered that his wife was missing, he called upon all the other suitors to fulfill their oaths, thus beginning the Trojan War. Virtually all of Greece took part, either attacking Troy with Menelaus or defending it from them.

The more you read about Helen, the more conflict you feel towards her true nature…To some authors she is a muse, a female figure of anexceptional inspiration. To others she is a deceitful woman who is considered the sole cause of the death of thousands Greek and Trojanmen “…and excited the heart of Helen; maddened by the Trojan man, a traitorous guest, she followed him in a ship on the sea, leaving at home her child and her husband… The Trojan plain holds conquered because of that woman” Alkois here holds Helen responsiblefor the destruction of Troy.

Homer, one of the most celebrated authors of epic literature, has a more complex view of Helen’s character. His Iliad is full of negative references towards Helen from every character who mentions her name.

Here is one of my very favorite pieces, and I think the best written on her; Christopher Marlowe’s Helen in Dr. Faustus:
Was this the face that launched a thousand ships
And burnt the topless towers of Ilium?
Sweet Helen, make me immortal with a kiss.
Her lips suck forth my soul; see where it flies!
Come, Helen, come, give me my soul again.
Here I will dwell, for heaven be in these lips,
And all is dross that is not Helena.
I will be Paris, and for love of thee,
Instead of Troy, shall Wittenberg be sacked;
And I will combat with weak Menelaus,
And wear thy colors on my plumed crest;
Yea, I will wound Achilles in the heel,
And then return to Helen for a kiss.
Oh, thou art fairer than the evening air
Clad in the beauty of a thousand stars;
Brighter art thou than flaming Jupiter
When he appeared to hapless Semele;
More lovely than the monarch of the sky
In wanton Arethusa’s azured arms;
And known but thou shalt be my paramour!

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Announcement….”Highly Important”

The Breast Cancer foundation of Egypt (BCFE) is an NGO who cares about breast cancer awareness and treatment, BCFE encourage early detection to save lives. October is the breast cancer month internationally, BCFE encourage ladies above 40 years to do annual screening and get a discounted mammogram.

BCFE needs volunteers to represent our services to public in Sakyet El sawy and Gezira Club in Zamalek area, from 9 pm to 11 pm during Ramadan.
If you are interested or feel you can help, please contact BCFE office 3682432 -0101707690.
Best regards,

Niveen Torky

What is BCFE ?
The Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt (“BCFE”) is an NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) registered with the Ministry of Social Affairs, registration number 5840-04. It is a foundation thus there is no dues paying member body. A small group of 24 founding members, Egyptians and expatriates concerned with the high incidence of breast cancer and the lack of related support services in Egypt joined together to form an organization to address the problem. Individually they represent health care professionals, breast cancer survivors, and civic spirited citizens. Collectively they are a driving force to bring breast cancer awareness, education, and services to Egyptian women.

Mission Statement

To promote breast health through cancer awareness, education, and research, as well as, facilitate services and support to women in all economic strata

Our Goals ?

Build a culturally sensitive physical and emotional support system to enhance the quality of life for women with breast cancer and their families.
Collect a body of statistics to support research and enlightened care.
Facilitate access to affordable and high quality professional diagnostic, treatment, and rehabilitative services for women in all economic strata.
Educate the public about breast cancer, the importance of early detection, and eradicate the stigma attached to having breast cancer.

“hope I can see u all there guys”.

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When u love someone

“People fall in love. They fall right back out. It happens all the time”….Hope Floats

Ok…here is a thought!! If you were to be a charachter in a novel/book you have read, who would it be and why?? “movies could be included”

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A Beauty

Noticed that horses always look sad keda…ya3ni if you have a dog, cat, parrott…u can see them happy, and sometimes u can see a little smile on their faces….but horses are different, u can only feel if they are happy or not when u r close….touching or feeding them, but u can never see a happy look on their faces!!!!

What’s new?!! many many things and events are taking place, it is just am reluctant “I pretend”/lazy “I sure am” to blog right now 😉

p.s: I am starving

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Believe it or not!!!

This is a grave yard….yeah, the Commonwealth grave yard in Ard El Golf. Didn’t manage to resist the urge of having a couple of photos 🙂

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As a kid…..

– Used to hate photographers….seriously, they were scary creatures with a giant black thingie “later figured out it is the camera”, have a very funny photo of myself, crying and stretching my hands keda, as if am asking my parents why are doing this to me…..P.S: I look pathetic in most of my photos when I was so young….akid 3ashan it used to be preceeded with krezet 3eyat…

– Never liked milk, Mum tried every possible way to make me like it, bas ya 7aram all in vain, remember one of her attempts: she put the milk in one of my & her favourite cups, it was a very nice original crystal one, fa thought I don’t want to drink it yet this would piss her off, a brilliant idea appealed to me…. eno I throw the milk off the balcony….fa instead of throwing the milk, I threw mum’s cup with the milk, and 3ashan it is the lucky me one of our neighbors was parking his car in the garage fa el glass hit his car….yeah…don’t want to piss her off :)))

– Started to have private lessons in math very early, in grade 2…..this wasn’t really my problem, it is just I never liked the teacher at school….used to get bored during her class, fa I tended to do different things i.e. draw, eat, sleep “sometimes”.

– My calm looks and mum working in the same school helped me big time getting away with whatever I do at school…ya3ni…I was a hell of a student, naughty, real disaster, kaman was secretly appointed to be the vice president of the squad….but tell you…till my last day in school never been caught :))) “how come ya3ni this sweet calm thing do such a hideous deed” 😛

– The Wizard of Oz…..the movie used to make me sick back then, and think I still don’t like it “long & boring”…but one thing about this movie, remember Dorothy’s song…yeah, never forgot it, sometimes I find myself singing this song keda for no reason, it makes me smile, and I then laugh for remembering it all :))))

Somewhere, over the rainbow, way up high,
There’s a land that I heard of once in a lullaby.
Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue,
And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.
Someday I’ll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me.
Where troubles melt like lemon drops, away above the chimney tops, that’s where you’ll find me.

Somewhere, over the rainbow, bluebirds fly.
Birds fly over the rainbow, why then – oh, why can’t I?
If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow
why oh why can’t I?

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بقية التخاريف

علي ظهر جواد بني جميل…. تشعر انها اميرة عربية تمتطي جوادها ….تطلق له و لنفسها العنان….تشعر بهمومها و احزانها تتساقط مع كل قفزة…..تتمني لو تلتقي بفارس …..هكذا تقول الحكايات تلتقي الأميرة بالفارس في صحراء، قصر، اي مكان…تجري و تستعذب الشعور بحرية مطلقة لم تشعر بها من قبل…تتلاشي البقاع الخضراء علي جانبي الطريق….تفكر في التوقف او الرجوع…لم تستحسن فكرة الرجوع الي ارض الواقع…تقضل الوصول الي ارض الأحلام….تقرر ان هذه هي و جهتها.

و لكن ارض الأحلام التقليدية تكون مكسوة بالخضار و تتو سطها انهار جميلة.. كيف و هي لا تري الأن غير صحراء و اسعة حتي المساحات الخضراء البسيطة أختفت تماما..تتعجب!!! تتزاحم الأفكار في رأسها….و لكنها ترتاح لفكرة واحدة…نعم قد تكو ن هذه الصحراء هي الفاصل بين أرضها و أرض الأحلام المرجوة…نعم هي هكذا.. و أستمرت في طريقها…تشعر انها تطير…لم تشعر بهذا الشعور من قبل…لم تري نفسها الحقيقية الا الأن…تضحك ضحكات عالية….تفرح لسماع صدي ضحكاتها في الأرجاء…لم تسمع نفسها تضحك من قبل…تذكرت انها لا تضحك…تبتسم غالبا… بل تضع ابتسامة علي وجهها لتشعر بالسعادة…..
قبل المغرب تشعر بالتعب….تنزل عن جوادها…و تقرر ان ترتاح…رحلتها كانت مفاجأة…تشعر بالجوع…و بعد قليل سيحل الظلام…ماذا ستفعل…تحاول ان تطمئن نفسها انها سوف تصل الي و جهتها قبل الليل…و لكن…..ماذا لو لم تصل اليها…الشمس تنزلق خلف تل قريب…تضحك لرؤية المنظر…تشعر انها قد تلمس قرص الشمس المتأكل اذا و صلت الي أخر التل….تفكر في المحاولة؟؟؟ تتذكر انها مازالت في صحراء لا تعرفها…تتو جه الي مكان ليس له جود….تكره تفكيرها و سعيها الدائم للو صول للسراب.
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تخاريف صيام "مش تخاريف قوي"

  • عارف احساس زهرة بردانة؟؟؟ دي اصلا أغنية لحنان ماضي…بس من الصبح في دماغي…عشان عرفت الأحساس ده
  • أه بتوحشني…و ببقي قلقانة عليك لما بتتأخر…و باخد بالي من كل التفاصيل الصغيرة في حياتك و بفكرك بيها عشان انت بتنساها…و لما بتغيب شوية او بتسافر ببقي هتجنن….من الأخر بحبك بس انت متستاهلنيش…!!!
  • “صحيح انا اكتر حاجة بحبها فيكي انك علي طول رايقة و بتضحكي…بس نفسي اشوفك بتعيطي” مش هيحصل…عارف ليه؟؟؟
  • لأ لسة معرفتنيش كويس….انت مش عايز تتعب…اه انا بسيطة جدا كصديقة بس كحبيبة….معقدة شوية…أنا بخاف.
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The past few days

Tuesday 4 October, @ 23:14:

Watchiang Seinfeld after Fraiser….then 8 simple rules, followed by according to Jim….mesh 3arfa, was in the soaps mood, didn’t feel like reading or doing anything keda, santa7a w khalas. Been a long day it was the family first of ramadan gathering at our place….was so nice, lots of laughs and funny stuff especially in the kitchen 😉

Mesh 3arfa leih I don’t usually drink ground coffee, bas after the iftar I usually have a cup of it, still can’t figure out the secret behind drinking it only fi ramadan. The friends iftar cycle will start soon, we love it, we consider it the best of our gatherings, girls gatherings in general are the coolest, bas during ramadan cooking and doing things together is really enjoyable…ah…only to make things straight I usually volunteer to do the dishes 3ashan I can’t cook 😉

Wednesday 5 October, @ 01:30

Reading one of ex-boss’s books called “paddles the flying penguin”…it is a kids type of thing…and yeah am reading it 3adi ya3ni 🙂 away from my obsession with cute elegant penguings, the story is a very nice one written by a supporter of wild life, someone who always think “how can I make this planet a better place”. Ordered Sylvia Browne’s “Phenomenon”….looks like a very interesting book, read an extract keda and was so moved to read it all. while reading a magazine today a couple of quotes stopped me keda; they go like “shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you will land among the stars” Les Brown.

“There is something liberating about not pretending, dare to embarrass yourself, risk” Draw Barrymore. I like her by the way 🙂

Thursday 6 October, @ 10:00,

Woke up to answer a phone call from a friend, fa I said beautiful morning, fa he went like “really…prove it”!!!! believe me….was about to hang up….bas told him eno another reply like this and he is over with….khalas…

14:00 after a long talk with a friend who was trying to convince me with somebody….stayed for a while thinking eno I am afriad I might cling to my friends attempts to set me up…NOWAY….I can do a lot better….I mean…come on ya3ni 😉

Another thought….hate the fact that for a specific someone, I am feminine/sexy figure and a very moody person….bas keda!!!!

Friday 7 October, @ 16:00

Iftar at a friend’s place, all the girls are there fa cool…..memories and loud laughs, we are minus one, but I think we were all trying to be in complete denial “purposely”

20:00 Still at a friend’s place, it is time for her newly born baby bath, asked me to help her, fa I was like….what??? are u nuts??? can’t hold a baby aslan, malek enti nsitini wala eih?? fa she stiffly replied, nerro balash dala3 mere2, move it come and help me….and guess what?!! I did it :)) since then ba2a I can’t stop thinking about when am I gonna be a mom, when am I gonna have my own little cute baby, “coming from me it is weird I know” bas at the end of the day I am a 27 yrs old female, may be I am freaking out from the responsibilty of being a wife and mom, but sometimes I yearn to the feeling….el mohem back to the baby bath, I was likethis is the cutest thing ever…..seriously, it is amazing, no words can ever describe it…..immeasurably warm….God if u are gonna deprive me from any of your blessings, please don’t let it be motherhood, I know I wasn’t so keen about it…but can’t take the pain of not having it at all.

22:00 driving back home, still thinking about myself and my married friends…It is strange when am with them I always have this 50/50 contradicting feelings. The first thing is like…yeah…I am free, can do anything, anytime, anywhere, can make my own decisions and don’t have to take a guy’s opinion into consideration…..on the other hand they are more stable than I am, they have to fuss over stupid things with their husbands, and at the end of the day they make fun of what they were arguing about coz they don’t ever sleep when they are mad at each other…isn’t that sweet 🙂

Saturday 8 October, @ 02:47

Should go to bed but mhypara, 3 sets of 5 pilates exercises, a cup of tea with milk to drink in bed, checked e-mail, and am gone.

11:00 Been to my second professional horse back riding session 🙂 the good thing eno they started with me from scratch….pretty cool thing to do, it is not riding horse w khalas, establishing a relation with your horse and getting along with each other is a very interesting experience. I love it. Played with a cute pony keda…she was cute awi, fa I thought I would have a couple of photos of her keda, and believe it or not, as soon as I started shooting, the beauty started doing different pauses keda, and after I get the photo, she goes on different one, 3 or 4 different photos for her, walahi you can literally say eno she is a professional model in a shooting session :)))

20:10 Felt like walking shwaya, it was a breathy night, had a cup of coffee from Harris then went for a very loooooooong walk.

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First Day

I am in the slow motion mood, seriously, mafeesh energy khales…ya3ni a little bit tayeb 🙂 Diaa is talking about food since 10 am…..During Ramadan we work from 8-3:30….kteer awi mesh keda!!! Didn’t eat well last night 3ashan wanted to sleep early fa had a couple cups of yoghurt with strawberries then Zzzzzzzzzzz. My rituals in eating yoghurt goes like this….get the 2 cups…put them all in a mug keda that I like…stir them very well till it becomes rosy keda, 3ashan yetlakhbato kwayes, then eat it….

Am I doing ok??? oppph tough one, for everyone around can never be better….but for myself…am not the person I am, weird, baffled keda, but this is healthy, thinking things over, and trying to compromise with myself is cool….yeah. My trip to the States will be postponed till June or July….3ashan I spent the money, but I did it in a way that would make me happy forever, not just a couple of weeks…..fa am good.

Still don’t know wether the training would be in Qatar or Turkey, bas both are cool places, although I know that this type of business trips are not fun awi…w kaman f Ramadan…am not so excited about it. What if they cancelled it!!! ya reit

Boss left to the States, his 48 yrs sister passed away, a shocker to him, never saw him is such a condition, she is his only sister, and he loves her awi kaman…..he wanted to cry but didn’t….was so obvious he was strongly holding back the tears, nothing breaks my heart more than seeing a man crying, although it is natural and being a man doesn’t mean eno he can’t cry….bas kids can cry and it is natural, girls are always crying for whatever/every reason, but when a guy cries you know there should be a reason…and a very good one kaman.

Well, I am about to leave now, both blogs won’t be so active during the month unless there is something ya3ni I can’t keep to myself :))

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