Evasive Maneuver

Tuesday 29 Aug, @ 6:00

Drove mom to the airport, and enjoyed an early ride around Helio…it was awesome actually as the sun never rises these days before 6:15 or something…fa it was pretty inspiring ride….was afraid of getting emotional as I hate goodbyes w keda..bas cool..things went pretty smooth.

Happy Thought, @ 6:45

For once I had the chance to have a quick look at the newspaper before I go to work, isn’t it really depressing thing to start the day with!! I mean there’s absolutely nothing positive going on anywhere in the world…. reading a paper brought back a childhood fantasy. Starting my own paper which offers nothing but good news everyday…”The Positive Heliopolis Tribune”. … ‘No civil war anywhere in the world, big article. ‘not a single car accident during the last 2 years’, front-page news. Kittens, how cute are they?” In-depth exposé. And the subscription is free. Delirious!!!

Yesterday and Today:

Sis cooked for us on Tuesday, I cooked yesterday and by publicly stating this I am dispelling all the “Nerro can’t cook” myth..coz I cooked the best pasta ever. Now I hope sis and dad would quit harassing me ba2a…. Dad claimed eno he is gonna cook today…which practically means that he is gonna order something :D.

Am kinda hibernating keda these days…had things to finish and a sort of preparing for the next book discussion and stuff…


I loved the way “Next Stop Wonderland” the movie addressed the concept of “loneliness”…it sort of confirms that being alone doesn’t necessarily mean that you are lonely. You could be surrounded by lots of people yet feel lonely, however, you can be alone and enjoy different things and aspects of life. I also loved how they utilized Emerson’s quote “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds”…

For sale:

I am putting out my red Daweoo Matiz for sale, the car is in a very good condition, AC, Radio/Cassette, eih tany…tab3an the lucky new owner of my red baby is gonna be privileged with the honor of driving a “once was” a possession of mine…if interested contact me offffff… BLOG!!

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Quoting William Wordsworth, “The Prelude”

“When from our better selves we have too long been parted by the hurrying world, and droop, sick of its business, of its pleasures tired, How gracious, how benign, is Solitude”

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Tea-time is Ulker time

It is 8:23 am, am sitting in front of my PC with no intention to do anything except blogging.  I have to finish a few things up, yet don’t have the motive or energy to do them.  I kinda lost interest on what am doing.  Don’t know why though.  I am becoming more of a 8-5 employee, don’t feel like socializing, or enjoying the superficial hypocrite daily conversations avec my colleagues.  

I am done…I really don’t feel like being part of this.  Maybe John was right?? It is an antisocial phase?? Even though…I believe am better off being an antisocial rather than being a sweetie pie social charlatan. 

Note to self:

I am so over with being neutral towards insensitive/inconsiderate people.  A little bit of rudeness won’t hurt…it should though.   I need to change, I need to be stronger.  Need to play a bit hard to get.  Need to use the word ‘NO” more often.  

I am tired of being taken for granted, am done with the soft me who is no longer consistent with her surroundings.  From now on..It is my way or the high way.  Am so goddamn serious about it.


Note to readers:  

What do you think of a monthly bloggers outing!! of a different nature.  In the second weekend of every month “3ashan ab2a abadt”…we go visit an orphanage, hospital “NCI for instance”, children or women care institutes, refugees camps.  If you are interested, let’s brain storm and list down all the places/areas.  Before the visit, we call and check on what kind of stuff/donations they do need “money, food, materials, etc”…of course the common factor for all the visits is moral support, which is highly needed I think.  

If not interested but have ideas and contacts for places/institutions you are aware of, please list them down bardo.  Will start next month “September”..


I go ba2a.


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Seriously..can’t think of a title

Weekened was generally cool…apart from Friday…it was kinda catastrophic….not really..but kind of :)..it was too hot…and I had to run so many errands…not only that..but had to spend a lot of time in ard el ma3ared doing nothing except waiting for that one guy who has the keys for “sala 3”..

On a side note: “mesh oltelek mesh hat2akhar ya 7oreya” 😉 only sis and wonderer would get this one…bas it is a part of yesterday…and it was super funny.

More to come after Jim’s Farewell party…I am not into work khales today…


It is 14:27, and we are over with Jim’s farewell…it was cool, he loved his presents…yeah he got 2 ;)…his team brought one, and his boss, el howa my boss as well brought him another present  “the one I bought”.

I didn’t end up bying the crystal thingie “now…am so glad I didn’t”..instead I bought one of those Onex marble chess sets.. he liked it so much…he is a hell of a chess player w keda..fa am glad eno he had something he really liked…

Sis…sis…my lovely sis…just a reminder sweety “good sisters don’t tattle on their sisters”….ha..ha!! ;)) “I am blackmailing my sis…LOL”

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Last night..and today

So…it is lunch time…and am really don’t feel like eating…but feel like doing something..so I had my Ipod, cell phone, and money in my jeans pocket “yep…fire me ba2a”…walked…to…ROUTE 66….I heard about the place from different people but never tried it.  Found the idea appealing and so consistent with the trampy mood am going thru…I should have had my camera with..anywayz…the setting is really nice…small, simple, but real good food….haven’t had such a nice cheese burger in a loooooooong while..but the portions there are huge…I had problems having bites from the gigantic sandwich..didn’t know how to eat it aslan…anywayz…I was done in 20 minutes or so…and decided to walk back to work…3ashan weight issues w keda….the scale is heading towards 58 “freaky…freaky”….

Have a look at the new US E-passport…it is the same as the traditional passport with the addition of a small chip embedded in the back cover.  Cool…I like the idea of  E-stuff…see…now what…our best shot would be for a smaller one!!!

Eih tani…tonight I should go start looking for J’s farewell present…mmm…thinking of the # of farewell parties we had during the past six months is not really a happy thought…isn’t it?!! I mean what the hell am waiting for!! I am lost…ah…cool…J’s present…I thought of one of those crystal balls, bars, or even pyramids “although I hate giving foreigners the pharaonic type of thingies”…it is too consumed keda..and mesh 3arfa…so it is a bar, ball, or whatever else I can find..with the logo, dates, and a thank you note w khalas…I think it is gonna look cool, don’t know what I’ll end up buying…might change my mind there!! 

Nancy Easy Rogger Rogger Oscar

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Back to normal blogging…or not..

– It is just I felt like rambling shwaya..I’ve been doing something since morning, that I didn’t want to do ..nevertheless…am stuck doing it. It all started with me asking about the legendary cross training plan  “al ya3ni”…fa I got what I deserve..moral of the story…during extended staff meetings..one should keep his/her mouth shut…

– Ay-a-yay…look who started a blog!! splendido

– In a-desperate-attempt to arrange a social gathering for colleagues and co-workers, I sent a note to everyone about the “ard el ma3ared” thingie..and how much help is needed w keda….got very positive replies…thought…wow..that’s awesome..finally there is something that we can all do without “nafsana”…great…sa7i7..it is not a social gathering awi ya3ni..but it is something under the organization’s umbrella..on a side note…we are socially “screwed up” BIG_TIME..I mean here in the company…anywayz…back to the positive feedback..it was overwhelming and stuff…except for one…who said…I don’t think I can help you in that…I was really mad at the guy..and was like..ya3ni eih…eih “that” da…that he won’t be able to help in…ghariba awi..w khalas.  Later “same day”..I started cooridinating the date and time w keda..fa to my suprise “although I shouldn’t be surprised”…everyone came up with “asl ana 3andy sha3ra” type of excuse…

– During a conversation with a friend this morning..I discovered that I have a weird inclination to ego maniacs “she called it fetish..but moi don’t think so”..I mean not like a bit arrogant…or a tad flamboyant…no…khales…EGO MANIACS.  We kinda made a list keda…and found out..that guys who were deliberately exclueded from the list…were kinda mmm…nice, ok type of guys, aaaaaaand down to earth, of course there were other things along that made them out of the list like stalking, creeping the hell out of me, liars, boring, not really into anything in the world, not smart enough, keda ya3ni…as for the guys  at the top of the list…their common factor was “they are ego maniacs”..that we said together at the same time.  On my defense..it is super challenging and motivating :)…isn’t it!! Yet..at the end of the day “I get what I deserve bardo ;D”

A few days ago..I skipped work becoz I spent the night watching endless epsidoes of  the “Muppet Show”…and yes..it is a good enough reason to skip work..believe me…ask anyone who is the same age like myself..and they will confrim.

I mean..if you are sick..you still can go to work and play sick..and get less work..and a lot of money “like someone I know”..I sometimes grrrrrrrrs for that…ma 3alena…here is a nice conversation between Kermy and Ms. Piggy:

Miss Piggy: Me thinks thou doth protest too much.
Kermit: What?
Miss Piggy: Shakespeare.
Kermit: Sounds more like Bacon!!! From a ham.
Miss Piggy: How would you like a pork chop? Hi-yah! “karate thingie”
Miss Piggy: You always hurt the one you love.

Ya 7aram…

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Pope Joan A.K.A. John Anglicus

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The old tale of Pope Joan is just another intrigue in the mystifying history of the Vatican. Pope Joan is the name of a female pope who is regarded by most serious historians as a fiction, possibly originating as an anti-papal satire.

The Myth:
In the middle ages, there was a woman who hid her gender and rose through the ranks of the Church, became a cardinal and was elected pope supposedly reigned from 855 to 858. No one knew she was a woman until, during a papal procession through the streets of Rome, she went into labor and gave birth to a child. Then the story gets very confused; some of the records say she was killed along with her child right on the spot. The people of Rome tied her feet together and dragged her behind a horse while stoning her, until she died. Other records say she was sent to a convent and that her son grew up and later became bishop of Ostia.”

Who is Pope Joan or should I say John Anglicus??
A brilliant scholar who was born at Mainz. Under the name of John Anglicus she had been led to Athens dressed in the clothes of a man by a certain lover of hers. There she became proficient in a diversity of branches of knowledge, until she had no equal, and afterwards in Rome, she taught the liberal arts and had great masters among her students and audience. A high opinion of her life and learning arose in the city, became a Cardinal, and when Pope Leo IV died in 853 A.D, she was unanimously elected pope.

Trick or Treat…..Chasing the Clues:

-The Catholic Church strongly denied the existence of a female pope, though the story was accepted as true throughout Europe until the 1700s. In the 1300s, the image of Pope Joan–or so it is believed–began to appear on the High Priestess tarot card.

– Another problem, scholars say, is there was no mention of such a pope in any historical account until the 13th century, about 400 years after her presumed reign. However, there are over five hundred ancient manuscripts containing accounts of Joan’s papacy, including those of Martin Polonus, Platina, Petrarch and Boccaccio.

Donna Cross, a novelist who spent seven years researching the time period, says the historical evidence is there. “I would say it’s the weight of evidence — over 500 chronicle accounts of her existence.”

– Inside the cathedral is a gallery of terra-cotta busts depicting 170 popes, in no particular order. In the 17th century, Cardinal Baronuis, the Vatican librarian, wrote that one of the faces was Joan the Female Pope. He then added that the pope at the time decreed that the statue be destroyed, but some say the local archbishop didn’t want a good to statue go to waste. Nevertheless…the statue was scraped off, and on top was written the name of Pope Zachary.”

– In the decades that followed, the intersection that witnessed Pope Joan labor was called the Vicus Papissa “the Street of the Female Pope” and for more than 100 years, popes would take a detour to avoid the shameful intersection.

– Rumor had it that for centuries, new pontiffs were required to sit the enormous purple marble chair on which popes once sat as they were crowned. The chair has a strange opening, something like a toilet seat, reportedly used to check their manhood.
David Dawson Vasquez, the director of Catholic University of America’s Rome program, says that the Vatican was just using the most impressive chair it had.
The hole is there because it was used by the imperial Romans, perhaps as a toilet, perhaps as a birthing chair. It doesn’t matter if there’s a hole there, because you can still sit there and be crowned.”
Others say it was a symbol of the pope giving birth to the mother church. Either way, newly minted Protestants in the 1500s had a field day making fun of the chair, and so it was hidden from view.

– At the Basilica in St. Peter’s Square are carvings by Bernini. Among the carvings are eight images of a woman wearing a papal crown, and the images seem to tell the story of a woman giving birth and a baby being born. Yet it is said that the Bernini sculptures were modeled after the niece of the pope.

Pope Joan in Literature:
– In 1996, the myth was transformed into the novel “Pope Joan” by author Diana Woolfolk Cross.

– “The Myth of Pope Joan,” first published in 1988, French author Alain Boureau.

– The Renaissance poet Giovanni Boccaccio, best known for writing “The Decameron,” also wrote a book on “100 Famous Women.” No. 51 is Pope Joan.

CBS Primetime
Pope Joan by Diana Woolfok Cross
Boccaccio, Giovanni, Concerning Famous Women, trans. Guido A. Guarino

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Volunteers Needed

down at “Ard el Ma3ared”…to help in segregating and packing donated stuff.  “Everyday, anytime from 10 am – 10 pm”.  My personal advice is don’t go early “as in 10 sharp”….try to make it a bit late…around 12 wala 7aga. I’ve been there and they were recieving donations but the door wasn’t opened yet.  If you managed to find an hour or two…please give a hand to the guys and gals there…

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May I have your attention please!!

Ok…Just got the word

The Lebanese Embassy agreed to sponsor the T-shirts initiative. I.e. to print the T-shirts in the name of the Embassy and to give us permits to collect the money in the name of the embassy. The money will then go to the Relief  Fund that the Lebanese government and the Local and International NGOs have established in Lebanon”.  So…friends and readers let me know if you are interested in getting one…the price is 30L.E. for a T-shirt.

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Incoherent Thoughts…

– You gotta go listen to the Audio in Eve’s last post “Fi Beirut”.  

– From “French Kiss”:

– Kate: A healthy person is someone who expresses what they feel – express, not repress.

Luc: In that case, you must be one of the healthiest people alive”. 

– “Happy, smile. Sad, frown. Use the corresponding face with the corresponding emotion”

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“It’s all about clarity, a zone of sharpest focus.  The bigger the heart, the narrower the depth of field.         

Who can concentrate on the background?    Who wants to see you lost in a clear landscape, small and bright?  Why do I need to keep you in perspective?”

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Three points….

Awkward Silence: When there is a lot to be said…but you decide to shut the @#$#$ up.

Antisocial: last week, we were invited to a colleague’s BD party….well, I can tell it was a pity invite…or a save face kind of thing “not so many people were willing to attend”…anywayz…it was twelevish and we were supposed to gather at the conference room.   Boss came to remind me that we gotta join the crowd, but I eloquently apologized.  He then asked if it is “an antisocial phase” that am recently going thru or what? I smiled…he left.When he came back…we had a brief talk about corporate ettiquite and stuff…fa I made it clear that there is a huge difference between  etiquette and hypocrisy…and if we are to talk etiquette…then am not the one to be blamed…I mean…you don’t invite people 15 minutes ahead of an event..then talk about corporate manners and etiquette!!  He freezed for a while…then said ok…”remember the word courtesy”?? I laughed and said “I called the guy up and showered him with the happiest and merriest BD wishes ever”…that is courtesy..no??  

Work: things at work are pretty weird, not the same atmosphere any more.  I have been working here for six years now.  Was lucky enough to experience different positions and jobs…maybe that was the reason behind not feeling bored although it is not likely for someone like myself to stay at one place for such a long time.  Now if am asked what I wanna do career wise…I would say back to recreation/events organizing…or doing something more fun in a way..along with freelance writing..bas keda.  Ooor..or…maybe work as a reporter for NG..”yeah..right ;)”….I would volunteer to do something like this…even for one year…mmm…well no…2 years….I would go around the world…. discover new things, people, lands, ideas, and thoughts.  How interesting this could be!!!! I used to say if I have enough time and money..I would go around the world…live in each country for a couple of years…and settle in Cape Town for a longer while :D….


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