Stand up for life :)

Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping-stone to greatness “Oprah Winfrey”

Walking up to the mountain top, liked the idea of tracing your footsteps…sort of guided by a divine spirit…in a divine space….I knew it…knew where you stepped in…where you slept…where you felt victory over the highest peak.
The sungoddes woke up, and started to send her first rays out to the world….God….wished I had that effect on you…wished I was your sunshine or even a ray….walking down….I made fun of the foolish thought….what was it to begin with??? I think I dropped it all off up there….

Thank you very much guys for the nice comments and e-mails…am back….and more to come :))

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Nerro is almost out-o-here :)

Lots of traumatic work related issues…kinda frustrating….not the right time at all…I mean with everybody leaving for vacation and stuff, plus it is the holidays season back in the States…so we can’t really count on the HQ…we are all tensed….and things are not getting any better….apparently it is gonna be a very long day at work…

Here is an interesting conversation that I had with an expat colleague yesterday.
x: Are you the type that shouts sexual harassment at drop of a hat?
N: No, why?
X: Just wanted to say you look really sharp today, not that you don’t look good other days and didn’t know if you would take it the wrong way.
N: Are u ok…hello ….u know for me flattering notes are ALWAYS most welcomed.
X: and you are Unpredictable as well…am just being careful.
Moral of the story: HR policy # so & so, has its own magic on the bulletin board 😉

Am gonna be away for a week, not sure if I would be able to log in to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year….fa just in case hope you all have the BESTEST vacation ever “in case u r gonna” and if not lots of events are taking place…go out and enjoy the chill….it is the best time of the year.

Emotional wise; am pretty much OK…nothing new…don’t feel like being down at all, especially when there is nothing to be down for aslan….
So…Hope u all stay good….you guyz have a nice weekend…Merry Christmas…and Happy New Year 🙂 “XXX”


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Excerpt from Confessions of an Heiress “Paris Hilton”

– If you are suffering from a long term high blood pressure problems…DON’T READ…seriously.
– And my advice is…don’t let it get over your sense of humor…just take it lightly 😉

Rule Number One: Heiresses aren’t needy. If an heiress is feeling a little insecure, she should go shopping. And if she still doesn’t feel any better, she should go to Paris. Or Saint-Tropez. For the weekend, if necessary. Because there’s always another fun place to visit, another set of fun people, another cute outfit waiting to be snapped up. There’s no reason for an heiress to ever EVER be bored.

Rule Number Two: An heiress should never be too serious. Being too serious is very dull, and is a sign that you have no imagination or personality. No one really wants to hang out with anyone too serious. An heiress is so confident — and why shouldn’t she be? — that she should always be able to make fun of herself. First of all, if you make fun of yourself, no one gets upset when you make fun of other people. And if you make fun of yourself first, no one gets the urge to do it behind your back. You’ve taken all the power away from them, AND made them laugh. It’s a double whammy.

My Instructions on How to Be an Heiress
1. Be born into the right family. Choose your chromosomes wisely. This may seem like ludicrous advice, but actually it isn’t. If an heiress is in control of everything, why shouldn’t she be in control of who she’s born to? You know how everyone always says there are no accidents? Well, I believe you choose who you’re born to. And if you do have the misfortune of being born into the wrong family, remember: No one has to know. Airing family laundry is definitely a big no-no for an heiress. You can always reinvent yourself and your lineage if you have to. Half of Park Avenue and Bel Air have. Lineage can be a state of mind.

2. Have a great name. If you are going to be an heiress, you can’t have a normal name, unless you’re British. All British people have plain names, and that works pretty well over there. But in America, you’ve got to have a name that stands out. I love my name. Paris is my favorite city. And Paris without the P is “heiress,” isn’t it? In sixth grade, people would make fun of me and call me “France” or “London.” Well, I’m going to name my own daughter Paris! An heiress needs to have a glamorous — or a really cute — name. My sister Nicky’s name is cute. An heiress’s dog also needs to have a cute name. My teacup Chihuahua is named Tinkerbell, so she acts like a Tinkerbell. If you have a cute name, you will act cute. If you have a glam name, you will act glam. It’s that simple. Future moms should make a note of that.

3. Have absolutely flawless skin, but don’t fret over it. Pile makeup on and never, ever have a breakout. Perfect skin is a birthright, and it means you can never really take a bad photograph. No amount of junk food or Coca-Cola can change your skin. And if, God forbid, it does, have a great makeup artist standing by. It can’t hurt.

4. Eat only fast food or the most fabulous food. Greasy chips or perfect crab cakes. Cotton candy or caviar. Fast food or fois gras. French fries or black-pepper shrimp from the Ivy in L.A. Cheesy junk or expensive cheese. Being an heiress is all about extremes.

5. Develop a way of entering a room that looks royal and regal but NOT snobby. Learn how to pose in an onslaught of flashing lights without blinking. (Note to celebrities: You can always improve.) Always know your best angle — for your body and your face — and work it. Study your own pictures and you’ll figure it out.

6. Never, ever wake up before 10; never go to bed before three. Normal hours are for normal people. You never want to be normal. Anyone can be normal. How boring. I’m yawning.

7. Always tell everyone what they want to hear. Then do what you want. That way, no one ever gets mad at you. They get very confused, then blame it on themselves. If anyone confronts you, smile sweetly and act coyly. Particularly with guys. And bosses. Try not to have bosses if you can avoid them. Or have your manager deal with them.

8. Never have only one cell phone when you can have many. Lose one all the time. That way, if you haven’t called someone back, you can blame it on the lost phone. It’s very important to get a new model the minute it comes out. Nokias, Ericksons, Motorolas — those are the coolest. Always have at least two numbers: a friend line and a business line. If I feel like avoiding a call, I answer my phone in a phony British accent and say, “Hello, Paris Hilton’s line,” or something like that. I do that if I’m expecting a call from a guy I’ve changed my mind about and I don’t want to have dinner with him anymore. Every woman has the right to change her mind from time to time; therefore heiresses have more of a right.

9. Never wear the same thing twice. This is particularly important if you’re going to be photographed a lot, which I am. If you double up, people will think you have only one outfit—and that’s annoying. And untrue.

10. Don’t wear a dress that’s in all the magazines. That’s for girls with no imagination who just buy what magazines tell them to buy. Look for the cool, unusual dress that no one else has the nerve to wear. Dare to be different. Dare to wear colors and prints. All the boring New York socialite girls wear black. Do you ever see a girl in a magazine wearing black? I don’t think so. Don’t run out and buy the bag of the moment or the dress of the moment. I like expensive things, but I like cheap things, too. I like anything that’s cute and makes me happy. I haven’t met too many clothes I didn’t like — except black clothes.

11. If you’re happy, wear pink. If you’re depressed, wear black. Black is for people who don’t want to have fun with clothes and who are always hiding — in other words, depressed. No one with a truly great body wears black, trust me. And if you really want to stand out and be confident, wear white.

12. Make plans, plans and more plans. Invite everyone you know to come along. If there aren’t enough hours in the day, don’t worry, there will be. You live in a different time zone: Heiress Time.

13. Act ditzy. Lose things. It throws people off and makes them think you’re “adorable,” and less together than you really are.

14. If all else fails, act bored. Not boring. There’s a huge difference.

15. Public displays of affection are okay, in limited amounts, but only with your serious boyfriend, because that’s exactly what someone with a famous family name is NOT supposed to do. It makes other boys think you’re dangerous, so they will all want you, too. Guys like women they’re a little afraid of. No, make that a lot afraid of.

16. Always have a very big bodyguard. It intimidates guys. If a guy does have the nerve to approach you when your bodyguard is around, you know he’s got to be pretty fearless.

17. Always have a tan. It looks like you’ve been in an exotic (i.e., expensive) place. It can never look fake, even if it is. Get the spray-on tan, so it doesn’t get all over your clothes.

18. Change your hairstyle all the time. Everyone expects you to have the same hairstyle in every photo, and only dull people do that. Tell everyone you’re wearing hair extensions even if you aren’t, because they don’t expect you to tell them.

19. Never drink diet soda. It shows you have no nerve. Only drink real colas, caffeine-packed energy drinks, or Vitamin Water. Hate champagne, because that’s what everyone expects you to love. Energy drinks are the best party drinks. You never get tired. You never have a hangover. And you can make fun of all the loaded people who think they’re clever but are really acting stupid.

20. Fear nothing — except insects. And sweaty guys who insist on kissing you when they come up to say hello. There’s nothing worse than a sweaty guy who kisses you on both cheeks. Once is bad enough, but to have to go through it twice is really two times too much.

21. Never be predictable. Always surprise people. That way, they will never get tired of you.

22. If the media plays with you, well, play with them. I went on “Saturday Night Live” soon after my name was in the headlines every day for something I wasn’t too proud of, and which had really upset my family. On Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon, the script had him asking me, “Is it hard to get a room in the Paris Hilton? Is it roomy?” and he wanted to cut it. But I wouldn’t let him. No way. That was the funniest line. And I got the upper hand with the media the moment he said it on national TV. That’s when it all clicked and things started to change. People knew I could laugh at myself, and that one bad incident was not going to make me lock myself in my room.


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End of Year Contemplations

Life and Myself:
“Life is a game, and you should be a skilled player to survive” so many people mentioned this to me in a sort of an advising tone as if they know better, but what can I do to the hard-headed me??? I am not that much of a player…I suck!!! I don’t go with the rules. A target oriented person, don’t manipulate….always been direct and to the point, I go the short way, sometimes the long way if the target worth the time and effort….some-other-times I lose interest even though I am almost all the way thru.

Camel “a friend and a ptp moderator” once asked me “what do u stand for?” my answer was quick…”I stand for myself”…I strive to always be the person I am….and that one thing I would love to keep as long as I live. Full of contradictions, but that’s what makes me different…. not perfect…what the heck!!! We are not meant to be perfect..only angels and prophets are. So, people have to accept me as I am, as I do accept and respect them as they are.

Who knows better??? that’s is not the issue.


A week ago, I had a call from a friend that I haven’t seen or heard from in a while…kind of estranged the call, but she made things clear saying “I know am not around as am pretty busy, but I check your personal blog every now and then….so when I felt a down tone thought it is just the right time to talk”!!!

Lately I’ve been trying hard to find a suitable definition to the word “FRIEND”…then I realized that this one in particular should not be defined….it should be felt and experienced. Was wrong big time when I used to say that I don’t have real friends…they are there… each one did something could be as small as “a good morning” SMS that made my day… might have underestimated it back then but cherished afterwards and always will.


SHOULD: a guilt inducing word that I need to eliminate from my personal vocabulary…gotta replace it with either WOULD or COULD….either choice or ability….

NO: a word that I need to use more often, even with loved ones.

A new year is approaching, help me to get my dreams come true, I know I am a bit of a greedy person, but I never looked for something that doesn’t belong to me, I just want to utilize your so many blessings, and make use of my living.

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I am blogging from home :)

After suffering from not having a computer at home for quite some time, am finally blogging from home….yep…we had a new one :))) living without a computer at home is really not so cool….whoever is online right now will find me online on msn and yahoo messenger…don’t know why ya3ni….although am not a chat fan bas aho….guess am trying to make it up for the past period.

Weekend Stuff:
Thursday was the exhibition….wasn’t that great ya3ni…the size of the photos was really small…the place wasn’t so well organized….ya3ni…it was ok…but not as I thought ya3ni….el mohem we had am gonna get ready for El-Sawy contest….

Friday….I discovered that my vehicle registration would expire on Sunday…that was a shocker, didn’t confront Mom tab3an….she believed that it is due on Dec. 25….fa eshta…I just went on Saturday monring to Heliopolis traffic dept, needless to tell you how much fun I had there tab3an….gotta tell you that this place could never be considered to be used by human beings….”ok…now gotta ask someone to kidnapp my sister who is sitting just beside me, and ask for a ransom….and u got it right…I won’t pay :)))))” seriously she gotta stop talking, she is mhypara I think…and I really can’t concentrate. She finally stopped as if she is ma2moosa ya3ni…

Back to Saturday…after my day at the traffic department…I went home and had some nice lunch and went to bed….after a little while I woke up realizing that it is raining…yes it rained…fa I jumped from the bed…and camped for a while at the balcony….tab eih…balcony is not enough…got dressed and went out….what would I do….been to an internet cafe to check the mail…then what?? I don’t feel like going home….strolled around shwaya with my car…listened to some music…was really thrilled…stopped in front of Smile’s….fa thought I would go for a Mexican chicken sandwich and diet coke…and that was it…..had the stuff to go and ate inside my car…listening to Fayrouz and watching the rain crawling on the windshield….more..tomorrow morning ba2a….

For some reason “I don’t know what is it exactly”…am feeling a state of inner peace…hope it lasts shwaya.

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Express Yourself – Marsam ElQala’a

This is my first group exhibtion, kind of testing the waters keda ya3ni and see how good/bad I am…I have like 5 photos in the exhibition…and will see what happen. Would love to see u there guys…

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Snap shots: Terrific yet disappointing couple of hours

Well, I decided to stick to the zoo plan, and here you go..

Before I walk into the zoo gate, I just thought of walking back to the bridge in front of the zoo, to take a couple of photos for the nile….although a couple of soldeirs tried to stop me first claiming eno mamnoo3 bas after a bit long fussy discussion I had my photos.

And tab3an didn’t miss Mahmoud Mokhtar’s Nahdet Masr Statue or “The Egyptian Renaissance”. Amazing… isn’t it!!

After getting in, met an old guy keda…looks like
a guard wala 7aga…fa he started to talk to me in English
fa I said “ana masreya leih betkalemny englizy”..
fa he said you don’t look like one!!! ha…that was weird…coz I have Typical Egyptian Features ya3ni….bas no problem…the guy was speaking in a very good english command…and I asked him about it…fa he said eno he’s been working with foreigners for so long…leading tours inside and outside the zoo w keda. Then we came to the important part…he started offering help as the zoo is really huge, fa he would lead me to the most important parts of it…and will help me get done soon, and guess what…all this for 50 Egyptian Pounds only……yeah..what an offer ;-)….I told him sorry, I really appreciate it, but I know my way “the guy at the gate mentioned that I can tip the guards, and they will allow me inside some of the cages inorder to catch few good close photos….fa I did that…and it worked.

I started with the beautiful swans…then stumbled in the weirdest animal I’ve ever seen….have a look at this baby….it is a hybrid animal I think…a deer’s face with a cow’s body…check the second photo.

Tried to find a sign or anything that says what on earth is this…but all in vain…fa went on my way…didn’t take photos for lions or tigers although tigers are my favourite animals…I love their eyes, looks, body…I think they have unique physical features keda…bas ya 7aram the ones at the zoo looks PATHETIC…they are thin and weak, u would pity them walahi…when I asked the guy about why they do look so puny??? don’t u feed them??? fa he replied in anger keda..”mesh lama el banyadmeen yaklo elawal”!

I have to run now….moral of the story….I think this huge place should be privatized or so…coz it is another waste of a potenially good profitable attraction.

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في الحلم

مش عارفة هعمل ايه لما أشوفك…يمكن أعيط عشان لسه زعلانة شوية …يمكن يمنعني كبريائي من اني اقولك انك وحشتني و بلاش تبعد كده تاني عشان بحس اني وحيدة و انت بعيد….او يمكن مشاعري اتجمدت و مش هعرف اقولك ولا كلمة…عشان مش حاسة ناحيتك بأي حاجة. أه مش حاسة بأي حاجة….و ساعات بحس بحاجات كتيرة…مش فاهمة….منتهي التناقض عارفة…..و هو التناقض ده اللي مضايقك…بس انا كده….و انا كنت كده من اول ما عرفتني….متغيرتش….

عايزة أشوفك و مش عايزة او يمكن خايفة…..عايزاك تحضنني زي الأول و تحسسني بالدفا اللي كنت بستمتع بيه في عز أغسطس…..ولا أقولك لأ…يتهيألي مش هحس بيه…عشان مش من قلبك…أو يمكن من قلبك…بس انا مش عارفة أثق فيك تاني!!!! عايزة أفضل أحكيلك حاجات و أضحكك…كنت بحس اني مسئوليتي اني أخليك مبسوط….مع ان محدش طلب مني…بس خلاص…انا بطلت العمل التطوعي اللي في الأخر بيوجعني انا……عارف….حقيقي نفسي أكون بحلم أو بيتهيألي…نفسي يكون اللي حصل ده محصلش…نفسي أطلع غلطانة…..نفسي انام و مافكرش فيك.

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“Do not assume that he who seeks to comfort you now, lives untroubled among the simple and quiet words that sometimes do you good. His life may also have much sadness and difficulty, that remains far beyond yours. Were it otherwise, he would never have been able to find these words” Rainer Maria Rilke

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My next adventure ;-)))

Take a wild guess!!! neither desert nor beach….tayeb eih???? THE ZOO.

Yes, I am heading to the zoo this weekend, decided to postpone Alex & Port Said till the Bairam vacation, it is gonna be a long one, so I would rather wait and do both then. But a week ago I realized that I haven’t been there since I was like 7 or 8 years old….maybe younger kaman :)) fa I kinda keda tested the waters with my dad….fa first he gave me the “are u nuts!! look” then when he realized that am not playing him and am being hell serious he responded with a no-kidding “BIG NO”.

No problema…how about sis….I really didn’t have to ask….tayeb now it’s mummy’s turn…ha ya Lola….she wanted to support me by saying yeah it used to be a nice place but the odor and u know!!! told her probably the odor is not allover the place ya3ni..fa will skip these areas…but her facial expressions said it all….another NO. I have no problem in doing it on my own at all, it is just I thought we haven’t been there for ages, and maybe things have changed w keda…

There are many places in mind that I want to visit and spend some time there, for instance:
– Abdeen Palace and surroundings
– The Citadel
– Roam Down Town “all the old streets, tal3at 7arb, kasr el nil, etc.
– Harraneya

Bas before this ba2a I really need to buy a new good camera instead of my current toy camera.

Off the subject: I seriously need to move my#$#$# and go shop for Christmas presents and cards…time is flying.

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Pandora’s Box; Curiosity killed the cat

In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman, fashioned by Zeus as part of his punishment to mankind after Prometheus set forth to steal fire from him and handed it over to man. Zeus was enraged and decided to punish Prometheus and his creation “mankind”.

To punish Prometheus, Zeus chained him and set a vulture over him to eat his liver each day. But he was immortal, eventually the liver grew back every day, but he was still he was daily tormented.

Zeus was angry with mankind, therefore he planed the worst punishment he could think of: He ordered the other gods to make “all gifted” Pandora as a poisoned gift for man. Then invented Hephaestus, who molded Pandora out of clay, she gave her the form and made her irresistibly beautiful. Pandora was also given several traits from different gods: Beauty from Aphrodite, musical talent and healing from Apollo, and of course Hephasestus gave her the form; that’s why she was called “all gifted”.

Hesiod said on the creation of Pandora
“The crippled artist-god,Illustrious, moulded from the yielding clayA bashful virgin’s image, as advis’dSaturnian Jove”
“But now when the fair mischief, seeming-good,His hand had perfected, he led her forthExulting in her grac’d attire, the giftOf Pallas, in the midst of gods and men.On men and gods in that same moment seiz’dThe ravishment of wonder, when they sawThe deep deceit, th’ inextricable snare.”

Hermes then gave Pandora a box, telling her to keep it safely but never think of opening it until then. Before being chained to the rock, Prometheus warned Epimetheus “his brother” not to take any gifts from the gods. But he didn’t listen, however, and when Pandora arrived, he fell in love with her. Hermes told him that Pandora was a gift to the titan from Zeus, and he warned Epimetheus not open the box. “Sometimes the box was referred to as a jar or a chest”. Epimetheus accepted the maiden from Hermes and led her into his house with her box which the gods had sent with her as her dowry.

Epimetheus told Pandora never to open the box she had received from Zeus. But one day, curiosity compelled her to open it, releasing all the misfortunes of mankind “plague, sorrow, poverty, crime, etc.”

She shut it in time to keep one thing in the box: Hope. The world remained extremely miserable for an unspecified period. Pandora then had the chance to revisit the box, and Hope flapped out.

Here is one of the most fascinating poems by Lord Byron; illustrating Prometheus downfall;

Thy Godlike crime was to be kind,
To render with thy precepts less
The sum of human wretchedness,
And strengthen Man with his own mind;
But baffled as thou wert from high,
Still in thy patient energy,
In the endurance, and repulse
Of thine impenetrable Spirit,
Which Earth and Heaven could not convulse,
A mighty lesson we inherit:
Thou art a symbol and a sign
To Mortals of their fate and force;
Like thee, Man is in part divine,
A troubled stream from a pure source;
And Man in portions can foresee
His own funereal destiny;
His wretchedness, and his resistance,
And his sad unallied existence:
To which his Spirit may oppose
Itself — and equal to all woes,
And a firm will, and a deep sense,
Which even in torture can descry
Its own concenter’d recompense,
Triumphant where it dares defy,
And making Death a Victory..”

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Plans…plans…and plans

Contract plan…and I said ok, Annual work plan w malo, bas kaman we are not even January and am supposed to submit my annual leave plan by COB 15 December 05!!!!!!!!!!!! how come ya3ni….I don’t even have the new year’s calendar….fa instead am using the outlook one…BUPPPHHHHH….

Last year I had a National Geographic Wild Life Calendar keda….although I have an office GSA purchased calendar…that’s what we use at work…but I had my sanzzy NG calendar just next to it….when I first had it thought I won’t go through it and keep each month’s photo as a surprise…I managed to do this till like February or March…then I didn’t manage to get over my sense of curiousity khales…in fact I like a view keda so I captured it via my cell phone, and put it as a background keda…was so cool :))

One of the things that am looking forward to is get rid off the word “SHOULD” from my personal vocabulary…found out that I usually force myself to do things by saying “I should have done this, I should do this or that, shouldn’t have done this…keda ya3ni”….SHOULD is a guilt enducing word….and I don’t have to force myself awi keda…either I could or would do things…but never should….

Wish I could visit India one day….one of all time desired destinations.

“Inside its cocoon of work or social obligation, the human spirit slumbers for the most part, registering the distinction between pleasure and pain, but not nearly as alert as we pretend. There are periods in the most thrilling day during which nothing happens, and though we continue to exclaim, “I do enjoy myself,, or , “I am horrified,” we are insincere” From A Passage to India by E.M. Forester

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It is getting a bit cold…good sign….awaiting the heavy rains ba2a….

Weekend wasn’t super duper although a long one, wasn’t in a good mood to do anything, was kinda weird and mhypara for no obvious reason, I am back to the couple of hours sleep then wake up, then back to sleep…..which really helped to crash the mood aktar ya3ni…fa eshta….

Been to virgin twice this weekend, once on my own, I was in the complex to buy a brown skirt keda I liked at Mango, but when I went to buy it, found that the brown ones are gone, only beige ones are still there…fa decided to spend some money in Virgin 🙂 one of the books I bought is strictly meditation exercises…found it cool….but can’t get myself to relax in the first place to do the exercises…and honestly didn’t push myself to relax kaman….thought I would be better off if I let go of some energy.

The second time was with Mariam my beautiful little cousin, the girl is adorable…they were all at our place last Friday, fa when we were having lunch, she mentioned that she would like to go, fa told her ok will do after lunch….and yes we went together….it was a blast going through different departments with her…she first wanted to buy a pink case for her i-pod, then changed her mind, and said no I want this DVD, then no is Hilary Duff CD out in the market yet?? the answer was no, fa she was kinda disappointed for not finding her favourite singer’s CD, she finally settled on a girl band CD “am really clueless about the name, I can’t even recall it”….bas she likes them w khalas…we stopped at Cilantro for a drink then left…..

Saturday woke up early been to the Azhar Park in the morning on my own bardo, wasn’t in a mood to sit or do anything except walk around and come out with a few photos w khalas….guess I just wanted a good walk, and I really like the place…I ended up having a few good photos, and a real nice walk, although it was extremely hot….

Saturday was the Egypt Photography annual presentation thing….initially I wanted to go, but after the morning walk, I had a second thought keda…and decided to avoid the hot weather…and stay home. Around 3 o’clock I knew eno I have photos in the presentation….fa thought it is my first time ya3ni…balash santa7a…and go. It was real nice…the presentation was real good, I had four photos in 4 different categories….the company was enjoyable although I thought am not into people w keda these days…but on the contrary enjoyed it BIG TIME.

Since we are speaking photography ba2a…here is a coolie….a couple of weeks ago there was an announcement keda about “Marsam el Qalaa” a place where photographers would have their exhibitions there w keda…they also announced eno there is an exhibition coming up, and would start Dec. 15….The theme is “Express Yourself”…fa an elder work colleague “real good photographer at the same time” convinced me eno I should start participating in such events, at least to get the feel of the thing…and to know how good/bad I am…..fa yesterday we picked like 6 photos and will prepare them for the exhibition…although the # of photos shouldn’t exceed 5, but I thought I would better have six done and choose 5 out of them….am kinda excited about it…

Ah, by the way Helen of Troy will be aired on MBC 4 Thursday and Friday @ 18:30 or 19:30 CLT, can’t remember exactly…but don’t miss it….coz u would probably enjoy it….

Am listening to Wagih Aziz “za3lan shwaya” :)))

Since am in a low profile/cell phone off mood, fa am between reading and TV…..fa yesterday was watching Lady O’s interview with Uma Thermon….and she asked her a question…..”WHAT DO YOU KNOW FOR SURE???”

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