Thursday Night

It is almost 7 pm, and am still at the office :S and as they say the night is still young..3aaaa.

Mmmm…me thinks this might be an interpretation of last night’s dream. Asl -kheir allahomag3alo khier- I dreamt that I became a trapped digit inside cell D25 in an Excel sheet (can’t recall which digit I was). I tried hard to find a way out. Alas, my nonstop attemps didn’t get me anywhere other than D25. It was tough, really tough…heck of a dilemma ya3ni.

I kept blaming myself ba2a for not working hard and inhabiting an A10 mathalan ( coz you know, that how things go in the wild world of Excel workbooks. If you are a clever and hard working digit you earn your position in the sheet). Anyways, I spent the whole dream awaiting my salvation in a cut and paste order!!

Yalla, Nino goes back to work and you enjoy the weekend 😀

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The 7adary Debate

So it is like all Egypt’s Infrastructure, Political, and Economical tribulations are suddenly of the past and we have nothing to talk about except the 7adary’s dramatic exit, right?

Ya3ni tayeb I have a question..mmm..a couple of them actually!


a)      When did Essam El 7adary became an  Egyptian Icon? with all due respect ya3ni, he is an excellent goal keeper and all, but in my opinion he doesn’t qualify for  a national hero, not an ICON.  (am not trying to answer my own question, am just thinking out loud while typing)

b)      In what way could  his escapade affect the lives of the Egyptians?

I am not prejudiced against the guy, on the contrary I believe eno he is mature enough to mind his own business, and he is totally 7orr to figure out his futuristic plans. 


I just think that the whole issue is overrated,  and by whole I mean the Whole Winning Team Extravaganza.  It is good to find some relief of the constantly disheartening daily life in your football team, bas ya3ny come on!! consume just a little of  this gigantic energy stream in a bit of an advantageous act (and it will work wonders).  Ya3ni..that’s what I think :S

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Dormant State yet we celebrate

Ladies and gents,

We (and by we I mean rateeba, ensaf, and my-humble-self)  are celebrating Nermeena’s blog third anniversary.  Let me tell you I spent days and days reading my archives from the very first post till the very last one and I can’t really express how I felt.  It is like documenting one’s life…I’ve watched myself growing up, achieving dreams, making foolish mistakes, stumbling and rising up as good as new.  I laughed at myself sometimes and  cried as well recalling harsh moments.  To cut the crap wire…I really enjoyed my past 3 years of blogging.

On another note, I noticed that I no longer have the time or the will (at some points) to talk about the details I used to talk about, I guess it is part of the growing up thingie…or it might be one of the girls (R or E) is taking over and she is into the low profile side of the world.  Fa eih ba2a…am I gonna surrender?? I will try to write on daily basis about the most beautiful thing that happened to me during that day. Only one beautiful thing everyday, not a tough one I reckon !!

I went walking with mama one day,

when she warn me what people say.

Live your life until love is found,

or love is gonna get you down.



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Rateeba w Ensaf Roshdy

Is a Gemini associated syndrome that has recently been drumming me relentlessly, not that I wasn’t a Gemini before-coz I’ve always been one- yet little Ms. ridiculously irrelevant decided to start acting up and for a reason I chose not  to have power over it.  I used to know how to control my mood swings, and innate dithering but currently am more into the spontaneous side of myself.  Seriously, I found out that there are things that I need to know about myself, fa no way I can figure them out, unless am totally myself!!  

Last night I was torn between watching tv, reading a nice book that I’ve started a few days ago, and writing an Arabic post in a series that I committed myself to write ( one of the new year’s resolutions).

Nerro would have scolded herself muttering things about amusement and prioritization,  yet Rateeba made up her mind and  ended up doing the 3 things simultaneously while  Ensaf stood in the middle of the room lolling at what Rateeba is doing and wondering if this would have been  done better a la Nerro!!

Side Note: I have segregated the Arabic posts from the English oneس, and gathered the “what me thinks is” readable material here.

Since it is the book fair hype and stuff I have a lot of reading to do, I even contemplated a reading vacation, nevertheless am a relatively new hire, and still have 3 months to be allowed some rest.  Am currently reading Shay Aswad by Rabee3 Gaber a Lebanese writer that I fall in love with his style (in this novel, as I haven’t read any other thing for him), and I highly recommend.  Here is a quote from the novel:

يزعم أن الحياة لا قيمة لها (أولاً لأنها زائلة و ثانياً لأنها سلسلة لا متناهية من الرغبات فالتحققات فالخيبات فالرغبات، و ثالثاً لأنها غير مبررة – و هو اجتماع أولاً و ثانياً) لكنه يظل يتعلق بها و يكره أن يضجر و يود لو كان كذا أو كذا رغم أنه يعرف تفاهة هذا و سخافته، في النهاية”

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