Lost in Time

These haunted dreams
Are brushed aside
We’ll meet again
Another lifeI tried to say
I miss you tonight
And they claim you’ve already died
But the truth is that we’re lost in time
We’re lost in time

Lyrics: Stellastarr
Photo: Myself

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Sweet November

Now am about to cry…I really want to, but can’t get myself to do….tears have been there for a while now, and don’t know why don’t they just come out………

What’s going on ba2a….my head is gonna explode….a couple of hours ago heard that Ahmed’s mom passed away….she had cancer and we all knew she is dying…even himself…but the last couple of months were kind of living hell for his whole family….but begad he was there for her night and day, left everything…..and did every possible thing…just to make her happy in her last days…..was killing us when we see him with a big smile on the face and full of hope….although he is 100% positive she is not gonna make it….but he used to say….I want her to go away with a smile…May she rest in peace…

Our contract ends this month…and we are starting new one, which means eno there would be lots of terminations….being in a position which allows me to know who is staying/leaving….doesn’t make my life easy at all.
First: coz some people treat me as a traitor or really not a trustworthy workmate…tried to explain to many of them that what they are saying is very unethical/unprofessional…but they didn’t understand…and that’s weird…
Second: It feels so bad when you are aware that a dear person is leaving…and you are gonna miss him/her a lot..can’t do anything though..passed through the same experience a couple of years ago…wasn’t pleasant….and it happened with a beautiful person, who used to work in the finance dept…..she was the sweetest person I’ve ever met in my life…I knew she was leaving like a week before the official announcement…..a close friend of her knew that I was aware of the termination thing…fa she stepped in my office and started to yell…cry…and tab3an accused me of not being a loyal friend w keda…..she is not right I know…but come on we are human beings…and for a little while I felt eno am guilty…ya3ni I should have gave her hints wala 7aga…remember I locked myself in the ladies room and kept on crying until my boss came and calmed me down and started to explain eno this is work, and I just did the right thing.

It is happening again in the coming few days….fa am kind of staying in the office all day, had a sandwich on my desk….didn’t socialize….and don’t think I talked to anyone except my boss and Heba. Hope this week is over with ba2a….

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Aurora…legends, Mythology, and Art

Aurora or Northern Lights
In Alaska, Canada, Northern Europe, and other places close to the North Pole the night brings a wavy curtain of green, blue, red and other colored lights stretching across the sky. As evening passes to midnight and on to dawn, the folds of the curtain make fantastic decorations over the heavens, forming arcs, rays, and wreaths.

These are some of the many legends concerning Aurora, which still exist in various parts of the world:
– Ancient peoples of Alaska, Canada, and Greenland believe that the Aurora is the fire of torches lighting the way to heaven for the spirits of the dead. The beautiful pink rays, which sometimes appear, are thought to be the color of blood shed in the struggles between the spirits.

– In Japan, an entry in the ancient Nihon Shoki “Chronicles of Japan is an epical monument of Japanese literature, a cycle of myths and historical legends written in 720A.D.” is thought to refer to the aurora.

– In China many sketches resembling the aurora remain. The dark red aurora was considered to be an omen of ill fortune.

In Roman Mythology
Eos, Goddess of the dawn, was known as Aurora and was the sister of Helios, the Sun. Every morning she would rise from her bed and drive Helios into the sky. Four of her sons are the four winds (north, south, east, and west). According to one myth, her tears cause the dew as she flies across the sky weeping for one of her sons, who was killed by Achilles during the Trojan war. Among the handsome young men whom she carried off as lovers were Orion and Tithonus. Eos asked Zeus to give Tithonus immortality but forgot to include ?everlasting youth? with her request.

In Greek Mythology
She is Eos Goddess of the dawn, the daughter of the Hyperion and Theia and the sister of Helios (sun) and Selene (moon). She was the mother of the four winds: Boreas, Eurus, Zephyrus, and Notus; and also of Heosphorus and the Stars. She was depicted as a goddess whose rosy fingers opened the gates of heaven to the chariot of the Sun. Her legend consists almost entirely of her intrigues. She first slept with Ares; this earned her the wrath of Aphrodite who punished her by changing her into a nymph.

In Art and Literature
– In the 17th century Aurora the goddess of dawn became a popular figure in Baroque decorations, where she appeared in a chariot driven by the winged horse Pegasus. She often spread flowers while passing by.

– Shakespeare referred to her in his famous play Romeo and Juliet

– Giuseppe Ungaretti, once wrote this epic verse: “Aurora, of the rosy fingers?”. This he recited at the start of a movie on the Homer poem “The Odyssey”. Heard this verse and was touched by its descriptive image and immediately saw in his own mind this mythological figure crossing in the sky at dawn.
In October 1994 he started to work on Aurora. His initial difficulty was to avoid the figure becoming too heavy and massive. He avoided this by giving to the piece an incline that creates an ethereal perspective and weightless atmosphere. He also used a two wheeled chariot instead of a four wheeled one, as more commonly represented in the past.

Finally here is a poem “Goddess of The Dawn” From Aurora Threat’s Behind the Line

As fascinating as the northern lights
To which many are drawn
Luminous in the nights
The Goddess of the dawn
It took some years
For me to understand
The many spears
I’ve had to withstand
I am like the borealis
A beautiful arch of light
While my address is not a palace
I am rich in delight
I am like the sunlit sky
Upon my face a bright smile
Radiant, without a try
Unique, savvy and not hostile
Like a clothing brand name
You try to give me a tag
To lower my head in shame
With gossip and gag
But I am like a twinkling star
When you raise your eyes above
You’ll see me dazzling from afar
Sparkling and overflowing with love

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Quote and Thought

He was still too young to know that the heart’s memory eliminates the bad and magnifies the good, and that thanks to this artifice we manage to endure the burden of the past. “Love in the Time of Cholera” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

I’ve been planning to do my Alex one dayer since the beginning of the month, but somehow I ended up not doing it….Since this weekend kaman won’t work….fa ISA will do the weekend after…it is a day on my own that am desperatly looking forward to…really need it…and can’t/won’t be anywhere except in my beloved City.

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The pedestrians killing series in the Autostrad is still on….it is the second time this week to see a dead body on the street, but the first one was real painful, saw the car, the guy who was driving, saw everything in details…but this morning it was like someone ran over the dead guy and went on his away…tab at least call the ambulance ya3ni!!!! I really don’t understand this…Whaterver!!

They are in the process of building one of those bridges in the Autostrad to supposedly lessen the # of accidents but come on….we all know that not a lot of people are using these bridges….u know the one in Manshiet Nasser, apparently it is only a monument or something…in the morning you see tens of kids crossing the streets and your heart would stop in case one of them decided to run in front of the cars just to cross the street…..tab3an no wonder you would see several accidents there…wonder why their parents didn’t tell them that this huge ugly thing up there is for their own safety….well, I know if they are destined to die at this very moment they will “am not discussing this”…am just wondering why do we insist to hurt ourselves!!!! So many questions here…if the speed limit is 80 why are you driving 120….I know sometimes it doesn’t make sense….but if it is gonna involve someone’s life…should make a whole lot of sense!!!

Speaking of speed limit….you know the relatively new bridge in Merghani…you will see a sign says the speed limit is 40 km!!!!!!! Any clue?!!!! try to do this 40 km thing ba2a you will find the least you can do is 80 km…you won’t help it…it just goes that way.

Speaking of Merghani ba2a 🙂 Cinnabon is gonna open a new branch there….yeaaaaaaaaah…I like their stuff, it is just I used to do the Carrfour one….although it is there in Heliopolis City Stars, and it is easier for me to go there instead of going all the way through the hideous ring road…but for some unknown reason….I HATE city stars….can’t stand being there for long time…wala 7atta short time.

Joy came in this morning and said that she would like invite us for a cup of coffee and brownies at her apartment….OH…BOY…she is exceptional when it comes to brownies and lemon cakes….

Well….that was a little bit of a morning feel…now I gotta go :))) A tout a’ l’heure.
“the typical answer for this one back during the Agami days was “wenta men toto”

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Turn me into a Pumpkin

Please God….I need it the most now, turn me into a pumpkin….it is the only way I can get out of here now….seriously, even if I dropped dead now…don’t think I would have the chance to go home….they will ask my spirit…to hang on and finish this #%$# manual first. Another late night at work…Zzzzzzzzzzzz

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On Tales and Stuff : Ali Baba & the Forty Theives

Ali Baba and Morgiana; my favourite couple as a kid not for anything more than their names. Morgiana actually appealed to me more like a serial killer!!! if I may say.

Wasn’t fond of their story though, it is kinda violent, never understood what’s cute about a lady killing guys “although theives” by pouring boiling oil over them. Ewwwwwwww.

I mean come on, follow the thread….at the beginning the gang killed Kasim at the cave, then tracked Ali Baba Down after discovering the disappearance of his brother’s body. In order to get rid of Ali Baba the theives manipulated him; the lead thief pretended to be an oil merchant in need for Ali Baba’s hospitality, brought mules loaded with 40 oil jars, one filled with oil, the other 39 with the other thieves. Brilliant Morgiana discovered the plan, and killed the 39 thieves in their oil jars by pouring boiling oil on them.

Of course the big guy “their leader” is still alive, so he proceeded with the killing plan…. later on he disguised as a merchant, befriended Ali Baba’s son and the son invited him to dinner at the dad’s house. Again Super Morgiana discovered the vicious plan and plunged a dagger into the theif’s heart while performing a dance infront of the diners.

Now what??? abnoxious!!! maybe….can’t hate it though, still has its own charm…..it ended up with “And they lived happily Everafter” isn’t that sweet!!!

Here is one more nice thing about this story…..infront of “you know” these hotels/malls automated doors…the type of thing that opens and closes whenever you approach, I used to do the “Open Sesame/Close Sesame” thing….mmm….am still doing it….but not as loud as I used to when I was younger…..usually the security person at the gate think that I am smiling to him/her….good perspective…but actually am smiling for my never ending/kinda still there chilhood customs 😉

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Moods – Sarah Teasdale

I am the still rain falling,
Too tired for singing mirth —
Oh, be the green fields calling,
Oh, be for me the earth!

I am the brown bird pining
To leave the nest and fly —
Oh, be the fresh cloud shining,
Oh, be for me the sky!

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Am taking a break

Came back to work after one of those exceptionally tiring weekends…..it is a one that after you get done with, you just go like….oh….I really need a weekend…..bas was planning to wear new stuff that I recently bought …a skirt included “weird I know”, bas decided to have a lot of them this winter, actually I bought many of them to force myself to get acquainted to the feminine look shwaya…needles to say how mom “finally” managed to flatter my wardrobe, after several years of condemning it!!!! am totally lost now….ok, here…was saying eno wearing new stuff…and going out in this mood, made it easy for me to wake up w keda….I am that type of person, who really likes new things….even if it is a pair of socks, I just feel good about new things…it is like when mom or dad, or even my sis are going out shopping or something, and they ask if I need anything….I go like yeah…”ay 7aga” it is just I want something….it can be as small as a lolly-pop, but it just makes me happy…..

My day at work is not real fun….we are having hard time ………………………………………. “sorry, it is just classified” fa it is a heck of a day…..and apparently we are staying late…..am on diet kaman, fa don’t know what to order….kinda starving…and 3asafeer batny hateb2a baghbaghanat kaman shwaya….thought of a chicken ceaser salad from Cilantro, bas am not into chicken these days…..grrrrrrrrr :(((( tab eih

Found this in my cell notes: Cold night, neither long nor short walk, stop at Harris, grab a Latte, listening to “when I need you”…….can’t remember why I wrote it that way…anywayz, that’s what I did Firday night @ 10:00.

In promoting the Universal children’s day “20 November” LBC aired a beautiful song for kids, but personally I think it is good for adults too, will try to get the CD, and put the lyrics here…or maybe later I will try to find the song itself online, so I can provide the link….loved the sincere and true feelings of the kids in the song.

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سمير قصير الحبيب…مش الصحفي الراحل

من فترة مش فاكرة اخر ايام رمضان و لا في العيد…اتكعبلت في برنامج محمود سعد “أقلب الصفحة”…انا ماليش قوي في برامج محمود سعد مع الفنانين…بزهق يعني…بس المفاجأة بقي…ان الضيفة كانت جيزيل خوري…..و طبعا الحديث كله كان عن زوجها الصحفي المغتال سمير قصير….ملناش دعوة بالسياسة و لو ان الموضوع كله سياسة….المهم…مش عارفة اوصف انا حسيت بأيه و هي بتتكلم عن حب حياتها اللي ضاع منها….عينيها مليانة دموع و علي وشها ابتسامة جميلة بتصبر بيها نفسها…..تحسها قوية قوي بس كلامها فيه ضعف افتقاد السند اللي ما فكرتش انه ممكن يروح منها بسهوله مع انه شيء متوقع جدا….نبرة يأس بسيطة عن حلم الحرية اللي هييجي بكرة بيزقها من ورا التمسك بالأمل و حلم الحبيب. بكرة ؟؟؟ بالنسبة لها مخيف…حسيت انها فاقدة الثقة فيه!!!!
للأسف مش عارفة اوصل لفيديو الحلقة….بس ده كلام جيزيل في برنامج بالعربي لمهند الخطيب اللي اتذاع يوم 7 يونيو علي قناة العربية.
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Morning thoughts, Esmat El Marghany….Pickled Onions…and More

– Am a bit bored thesed days, looking forward to my 3 days trip in Turkey, wish today is Tuesday of next week….that means eno I will go in a couple of days.

– Oh God…this is real ugly, the streets are covered with huge banners and signs “elections relaed thing”…it is really horrible, whenever you stop in a street or a square the gardens are surrounded with super size banners….sick….don’t know why Esmat El Marghany’s banners and signs in particular gets on my nerves….you know down at Heliopolis Square there are 2 huge ones with her picture holding a certificate keda….and under the banner there is this sentence “om el yatama” mother of the orphans or something like this. Good that the lady is into charity w keda…bas it has nothing to do with elections ya3ni….I might sound prejudiced against her, bas seriously ya3ni…the whole thing is kinda irritating.

Should have had a couple of photos here, but will try to do tonight, or tomorrow morning ISA. My point is we will vote, and will definitely choose the suitable one, bas I personally don’t think the outcome of these ugly campaigns would be in favor of the candidate…3ashan in most cases…and no offense…it is kinda freaky.

– Still have to go find a nice dress for Saturday Ball, oh…I hate that, howa mesh fi evening gowns fairy keda, a fairy who would help girls get dressed for such a royal extravaganza and look exceptionally stunning without going out chasing dresses and accessories?!!!

– Ok, do you like pickled onions??? asl I do LOVE them, they are the best pickles ever, although mom and sis can’t really stand them….bas that doesn’t necessirily stop me from eating the cute little onions….the other day we had okra for dinner, and inorder to make me eat some of it, mom bought some pickled onions for me “this is sort of a suicidal attempt for her”. Gotta say that was G-O-O-D. yummmmy 😉

– I am mumbling since morning “you don’t win friends with salad, you don’t win friends with salad” it is from the Simpsons, remember when Homer was talking to Bart about their get together BBQ, and Lisa planned to blow it off, as she was about to turn into a vegan, Homer was telling his son that they won’t be able to have a nice one without meat involved, fa they both did the “you don’t win friends with salad” thing 🙂

– Salemli 3aleh, elo eni bsalem 3aleh

Bawesli 3eneh, elo eni bbawes 3eneh……a beautiful song by Fayrouz, though not one of her very lively songs, but I like it awi, it is the kind of a song that puts a smile in your face keda whenever you listen to it 3ashan it is so soft and feminine awi, fa makes u feel good ya3ni. The weird thing ba2a, Akon’s lonely makes me laugh, mesh 3arfa leih!!!!

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