and I was asked, “why are you SO unflappable”!!

Am cursed!!

I’ve been born with an infinite reserve of dynamite sticks inside me; with every action or a reaction I of them explodes. It gets hysterical sometimes,  it is all inside, you might not notice it… I know!!!

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3 reasons: why do I (neutral/indifferent)* thee!!

         You make me feel that I have the IQ of a dinner plate

         We have as much chances together as a snowball in hell

         You are too much into cheap theatrics


* “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.”  

                                                                        Elie Wiesel

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If there is one thing that I hate the most

then it is arrogance!! that being said I do-highly- respect confident and arrestive people.

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Worldwide reading in memory of Mahmoud Darwish

The Berlin International Literature Festival is appealing for a worldwide reading of Mahmoud Darwish’s poetry on 5 October 2008.

This appeal is directed at cultural institutions, radio stations, schools, universities, theatres and all other Darwish enthusiasts the world over”

In collaboration with this event  Pen Temple Pilots (PTP) Poetry and Documentary teams are inviting you to a splendid night, where templars will read and listen to Darwish’s masterpieces.

Tag Line: لاعب النرد

When: Sunday 5 October, from 08:00-10:00 pm

For details and confirmations: email me@:

Mark you calendars, and get ready for a whimsical poetry night



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Will I get peritonitis of the soul!!

I always want and aspire to do things, embrace certain people in my life and get closer.  Nevertheless, whenever I start I feel a stern urge to retreat, to forget, and let go.


I am particularly apprehensive about doors, and what lies behind.


I don’t trust “easily”….it takes me forever to just confide in someone.


I believe in the goodness of people, not the absolute goodness though.   People do things with good intentions,  leaders claim they have the best of intentions while they screw up, even murderers and burglars declare innocence and virtuousness; Al Capone once said  “I have spent the best years of my life giving people the lighter pleasures, helping them have a good time, and all I get is abuse, the existence of a hunted man”…see!! It is  relative


I am drifting over in my own world without making much contact with the surroundings. It is consuming, yet I don’t know what am I keeping the energy for.


My brain cells aches whenever I come to the edge of an unthinkable thought

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Beirut 2008

Sett el Deny 3an jad 😉

In Beirut, I loved sipping coffee early in the morning 3al corniche, in front of el raouche rock.  The walk from el 7amra to el raouche reminded me so much of strolling in Alex streets.  Unfortunately, didn’t manage to catch a sunset.  One of the things that I highly amdired in the city is the cleanliness, grabbing a shawerma sandwich from a little shop on the street guarantees not only a yummy bite but also a clean and intestines friendly one.  As for the people ba2a fa they are super friendly and cheerful, they make your day keda.  

Oh, and this silly joke about Lebanese guys…seriously, it is so not ture ;), ya3ni check out the airport bas.

I go now 😀

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Talk about the new traffic law!!

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