of Self Perception

These days are the toughest….emotionally that is, am trying to ace -although deep down I would be happy if I just passed-  this harsh test of genuineness and self credibility.

I am monitoring myself and striving to prove that I am not fake, and that I am about what I believe in.  Time and duration have been forced upon me, had I the chance  I would have postponed it till the end of the world.  

Biased a tad, I deliberately rise above those creeping droplets of nuisance and abhorrence.

God…..give me strength to make it through.

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of Weird reading habits

odd reading habits In her book Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader; Author Anne Fadiman wrote: “If you truly love a book, you should sleep with it, write in it, read aloud from it, and fill its pages with muffin crumbs..”

Although I loved the book yet, the minute I laid eyes on this particular sentence I had to disagree out loud, and called the lady a BOOK BRUISER (I usually talk to authors and characters while reading 3adi khales).

I then paused to reflect on readers behavior, and tried to compare mine to friends.  It occurred to me that people never seize to amaze you with your eccentricities while reading.  The more you watch them the more you feel compelled to write a book about their odd reading behaviors or habits.

For instance -away from talking to the characters and authors-  me being a neat reader I tend to treat books with extra care. I really really love to see them always as good as new.  My reading kit (see attached photo 😉 includes a Book, eye glasses, and highlighting flags -mind you I don’t use pens, pencils, or fluorescent highlighters-  whenever I come
across favorite lines, quotes, or paragraphs I stick one the flags on them.  Needless to say that each color is of  significance :

Pink: favorite quotes/lines
Yellow: researchable material
Orange: bloggable thoughts 😀
what about green and blue?
Am not big on them ..fa I use them as back-up

What about you!!  Do you have any other odd or intriguing reading habits to confess?

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