Sharing my darkest secrets :)

Sis asked me to write down 5 things that people don’t know about me..and here goes:

1-I don’t walk under the trees, I really think if I did a bird will pee on my hair.

2- As a child I had a stairs issue…well…complex not an issue to be honest, it was a real problem for my parents.  We go to a certain place it takes them forever to convince me to go up or down.

3- I am a drama queen….zaman w ana soghayara soghayara, my mom used to call me “Amina” in Amina Rizk…k2iba moot ya3ni.

4- When getting in a new relation I tend to google the guy’s name.

5- I was once diagnosed with the infamous disease of “estebe7s”, as in eating everthing, rubbers, pencils, quilts, kom el pyjama….kol 7aga.  Disclaimer: da kan zaman 😉

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Happy as I’ve never been before…happy and  that little “princess” that I am wish that this would last. 

Wish me luck 😀


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Plant a Tree

Read Alif’s post on the Billion Tree Campaign and was encouraged big time to commit myself and plant a tree.  Here is the pledge form in case anyone is willing to join.  I think we need it the most.


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First Song

Feels like home to me

The song says it all.

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New Tag

Thanks Blue for giving me the chance to write down what I wanted to write a while ago, but for a reason I didn’t. 

Something to achieve next year:
Dig deep and find my peace.

Something impacted me last year:
The M withdrawal symptoms and repercussions

What I’ll miss about 2006:
The people who walked out or I walked out on them no matter what the reasons are.

I would like to tag any one who is willing to share his/her thoughts.

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