Fata7 3enak takol malban, and tidbits

A fancy kind of Mouled will be held next Friday @ victory college (Maadi).  Well, given that it is quite hard to attend a real one..fa am probably going..me thinks it is gonna be cool awi..I love mouleds 😀

Check the details here. The event has been cancelled :((( Nino za3lan ba2a

– I figured out eno I can hardly spell -figuratively that is- Social Intelligence.  Mmmm…and to be honest I don’t mind it_at_all.

– Tomorrow is Labor Day, fa don’t miss watching “El Aydi El Na3ema”…I love the movie..it is hilarious.

– Walahi, it is cool bardo to be taken care of at work..mesh we7esh khales ya3ni 😉

Heads up!!

Khaled El Husseini’s second novel “A Thousand Splendid Suns” should be released on 22 May 2007.  Now, those who read the Kite Runner I guess they are like myself, can’t wait till they have the book in their hands, and for those who didn’t have the chance to read it..check this post out…to know what you are missing out on.


Still chasing the sun

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Morning Bits

To start off am on the chicky side of the house today, fa it feels awesome.  Been a while since I felt good about myself keda…I lost SOME good weight and was kinda satisfied looking at the mirror this morning 😉  However, the dark red nail polish makes me feel eno I just finished eating someone.  


Lately, K has been asking a specific question_indirectly_ and I am acting super delirious, don’t know…some people are urging me to take the “K issue” seriously, I even found M “office mate” asking me this morning “how on earth are you guys not together?” keda..bluntly. fa I was like…”we are smart enough I guess”, fa he said things to the effect eno K likes me and it is crystal clear…M knew that I know eno he is testing the waters for K..however, K himself have been testing it for a while now…he even once made a scene  (proposed) keda when we were all having breakfast up on the roof and I played stupid and told him eno this is not magical enough w bta3.


Now K is the “too good to be true” type of guy; good looking, witty, helpful, moderately religious, successful, etc..But I don’t think he is the kind of guy who would really understand that I need to go to my mgmnt class after work, or attend this workshop coz it is liberating and blabla..nevertheless I think he is nice enough to let go of things as long as am happy!! Don’t know…at this point I think he wants a stable family, someone who is always around w keda!! Tab ma isn’t that what I need as well!! Mmmm…I don’t know..


Aslan, this weekend I figured my futuristic plans out and  made up my mind..am gonna marry an eligible bachelor from the royal family of the Sultanate of Brunei…now don’t get me wrong, am not materialistically motivated or anything, although it is a pretty comprehensible motive…but this island is more like 2  ripped out pages from a story telling book been placed on the real world. I figured it is the perfect plan for me, the perfect place where I could be.  By marrying a Brunein prince I will be entitled to live in an imaginary place, be a mythical princess (not that am not one right now ;), but a real one with the tiara and everything, and create my own version of alf leila w leila.  Yeah, there you can live your very own fairy tale…me thinks..no!!

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When the thunder calls you

Remeber this song by East 17!!

When the thunder calls you
From a mountain high
It’s time to spread your wings and fly
When the thunder calls you
Under purple sun
To the place where horses run

It is a song back from universty years…used to love it. Kinda forgot all about it though..but the THUNDER CALLED TONIGHT…and it is still calling by the way 😀

It is a 100% winter night in Cairo, Rain, Thunder, lightning..w kolo kolo.  Gotta admit that am not a fan of the last two though…I love rains…but the sound of thunder creeps the hell out of me…accompanied with lightning ba2a it is a catastrophe…mesh 3arfa..they are not as peaceful as when it rains bas…ya3ni I feel keda eno there are 2 big personified clouds having a serious quarrel…then it gets more serious..fa they start a real fight…they then collide and all the anger and negative energy hits the earth..let alone el particles el soghayara that would come down along with the rain. Well, am scared fa am just talking nonsense :(”

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Look the world in the eye


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Baby Nerro


While cleaning up my computer I came across this photo, the same inquisitive/concerned person..mafish fayda :), wish I’ve been taught how to be more flexible though.

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Only Time!!

Listen  to Enya and take a deep breath 🙂

Saba7 el eshta “as per my american boss ;)”

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It is a beautiful morning

It is a cold rainy day in Cairo…don’t stay home and miss the rain, go out for ice-cream @ korba, or coffee… aw ay 7aga…just entasheroooooooooooooo


Chasing the golden butterflies in El Dorado

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Colorful State of Mind

– Don’t know what’s what with the coloring mania these days..I mean, I am totally in love with anything that involves “coloring”….a few weeks ago been to the Ceramic Cafe with a friend and we had a blast coloring a couple of mugs..carrying out the “chicken feet” theme ;).  Then came the easter eggs thingie. You think we are done!!! nope, lessa.  I am still on the go, and apparently will have a blast this weekend playing with my new coloring books..ehem..they are coloring books for ADULTS and kids aslan :D. I originally bought them coz I found eno it is really good to have them at home so whenever we have kids around, I can get them busy doing something interesting (convincing!!!)…kaman it is informative, fa I recommend awi.

– I joined a “fer2a masra7eya motagawela ;)”..the first session will start next Saturday, am excited about it awi…not that I always wanted to act or something…it is just I think it is a cool and liberating experience keda…

M‘s wife is over with her brain surgery, and she is doing very fine el7amdolelah…M came back to work Sunday with his head totally shaved, I asked him “why?”, fa he said eno it is sort of sharing or supporting and encouraging his wife!!…I was touched awi by his gesture.

– From Ruba3eyat Salah Jaheen: 

إيش تطلبي    يا نفس فوق كل   ده

حظك   بيضحك و    انتي     متنكده

ردت قالت لي النفس :   قول للبشر

ما يبصوليش   بعيون   حزينة  كده

عجبي !!

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For the Record

I want to live
I want to give
I’ve been a miner
For a heart of gold
It’s these expressions
I never give
That keep me searching
For a heart of gold
And I’m getting old
                                     (Heart of Gold, Tori Amos)

This morning witnessed the official/complete deletion of G from my life, a.k.a deleting all his emails, messages, and contact info, block him from sending emails.  I wanted this to end peacefully, however, it wasn’t my choice.   I like to live an organized and tidy kind of life, and it was quite a mess with all what happened…Therefore this extreme  action was essential, it required a huge amount of white out though. Am guiltlessly turning the page.



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Saba7 el ward wel alwan :D



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Ich liebe dich mein schatz

– This is exactly why I’ll never fall in love with a German guy…this language is romantically challenged me thinks!! for God’s sake how on earth should  a word with the letter “Z” at the end convey a loving meaning!! zzzzzzzzz..”sleepy”…zzzzzzzzzzz “dentist”…zzzzzzzzzzz “!!!!!!!!”

– I am the kind of person who can’t keep her mouth shut, especially when I get angry??  and usually that doesn’t get me anywhere…or it might get me directly to a real hell on earth…I need to stop that..however, this sounds like rocket science. 

I was never a neutral person…and don’t think I’ll ever be….I tend to be an extermist if I may say.  I say what I feel like, I tell people I love them or I miss them, I also don’t hesitate to show uneasiness.   I might make a fool out of myself, bas getting whatever out of my chest..makes me feel comfortable and at ease.. I thought this is healthy bas it turned out to be stupidity!! 

– Was watching “A walk to remember” last night..and was wondering if that guy really exists..someone who is willing to make me happy and make my wishes come true “not for the reason eno I might die soon”..but just because he wants me to be happy!!! “sighhhhhhh”

A dear colleague was sitting beside me while writing this point..and he made a subtle note eno Noony should start watching MBC action!! 


This is my sham el nessim tag for you: Nesrina, Engy, Juka, Hesham, Hossam, Nousha, Sou, Fadfadation, Nag, Mystery, Misho, Dido, Eman, Mo, and everybody who reads this blog.  Color an Egg and post it in your blog..I know so many of you quit the coloring eggs  tradition men zaman..bas let’s do it this year…for the fun of it…have a colorful day/weekend/and vacation.

“Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful.

Alles Liebe :p


I deleted my celebrity crush post as I recieved many emails from Mr. Barghouthy’s fans asking if I know him personally or if am dating him…some people were actually angry 🙂 anywayz, I don’t know him personally walahi, I just get to see him in his performances bas mesh aktar :D…chill!!

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