And I finally made it 😀

It has been in my mind for a while, yet since am pretty much technically challenged fa I kept on postpoing the “Go Live” phase.

Guys and Gals,

I would like to invite you to the Pink Planet Podcast, Triple P is a podcast that offers nothing but good news everyday…well, mesh awi ya3ni, but I will be digressing most of the time about stuff ya3ni.   I have a lot of skills to work on tab3an, bas I really think it is so much fun 😀


reporting live men 3al kanaba,

The Pink Planet

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Weekend digressing

Been a while and I have so many things to digress, as I am simply in the mood for doing so.

The past few weeks were full of victorious as well as awkward moments, yet lovely and heartfelt instances filled in the gaps.  Torturous mood swings prevailed and the “aroma of a temper lost” made the headlines in my diaries.

On the age bit

I missed the annual ritual of posting a happy birthday to me blog post. Since it is better late than never, fa here we go. I turned 31 on May 28th (yaaaaaaaaay)…. I feel as juvenile as ever el7amdolelah, lighthearted and opening up to life even more than when I started my 20s.  That said today (yuppppppppppppppiee…apparently masr gabet gon delwa2ti ) I am not watching the game asl, I just decided to succumb to my extreme tendency to digress and resorted to the tiny laptop.  It is a challenge to type a long post from it by the way, bas this is another story 😀

El mohmem back to our main point el heya “age”.   Today I was sitting with a guy from the IT department working on something keda -I knew he is a 2007 grad- we were chit-chatting about education w keda.  Fa I started telling him about the heart breaking epic of el dof3a el mozdawaga and how we were the last dof3a before the new thanaweya 3amma system.

The guy then said yeah ento men ayam el ta7seen!! (as if ta7seen was the ancient-est system ever), tab3an here yours truly felt like an ancient monument.  I tried to let him know that we actually men abl el ta7seen and the ta7seen thing was the New System.

Quote and note:

“Nobody ever married a book”

Can you see where this is going!!  Tab3an we all know that this is metaphorically speaking ya3ni, the context is eno women with intellects are not men’s first choice for marriage, or ya3ni the majority of men in order not to generalize.  And I will never come around and cave in to the thought.

On Dreams deferred:

I have a dream, a fantasy, to help me through reality

And my destination makes it worth the while

Pushing through the darkness still another mile

Yesterday I was “that” close from getting in touch with a dream of a lifetime.   Yet after a short disturbing encounter at the Egyptian Radio and Television building, I realized that I have always thought of a certain channel to process my dream through, I have waited years and years to have this opportunity, and the minute I had it I came to find that I was pretty delusional.   If I am to cling to my dream then I will have to find out my own conduit.

Currently Reading:

Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie.  It is my first for him, I always wanted to read his Satanic Verses but for a reason the idea was pretty freaky, don’t know what the book is about aslan, but the title gives me Goosebumps keda.

Aslan I came across Midnight’s Children while writing an article about the Booker Prize for Read Newspaper.  I got to know that Rushdie’s novel is probably the most celebrated literary work in the history of the booker prize.   It has won the prize initially in 1981, then was selected as the booker of the bookers in 1993.   Later in 40th anniversary of the booker Prize (2008) Rushdie was named winner of the Best of the Booker award for his Novel Midnight’s Children.

I am around the first 200 pages but totally hooked, it is A_M_A_Z_I_N_G.  will probably post a review after finishing it 😀

Apparently the game is over and Egypt  has won 😀

This post should have had at least one liner on each of the below topics:

Flu outbreak


Elections (Lebanon & Iran)

Yet I am too lazy to write anything about any of them. All I can say is, I genuinely wish that one day we can voice our choices and have a say in determining the future (I know am hallucinating), but again there is nothing wrong about hoping.

Meanwhile, take care and don’t freak out begad.

Have a lovely weekend,

Nerro, Rateeba, and Ensaf

(tab3an you can easily figure out that the 3 of us were writing that post 😉

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