It is a day off :D

It is Sunday morning and I am home, sipping my coffee “Najjar brand 3ashan we are going local, remember!!”  Someone would say ya Narnoura Najjar is originally Lebanese not Egyptian!! and my answer would be  a) w malhom el Lebanese ba2a, a7san nas (tal3eeb 7awageb ;).  b) yes it is,  however on the pack they stated that it is made in Egypt under the technical supervision of Najjar Association (Lebanon).  Kaman we are supporting Arab as well as Egyptian purchases, cool ya3ni.

Back to my day off 😀 (which is definitely a happy thought);  it is tough times at work, and I’ve been super stressed  the past few weeks.  Apparently the upcoming weeks until probably the end of March won’t be any better (sweeeeeet!!). That’s why I decided to enjoy a long weekend and totally unplug.   I needed it the most; the thing is I have no problem what_so_ever with work overload, usually what stresses me out are the people.  I cannot go on and on about this issue in particular cause it is sorta unethical yet I believe I will be able to carry on isa after this break.  I know it is normal and I should be grateful that I still have a job, given the current situation.

Off with the topic.  I will probably spend the day reading.  Currently on the last Quarter of Ibrahim 3abdel Meguid’s “3atabat el bahga” which I read solely for the title’s sake :D.   Aslan I lost faith in this writer long ago, and last summer after reading his tyoor el 3anbar..I was like, that’s it buddy.  Let’s call it quits.  you are SO not allowed into my bookcase, and I MEAN it.  Yet, after hearing from so many people that this one is good as well as the alluring title ta3an, I was like, what the heck, give him ore more chance..don’t we all need a second chance??

I was planning to go pamper bondo2a “my car”, yet I am so lazy to go out and monitor people around giving bondo2ty a bride’s shower, I am even too lazy to talk today.  The mood might change by the end of the day though…you never know.

Will go for Tuesdays with Morrie after my current read just to get with reading it, not that am excited about the read.  People were recommending Mitch Albom’s books like crazy, and I was like apparently he is not to be missed.  I started with his Five People you Meet in Heaven and was turned off big time; the book is not really bad on the contrary it is good.   An easy and quick read that’s neither hasty nor intense. I just have a big issue with any book that gives you this feeling of  “the moral of the story is….”.   it is explicitly highlighted, which is something that I didn’t admire awi ya3ni.

Note to you: Any book recommendations for me? been a while since I read something the swept me off my feet!!

I’ve also started a Thursday movie ritual :D.  Seriously; almost every Thursday I would go hit the movie theaters to watch a movie.  I am not much of a movie person and I figured out that I might have missed some good ones cause I simply can’t get myself to sit on a chair for 2+ hours staring at the same screen.  And since I now can declare myself a frequent movie goer 😉 I may recommend Both Mikano and the Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  Both movies are not to be missed.  Mikano is quite different for the Egyptian Market, yet falls under the same umbrella of Asef Lel Ez3ag if I may say.  As for Benjamin Buttion you gotta watch it yourself cause it is brilliant.   Just to be honest it is a little long, slow paced, and would leave you with a faint miasma of dejection though.

I will go enjoy my day off, and you have a wonderful one at work ;p

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of Specialized Comedy Channels

Moga is a specialized comedy channel that managed to attract lots of audience and positioned itself appropriately among other satellite channels.  It is really a very good move to finally  have a dedicated channel to air nothing but comic shows all the time and transfer some cheerful vibes, we need it the most, no??   That being said I have to say that most of the material aired is extremely disappointing, and goes beyond disgraceful sometimes.

For instance, tonight I decided to stay home and play a couch potato; flipping through the channels I came across “Nashret Akhbar el Khamesa Wal 3eshreen”. I have watched the show many times before, found it funny yet had my own concerns about the shallowness and the language used, seriously what’s so funny about “at3as allaho masa2akom!”.  Anyway, tonight ba2a the show came to its own downfall (at least to me), it was totally intolerable; leih? Coz simply one of the segments contained an explicit sexual connotation that shouldn’t be out for the world on a Friday a.k.a family day in a comic popular show that people from all age ranges watch, like , and wait for on daily basis. Do these people even think there are kids watching!! I was like…what are u thinking!!

I am not attacking this show in particular it is only an example.  As I mentioned earlier am heartily against the material presented to the large fan base of the comedy channel. I think they need to reconsider their shallow material –the ugly promos as a starter-, as some of them are not even funny, they are utterly ludicrously absurd. They just need to understand that there are so many agreeable ways to invoke a hearty laugh.

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They dare to make a difference – Change the Channel



The only hope for this country is its own people; today I am highlighting 2 bloggers/journalists (it is just a coincidence by the way) who have made a real difference and touched  many of us on different levels.   I won’t really talk long about them coz actually their efforts can loudly stand out against any written or said words.  Those are a sample of the many people who decided not to submit to the negative vibes and extend a positive example to those who care enough.


Nora Younis; haven’t met her personally yet would love to do one day.  But it is no secret that she is one of the most enthusiastic bloggers, one who touches the reader with her humanitarian sense.  Wherever there is a crisis, one expects she would one of the very first people on set, and we go anxiously to her blog, or follow her tweets for updates.  During the latest Gaza Massacre Nora was right on the borders reporting the real picture. 


Noha Atef a.ka. ta3zeeb, the founder of Torture in Egypt.  Honestly, when I first came across Torture in Egypt I was pretty sure the owner is a guy, (pretty stereotypical I  know) given the nature of the blog that requires a pretty audacious personality.  Noha took blogging to another extreme; exposed the brutality  and aggression of officials and authorities exercised against citizens.  She encouraged people to talk about long hidden violations and practices.  In person Noha is a wonderful and sweet  person whom I’ve had the chance to meet in August .


As I said there are many bright inspiring examples, I just chose 2 and you can always take it from there, and highlight a blogger who have really made a difference and inspired you someway or another J




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from My Violet Diary Book

31st Jan, 2009. 11:00 pm

In our family parents like to see their daughters happy in a house not in a den.

The idea of “el afas el dahaby” was never  really sensible a venture.  You would hear my mom go like “why cage?? A home is a place where you feel at ease, where you feel peaceful and comfortable not suffocated”.

A couple of years ago my dad told me “the only reason you would leave this house for another one is because you want to not because you have to”.

Bottom line, they both encourage the idea of marrying for the right reasons rather than acquiring a social status.


That being said we all know there is no such thing like the “right” reason or the “right” one.  We just acquire the one we can LIVE with and relate to; seriously.. the idea of waking up next to a total stranger is quite freaky, let alone live forever with that stranger; one has to  explore, discover, adapt, and compromise.   The women I know are mostly strong and independent for such an agreement not out of sheer arrogance but simply because they have spent a good deal of their lives using their  brains, absorbing shocks, figuring what real life is,  and challenge life back when required.


It takes them a lot of time to reconcile; they demand a motive and it gotta be a strong one for God’s sake, a woman like the one am talking about is not gonna marry neither for a social label nor to acquire a male figure to substitute “Del El 7eita”.  She needs to feel loved, appreciated and respected, she needs someone to understand she is no longer at her early twenties, that she might possess a child heart yet she is mature enough to figure how to co-lead a boat and she won’t accept being part of the backdrop.


Believe me, a single woman over thirty is constantly praying for  someone “who feels like home” to her, she merrily goes out window shopping with her friends  and the time she glances a tiny pink baby shoe her heart clinches, she cries tearlessly.  She craves a white dress, an intimate waltz, and a warm hand to wrap hers.  Yet deep inside she knows it is something that might or might not happen to her, nothing is guaranteed.  She knows that God have granted her many blessing and she counts them contentedly, she knows she might not get  this one for a reason, but she has been given hundreds in return.

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