My bulletin board

Here is my new bulletin board….up and running…
Someone asked me this morning…why Maadi Map ya3ni???? definitely 3ashan I can easily get lost fel Maadi 😉

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Bosta ya Basha ;)))))

Diaa is sharing the office these days with me and Rasha as he is working in a confidential project keda… “al ya3ni we are the office of confidentiality”, fa when he receive a message his phone goes like “Bosta….bosta ya basha :))))” it is hillarious, fa every time it starts, me and Rasha go the same like the tone….#1 entered mara and we were in the middle of our performance and he was literally shocked, bas laughed awi….?? mesh fahma leih :))

Boss is in vacation these days, and I really gotta get some work done, plus eny etfazlekt and said eno we gotta have a joint project keda…fa since I am the one who proposed then I gotta finish it…..Dumb, should have planned for his absence period better…

Started pilates classes at the Gym, it is pretty cool, and yep …aches big time, coz you are like stretching every single muscle in your body….pretty interesting and relaxing, in my first time tab3an I didn’t manage to do all the exercises, actually nobody except the trainer did ;)))

Me and my sister are in my big fat greek wedding mood, I am doing the windex thing…and she is doing the “it is a cake with a hole” one…….this movie is kartha…really good when u are down a bit aw 7ata big time.

Still no cotton-candy for nermeena :((( asl I stopped infront of a guy keda…but his candy didn’t seem like cool enough, fa I left ba2a w khalas….I think carrfour has a small colorful thing keda for pop corn and cotton candy??? may be…gotta check. Didn’t eat pop-corn for like a month or so….leih 3ashan diet, and when I start it is really really hard to stop me, fa there ain’t any at home…..

I still believe eno there is an infant in the fridge who finishes the milk bottles, but my hunch is he is getting older now as he started using sugar too…..grrr..

“bosta…bosta ya basha……”

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– One of the key managers is out of country for a while, so another guy is replacing him…fa my boss came and asked about the new guy’s name fa I said his name ir “R” fa he replied I can’t find in our address book except one “R” fa I went like…how come??? I confidently said check the “A”s and u will find the name…hillariously laughing he went like his name is “R” and u are telling me check the “A”s…fa I laughed kaman….the thing is the guy’s name is “Abdel R”….and we call him “R”.

– Cafe Greco is cool….a nice beef and mozarella sandwich + a huge frappucino “with almonds”…ohhhhh….yummmmi. It also opens at 7:00 am, ya3ni there is a room for an early hang out :))

– Everybody steps in our office these days, compliments my new CD’s Tower….unfortunately it is not a pink one :((

– We are off on Sunday……yaaaay, it is a long weekend….we are taking Sunday instead of Saturday 23 July w keda….

– Jewel is cool…now listening to her song Stand..

– Another dress code violation today….Thursday ba2a…come on ya3ni 😉

– Someone here is in trouble….he is finished with my yummie’s drawer…D…u are so dead :((((

– We had an arugument about how did ancient Egyptians built the Pyramids, I personaly adobted the claim that they found the secrets of levitation, the same technique used by Edward Leedskalnin the builder of the Coral Castle in Florida, it is the only logic that such ancinet people with only primitive tools, raised and set in place blocks of stone weighing many tons!”

– We have people from corporate here today…so I better go now, otherwise I will be in TROUBLE…

– Shaimaa’s baby is not out to real world yet…….been a long time though….

– Now Vanessa Williams and Brian McKnight…Love Is…

Enjoy a bright and shiny weekend xxx

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She is only Happy when she is dancin’

Monday mornin’ – it’s time to get up

Two cups of coffee and she runs for the bus

Looks in the window and fixes her hair

Nobody notices and nobody cares

She admits it ain’t no kinda life

Workin’ 9 to 5 you know…

She’s only happy when she’s dancin’

There ain’t no place she’d rather be

When she’s dancin’

Just her heart and her soul and her fantasies

When Friday evenin’ finally rolls around

She grabs a taxi and she heads uptown

Goes to a place they call “The Ball And Chain”

Nothin’ matters until Monday so she goes insane…..

God, what a mood turner…Bryan Adams rocks….isn’t he?? it is like you find urself smiling, singing along, and begad in a different mood in no time.

Didn’t sleep well, although went to bed early, but it is like 3 consecutive hours then on and off till morning….grrrrr annoying.

I have this tape for Bryan Adams in the car, it has few of my favourite songs; to really love a woman, she is only happy when she is dancing, and everything I do, so I decided to go for it inorder to make the day ya3ni….can’t afford being in a so and so mood today…

I am not in a mood for serious readings, so I tend to go back to Bridget Jones’s Diary, both books are cool to read when you are in such a befuddled mood 🙂

“We women are only vulnerable because we are a pioneer generation daring to refuse to compromise in love and relying on our own economic power. In twenty years’ time men won’t even dare start with ****wittage because we will just laugh in their faces” ;-)))))))))))

Beautiful morning 🙂

P.S. I am dying for a straw covered with a huge piece of cotton candy :((

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In the green morning

I wanted to be a heart.

A heart.

And in the ripe evening

I wanted to be a nightingale.

A nightingale.
(Soul,turn orange-colored. Soul,turn the color of love.)
In the vivid morning

I wanted to be myself.

A heart.
And at the evening’s end

I wanted to be my voice.

A nightingale.
Soul, turn orange-colored.

Soul, turn the color of love. “Lorca”

I am so sleepy this morning, although I am sitting on my desk for more than 30 minutes now, but I can’t get myself to concentrate khales, plus I am ignoring my to do list BIG TIME, I can’t go on like this, I really need to get myself in the “u gotta get the work done” mood..Yuuuuuuuuuk. Am seriously thinking of a massage session after work, sounds pretty cool…ha. Well, here is a deal, I finish 2 assignments in my to do list, then I get my treat??? well, two!!! how come ya3ni, today we have this Goodbye party thing, which means will spend quite some time out of the office, come on be reasonable…ok, then one and “no discussion”…:)) will see :)))))))

I really hate when I write down numbers on my desk calendar and I turn out clueless about why, or when I’ve written them…and yeah nameless, which doesn’t make it any better. My eyes hurts awi, need to get the new contacts ba2a…maho either go blind or live with the gray ones, which is cool for sometime, but can’t do it on daily basis ya3ni, although it is hell funny, when I see this stupid confused look…el howa eih da?? we never noticed ur eyes…Gosh, it only requires some brains 🙂

The girls don’t like the car pool thing, and want to get back to Ehab’s car of wonders, I don’t feel like doing this, I feel more comfortable driving my own, or just be with them. I think will let them know eno am out ba2a. Walahi it was fun, aslan ya3ni we stop for coffee and sometimes breakfast, and yes we are usually late since we ever started our pool, bas what the heck??? we are seizing the moment 😉

Shaimaa called me last night, saying eno she is about to deliver her baby, fa get prepared ba2a ya Nerro, 3ashan when mom calls u know you gotta get the rest and come see the baby, I like our tradition with new babies and moms w kol 7aga, it is just I can’t see the point behind being there 4-8 hrs before labor…yeah, I mean she has to be there…why would we do this?? honestly, it is cool, but very exhausting, tense, and I don’t like to see babies 3ala tool ya3ni “they are freaky and a bit….” fa I told her, I will come see you next day sweety 3ashan u know me ba2a w keda, fa she went like…I will pretend u didn’t say anything “ya3ni heya gat 3alaya ana…maho u r doing it all the tiem” yeah…I used to, bas I had enough…u girls crashed my desire for being a mom…she laughed hillariously….wonder why??

I am dressed way against our dress code, as I know I don’t have meetings today…wish I can do that everyday…yeah VIOLATE the rules :))) it is an obsession.

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I am cool…am good…am fine

Knowing I have an important meeting that would last for a long time….I showed up late, although I drove Lamia to work and told her I will park and follow her, but I really didn’t feel like parking, so instead of turning right, I turned left and went for a nice breakfast at the Green Mill, nothing impressive about the place but it is quite comfy…

Last week wasn’t that cool, although I had the happy content face on most of the time, wasn’t trying to fake it, it is just I didn’t want to be in a bad mood…happens!! The weekend was so interesting….had lots of fun at the wedding, the bride took her sandals off after el “their first dance” 3ashan she was about to cry, and YES it is all in the tape…I hillariously went like “it is a lifetime blackmailing blast” :))), I am still in the “let’s go party” mood though.

Decided to have a new haircut yesterday, and it came out LOUSY, gotta go with it for a while though….Check out Mango’s store at City Stars Heliopolis, but quick, stuff are gone already, but they are cool.

More to come, but I gotta go for the everlasting meeting…

“Describe your perfect date. That’s a tough one. I’d have to say April 25th…because it’s not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket” lol, BRILLIANT :)))

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Finally, here is our rooftop 🙂  Posted by Picasa

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Random Thoughts

After being on earth for so long, the journey started …am now somehow away from the over inhabited land…far and faraway….joy…fear…confusion…ecstasy……..instability…. need…and repulsion…. INCOMPREHENSIBLE!!! In an attempt to calm down my heartbeats he laid his hands on my heart and whispered; don’t panic… you just reached the zero point gravity….wished I left out all the restraints on earth and enjoyed the looseness.

Nonentity Zone: Gray…dull….boring…cold…and meaningless. Dim and may be not the joyful spirit it used to be… no guarantees….no faith; the fading scars aches as a reminder; that there is nothing called the Cinderella song, do not trust being someone’s baby girl; and shall not be a sweetheart too.

With intimate appeal, he temptingly talks, weaving his words with unrevealed magic…his kiss passionately strokes. Drifted through my spirit, like a phantom haunting my walls… Mind enthralled, terrain disturbed; how does it feel when romance is developed with a ghost?!!

Adam did ate the apple and was cast out to grieve… Eve was the reason behind it, and they both lost their beautiful garden!!

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Locked in

Locked inside a rocky shell…used to be called BODY….aware or not….here is the quiz??? Cannot express but experience…devastating is to experience without the ability to communicate.

I live….I think…I hear. Am I trapped in or voluntarily alienating myself to the surroundings? Do not ask for more…. blinks…smiles…and hand grips are all I have to offer.

Quit trying, want to scream, “Let Go” I am tired of your painful attempts. Lost or not??? Lost somehow….should I give up, or cling to their hopes?!

Concerned parents…mixed feelings…bitterness wrapped up with hope and faith….tearful, fearful eyes…inquiring is it her fate?

* On a 23 yrs old brain damaged girl, who once used to be a medicine student.

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