Verbal Diarrhea

– Oh Lord, am seriously on the verge of killing someone.  K is still walking around talking nonsense to total strangers, well, they are not total strangers, they are people from work a.k.a colleagues, but colleagues are strangers, no!!  You don’t talk personal to colleagues (do you??), orrrrrrrr, you just talk about yourself, and you totally forget your ex-fiance coz a) your drama sucks and am not really proud of being part of it, b) it is none of anybody’s business.   

(Unfortunately I can’t yell -all the aforementioned- at him cause that’s exactly what he wants), he is pushing me to talk or do anything, and what am currently doing is the total opposite.  I am super silent, I just come to work quiet and I sometimes slip in unnoticed (boss is off w keda fa this is the perfect plan for me)and he wants more drama, he wants me to make a scene and am not gonna.  

Not only that but yesterday was a classic I came to figure that he is turning my friends against me, and I was like, what are you, 8!!! I wish this phase gets over with ba2a, this is super childish, I can’t really tolerate this anymore.  I don’t know what was I thinking when I said yes, no, I know, there was something about him extremely seductive but capricious. 

– I always thought that am a very simple, easy to get along with kinda person that people can read me like an open book, but lately, I came to understand eno some people don’t really think that am that easy to comprehend.  It is like sometimes we are talking, discussing something, or even when I pause silently keda in the middle of a conversation and people are like waiting for  a thought bubble over my head to understand what the hell am thinking. 

– On a separate note on someone I really miss: Some people have this talent of saying and doing the most incredible ^%&%%, and you know it is absolute crap, yet they get away with it. (Siggggggh)

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I am B_O_R_E_D to death :S

Boss is off and I don’t have a lot of work to do, mmm!!  Let me rephrase that very previous sentence, I currently do not have urgent assignments, and it is my last day before the looooong weekend fa am in no mood to do “un” critical assignments, makes sense tab3an!

My friends are off already, a lot of people are off from work these days, typical July/August ritual ya3ni.  The guys I usually hang out with are K’s friends fa we are not doing the usual fun stuff 3ashan K mayez3alsh.  K is mezamza2 and kinda giving everybody the impression eno I am originally a monster who has been sent to planet earth to devastate and demolish the male mankind. Wich is something I am totally ok wih, expected ya3ni.

I totally understand eno it gotta be a bit awkward around here although we both agreed eno after all we are colleagues and friends, bas bardo fi sense of uneasiness keda, I know it is gonna take its time and pass.

Now what??  The day is still young and I gotta find something interesting to do

On a totally irrelevant note, check this CNN blog post on Adora Svitak.  Quite impressive for a 9 years old kiddo, ha!  But isn’t it a lot of pressure on her, I wonder!

Update @ 2:57

Guess what?? I discovered that Ethos Cafe is only a 3 minutes walk from work :D, how cool is that? awesome 😀 I liked the place, the atmosphere, LOVED their french fries and the chocalate pinches in my frappucino.  While eating and drinking I managed to get a copy of the art review latest issue.  Pretty interesting theme, I was pretty enthused by Will’s “A Gateway to Sanity” and Meto’s article on Virginia woolf.

Yalla, less than two hours to start my vacation 😀

Nerro signs off humming “if you are happy and you know it clap your hand” (clap, clap, clap)

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Back to single status


Well, we sometimes make mistakes, or take wrong decisions.  Happens, no?  Part of me feels so sad but honestly, I do not want to victimize myself; coz the truth of matter is I am lucky.  God was all around me, I asked for guidance and support and he was leading and helping me finding the missing puzzle pieces to form the scrambled picture.  On a final comment on this issue, I am a single girl who has found joy in acceptance of her status. 



I love, love, loved Sa7ar El Mougi’s “Noon”, the style is super interesting and unique, it is a lovely and thought provoking read.  I personally related to it BIG TIME.  The theme, narration, characters, and the chosen verses at the beginning of every chapter are extraordinarily beautiful.  The use of Pharaonic Goddesses “symbols” is a real hit, I for one never been interested in Pharaonic history but the symbols in the novel tempted me to go read and discover more about them.  

Another recommended read is Safinaz Kazem’s new release “San3et Latafa”, more about the book when I finish it, bas it is the first thing I read for the writer, and I am stimulated to pursue more of her writings.



Am back on track, more places to discover and tour around soon isa.  Last weekend Nousha and I went to the The Museum of Glass, Art, Sculpture, and Egyptian Paste, this is the museum she posted about in her blog.  Let me tell you, we had a blast, the place is heavenly keda, we liked the exhibited stuff, the jewelry, statues, glass work, everything, bas mathalan I did like the poor display of some of the pieces, el background is dusty w keda, khosara ya3ni. What I enjoyed most was Nousha’s company begad, thanks for the day ya gamila…I had so much fun.


On a separate note:

What happened to the service and cleanliness @ the Euro Deli? Mind you, I still love their french fries, bas recently am not tempted to go eat at the place khales :S no cool…me thinks!


Nerro sings off humming “el donya reesha f hawa…tara ra ra ra”

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I took all the time I needed, and practically took off from all the sources of distortion and negative energy to take my decision (God’s will preceded tab3an). 

I got engaged to K  yuuuuuuuuuuupppppppppie 😀

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