2009 is over with..next!!

2009 has passed with all its ups and downs, been a heck of a year..cannot say it was a bad one at all el7amdolelah on many levels, yet I have to admit that I have royally been flushed..and to be more honest I played a significant role in getting myself down there (hence the disappointment).

Highlights of the year;

1- Accepting a new challenge at work; was able to position myself among the top players in a short time…and am determined to stay as is until I call it quits isa.

2- Europe Trip:  another out of comfort zone challenge; budget travel, sharing small spaces with others and trying to adapt while letting go of “my space/distance obsession”…resulted on a strengthened friendship, a memorable, heart warming trip..and numerous lessons to last for a life time.

3- READ Newspaper: I started off writing reviews, and currently managing the Book Fair page…Dido thinks that I am helping out in this in a friendly way.  Yet for me this is an opportunity; am learning a lot, acquiring new personal and professional skills, getting to know a lot about myself and others, and I tend to consider part of my community service participation as well.

 4- I managed to FORGIVE (I really did).

In 2010, I wish I can be more productive, write more (specially in Arabic). Learn a new thing (am still trying to find a fer2a masra7eya motagawela), exercise regularly, go the white desert and Siwa, regain my energy level, recapture those priceless moments of connection with God…and be a better person. w ya rab emotional fulfillment men 3andak.



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haze, maze, and daze

And am not broken hearted, I feel betrayed, underestimated and undermined.

Am fine emotionally, but I really don’t know if I will be able to trust again. This appeared to be as good as it gets..so should I look for less? Would worse replace better, and end up the best??

is pretty clueleth!!

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