A Vision or !!

Came home late, over exhausted myself at work. Had a hot steamy shower, made a cup of hot chocolate, and jumped into bed. Closed my eyes for seconds and made a wish….few minutes later you were here, your embrace came just perfect in time, wish to remain in your arms. Took me from the hand and lead to that beautiful place, Here is my paradise, you said…It is paradise, the whole scene is miraculous….you are phenomenal and the place is spectacular but somehow terrifying…

A long walk in the shore, tropical breeze, whispers in the starry night. Before we leave let us build our castle, a castle made for love… you murmured. We built a huge one on the sand with our initials engraved on. Should be happy, but deep inside I know sand castles are meant to demolish. Did not want to spoil the moment though, I placed the smile you always flattered. You saw straight through me, didn’t you.. my insecurity was obvious but you did not try to calm it down.

What’s bleeping around here, what’s going on ….where are you?? where am I?? Oh It is morning already, and the cold chocolate cup is still there…Threw the covers on my bed and started a brand new day, with a promise of a new dream.

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My boss and I

Been all over the place since morning, it is a big day in here.

My boss said make sure you don’t go out for lunch and don’t hang around much from 12-1, why?? don’t ask inquisitive gemini, give a space for a surprise :))) well, John, why don’t you tell me and I will pretend it is a surprise, HOW IS THAT. Well, will keep you curious for a while 😛 he replied :))

When he started the day with how is my favourite person today?? I knew it, and told him, great john, what’s next??? but I am done with the stuff and he is happy now. He is a real nice person, throughout time my bosses have been good to me, I guess my attitude at works makes them feel comfortable in dealing with me, plus I am a real hard worker, and ambitious. Sometimes I felt like I am abused, but later found out it has always been accredited especially from the big guys.

I miss the cotton candy thing, used to love it when I was a kid, although highly opposed from the parents, as it the not clean enough and street stuff.

back to work :((

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From “Little women” the movie

This is what Jo said when Aunt March decided to take Amy with her to Europe:

“I’m ugly and awkward and I always say the wrong things. I fly around throwing away perfectly good marriage proposals. I love our home, but I’m just so fitful and I can’t stand being here! I’m sorry, I’m sorry Marmee. There’s just something really wrong with me. I want to change, but I – I can’t. And I just know I’ll never fit in anywhere”

In reply to her daughter Marmee “her mother” Said:
“Oh, Jo. Jo, you have so many extraordinary gifts; how can you expect to lead an ordinary life? You’re ready to go out and – find a good use for your talent. Tho’ I don’t know what I shall do without my Jo. Go, and embrace your liberty. And see what wonderful things come of it”

I admire Marmee’s influence on Jo, as I do love my mum’s influence on me.


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Winter is over with syndrome

It was hard to get out of bed this morning, considered a late trip to work but changed my mind. Ehab is driving us to work these days, it is a super treat, he knows we hate driving to and from Maadi, I personally don’t hate the drive, but if I don’t have to do would be awesome….

The book discussion was ok….well, not as expected!!! Sonia called this morning around 7:30 and said try to make it early to work, we are having breakfast at the rooftop………I drove Ehab crazy in our way here :))) quick, quick ya Ehab mesh fadyeen. The breakfast gathering was marvelous, nice weather, lots and lots of fun, of course I had my regular competition with Ahmed, who will reach the rooftop first without using the elevator. We made it almost the same time. It is always both of us, people don’t really enjoy going up 10 stories on foot, wonder why!!!

It was so pleasent, for quite a long time the rooftop was a meeting point for a lot of people including us, we used to have a lunch discussions up there, the topic is usually sent by one of us to the rest of the gang, so we don’t spare a lot of time trying to figure out what we are gonna talk about during lunch, our bosses used to join, they like it BIG TIME, the good thing about bosses joing the party, is that we never had to be on our desks on time 🙂

Want the truth, don’t feel like working today. Will start an outdoors lunch petition :))

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From John Steinbeck to Pascal Covici

Was checking Steinbeck’s East of Eden yesterday, before giving it to a friend. Stopped by a note at the front page of the book from John Steinbeck to Pascal Covici who was his editor at The Viking Press, as he prepared the manuscript for “East of Eden”.
Steinbeck dedicated the book to “Pat” as he used to call his beloved friend. When the manuscript was finished he placed it in a wooden box that he had carved and presented it to Pat. Here is what he wrote at the front page of his novel:

Dear Pat,
You came upon me carving some kind of little figure out of wood and you said,
“Why don’t you make something for me?”
I asked you what you wanted and you said, “A box.”
“What For?”
“To put things in.”
“What things?”
“Whatever you have.” You said.
Well here’s your box. Nearly everything I have is in it, and it is not full. Pain and excitement are in it, and feeling good or bad and evil thoughts and good thoughts—the pleasure of design and some despair and the indescribable joy of creation.
And on top of these are all the gratitude and love I have for you.
And still the box is not full.

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Tell him?!!

Tell him or not?? heard this question so many times, at some point of time I was in the situation of wether to tell him or not…although opposed by the “where’s your pride girl” cliche’, I didn’t really gave much attention. Listen to this song “Tell him” Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion, it says it all:


I’m scared
So afraid to show I care
Will he think me weak
If I tremble when I speak

What if
There’s another one
he’s thinking of
May be he’s in love
I’d feel like a fool
Life can be so cruel
I don’t know what to do

I’ve been there
With my heart out in my hand
But what you must understand
You can’t let the chance
To love him pass you by

Tell him
Tell him that the sun and moon
Rise in his eyes Reach out to him
And whisper Tender words
so soft and sweet
Hold him close to feel his heart beat
Love will be the gift you give yourself

Touch him
With the gentleness you feel inside
Your love can’t be denied
The truth will set you free
You’ll have what meant to be
All in time you’ll see

I love him (Then show him)
Of that much I can be sure (Hold him close to you)
I don’t think I could endure
If I let him walk away
When I have so much to say

Tell him
Tell him that the sun and moon
Rise in his eyes
Reach out to him
And whisper Tender words
so soft and sweet
Hold him close to feel his heart beat
Love will be the gift you give yourself

Love is light that surely glows
In the hearts of those who know
It’s a steady flame that grows
Feed the fire with all the
passion you can show
Tonight love will assume its place
This memory time cannot erase
Your faith will lead love
where it has to go

Tell him
Tell him that the sun and moon
Rise in his eyes
Reach out to him
And whisper Whisper words
so soft and sweet
Hold him close to feel his heart beat
Love will be the gift you give yourself

My favourite part is “But what you must understand,you can’t let the chance to love him pass you by” absolutely right, should be proud of our feelings, not to bury them inside just to keep the dignity and pride. If we are not proud of our feelings, then what else should be proud of ??! Here comes a question, what if there is someone else? or for whatever reason our feelings were not welcomed?? come on, no big deal. There will always be “NEXT” 😉

Love Sandra Bullock’s description of her first date in Miss Congeniality:
“Describe your perfect date. That’s a tough one. I’d have to say April 25th…because it’s not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket” …LOL

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The Other Sister

Was trying to get myself to sleep last night, although extremely exhausted but didn’t manage to…thought about finding any interesting thing on T.V. Stopped when I found a movie just getting started.
The movies is “the other sister” a wonderful story, it captured me, and felt the urgency to go make a big hot cup of tea with milk and get back to bed and start following. I am not really aware if I am getting emotional these days or what!! but I really think it is a very distinguished love story.

The movie is about the mentally retarded girl “Carla Tate” who is striving all the way thru to prove that she can be as capable as any other girl in her age. Carla graduated from the training school where she has spent many years and went to college. A little opposed by her mother Carla moved to her own apartment, the mother was quite freaked out, but finally she was convinced to let her daughter live in her own in a- 15 minutes away from her- apartment. Moving to Carla’s love story with the equally mentally challenged Daniel or Dany, to him he loved her more than his favorite marching bands, and marshmallows ” I love you every minute. I love you more than marching bands and cookie-making”. Ending with the wedding and the marching bands, Carla and Dany got married.

Carla’s insistence on being independent in spite of the lack of her mental ability was the awesome. Savage Garden’s “the animal song” was unique.

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The Zahir : A Novel of Obsession by Paulo Coelho

HEADS UP!!! from Coelho’s site:

Paulo Coelho is set for of his latest novel, The Zahir: A Novel Of Obsession,” The book’s official worldwide release is set for April 1. The main character in the book is a best-selling writer who tries to understand the sudden desertion of his wife, a war correspondent. Coelho, who dedicates the book to his wife, Christina Oiticica, said the book is his most autobiographical ever. ‘The Zahir’ talks more about myself than in any other text,” Coelho told the weekly news magazine Isto E. Coelho, the best-selling author in Brazilian history, is best known for “The Alchemist” and “Eleven Minutes.” The writer has sold 65 million books in his 15-year career.


amazon.com users: the book is not released yet but you may order now.

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Hold me in your arms tonight

I hold you, I touch you
Make you my woman
I’ll give you my love
With sweet surrender
Tonight our hearts will beat as one
And I’ll hold you, I’ll touch you
Make you my woman tonight

There’s something in your eyes I see
A pure and simple honesty

Hold me in your arms tonight
Fill my life with pleasure
Let’s not waste this precious time
This moment’s ours to treasure
Hold me in your arms tonight
and make it last forever
When the morning sun appears
We’ll find our way together

I believe you
When you say that you love me
Know that I won’t take you for granted
Tonight the magic has begun
So won’t you hold me love me
Make me a woman tonight

There’s something in your eyes I see
I won’t betray your trust in me

Hold me in your arms tonight
Fill my life with pleasure
Let’s not waste this precious time
This moment’s ours to treasure
Hold me in your arms tonight
and make it last forever
When the morning sun appears
We’ll find our way together

*sigh* well, what should I say…nothing I guess 😡

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Stay another day

Baby if you’ve got to go away

Don’t think I could take the pain

Won’t you stay another day?

Oh, don’t leave me alone like this

Don’t you say it’s the final kiss

Won’t you stay another day?

East-17’s beautiful song, love this one, has an impact on me, since the very first mintue I heard it. One of my friends played it druing the reception, enjoyed it the most. Thunder would be my second choice for the Brit boy band, am not so fond of them, but the 2 songs are really different.

Had a lovely present there, it was Lord Byron’s “she walks in beauty”  carved on a silver sheet.

I Made it to work, but can’t get my focus into one single thing. Still operating though.

Time for lunch:))

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from “while you were sleeping”

Do you believe in love at first sight? Nah, I bet you don’t, you’re probably too sensible for that. Or have you ever, like, seen somebody? And you knew that, if only that person *really* knew you, they would, well, they would of course dump the perfect model that they were with, and realize that YOU were the one that they wanted to, just, grow old with. Have you ever fallen in love with someone you haven’t even talked to? Have you ever been so alone you spend the night confusing a man in a coma?

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Phenomenal Woman

Here is a part from Maya Angelou’s “phenomenal woman”. Love this lady’s self esteem, she is really phenomenal. Respect when women know their real value, and make use of their existence.

Pretty women wonder

where my secret lies.

I’m not cute or built

to suit a fashion model’s size

But when I start to tell them,

They think I’m telling lies.

I say,It’s in the reach of my arms

The span of my hips,

The stride of my step,

The curl of my lips.

I’m a woman Phenomenally.

Phenomenal woman,That’s me.

I walk into a room Just as cool as you please,

And to a man,The fellows stand

or Fall down on their knees.

Then they swarm around me,

A hive of honey bees.

I say,It’s the fire in my eyes,

And the flash of my teeth,

The swing in my waist,

And the joy in my feet.

I’m a womanPhenomenally.

Phenomenal woman,That’s me.

Men themselves have wondered

What they see in me.

They try so much But they can’t touch

My inner mystery.

When I try to show them

They say they still can’t see.

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” A Conceit” by Maya Angelou

Give me your hand
Make room for me
to lead and follow you
beyond this rage of poetry.
Let others havethe privacy
of touching words and love of loss of love.
For me, Give me your hand.

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Meet Joe Black

Here is a quote from “Meet joe black” the movie, it is a one to live with:

“I know it’s a cornball thing, but love is passion,obsession, someone you can’t live without. If you don’t start with that, what are you going to end up with? I say fall head over heels. Find someone you love like crazy and who’ll love you the same way back. And how do you find him? Forget your head and listen to your heart… Run the risk, if you get hurt, you’ll come back. Because the truth is, there is no sense living your life without this. To make the journey and not fall deeply in love –well, you haven’t lived a life at all. You have to try. Because if you haven’t tried, you haven’t lived… Stay open. Who knows? Lightning could strike”


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Om Dorman “written by Grandpa”

Here is a little note about the author and more on grandpa. Although he lived in Egypt, had the citizenship, and served in the Egyptian Army most of his life, but the passion for his mother country never faded. Here is part of his “Om Dorman” poem:

انا ام درمان تأمل في نجوعي
انا السودان تمثل في ربوعي
انا ابن الشمال سكنته قلبي
علي ابن الجنوب ضميت ضلوعي

انا ام درمان في جيد الوادي دره
اصيله من معدن و كريمه و حره
انا ام درمان اذا العادي تجرأ
انا حجر القضاء.. و في جبينه قرا

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