Sorta…about me ;-)

1- Like watching movies in dark rooms with a big bowl full of pop corn on my lap.
2- Like cartoons, I believe Beauty and the Beast + Anastasia are the best romantic movies ever.
3- Love cotton candy, was deprived from eating it when I was young though.
4- Like reading, I tend to classics most of the time, but I usually check what’s new in the market.
5- Like driving around Heliopolis Friday mornings, turn on the cassette, and I’m at the top of it.
6- Like all spicy food, started to have this allergy thing bas cool ya3ni, a Telfast tablet works fine.
7- I can make a big deal of out nothing…and can easily drive others crazy…
8-Like to have my dessert before eating the main dish, coz I don’t like to keep the sweety taste.
9-Like pink , I mean, check out my wardrobe.
10-Like strawberry, coconut, kiwi, and chocolate shower gels and body lotions.
11- I am super obsessed with my weight…although am underweight.
12- I wish I have Teri Hatcher looks.
13- Don’t like fruits in general, but gotta eat them anyways, my all time favourites are Strawberries and Mango.
14- Don’t like being late for any appointment, and hate when people say let’s meet up at 5 and you know they mean 5:30 – 6.
15- Don’t like swimming in the sea, prefer swimming pools, ah…babalbat bas.
16- Don’t like the way my mouth look, tried hard the braces thing, but can’t get myself to do it.
17- Don’t like…may be puppies but have to be super cute, can go with cats, and love parrots.
18- Don’t like when I get real down or depressed…oh God, disaster.
19- Hate break-up lame sentences.
20- Love vine leaves….I can easily eat the whole thing…just don’t forget the yoghurt.
21- Although I am not into dessert and sugary stuff….but can’t resist my favourite creamy topped basboosa….my uncle says eno I am “baladi awi” for this one 😉
22- Seafood :)))) I don’t like fish awi….but shrimps are the best…calamari ya3ni. Don’t like lobesters or any other sea kinda freaky creatures!
23-, I support the claim that ancient Egyptians found the secrets of levitation, hence built the Pyramids the same technique used by Edward Leedskalnin the builder of the Coral Castle in Florida, it is the only logic that such ancinet people with only primitive tools, raised and set in place blocks of stone weighing many tons!”
24- I believe Cinderella is stupid, and Morgiana is a serial killer.
25- I stare at people or things when there is something strange/catchy.
26- I am a hell of a moody person.
27- Can be a real pain in the neck.. Can’t translate this one in English but I am literaly “7o2na” when I want something.
28- Some close people know am an extraterrestrials fanatic..and I wish I can get abducted by aliens…
29- am not really into dramtic realities…which doesn’t mean I am not admitting their presence, it is just I am not into dramtic moods.
30-I wanna have a a tiny butterfly tattoo behind my left shoulder “like the one in a walk to remember the movie”.

My all time favourite men list: “the list is based on physical appearence only”
1- George Clooney
2- George Clooney
3- George Clooney
4- Brad Pitt & Tom Cruise “before the jumping scene on lady O’s couch”
5-Pierce Brosan

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Behind those eyes there is pure evil

– Not the perfect weather for a weekend, especially with my allergy…I gotta avoid going out. But isn’t it early for such weather??? I mean I would expect the yellow sky sometime mid March…but not end of Feb. Mesh 3arfa?? it didn’t help the mood getting any better.

– Yesterday woke up with cramps in different parts of my body…and a severe headache. The thing is I committed myself to a course with “him”…and it is supposed to take place next week. Was in between the two things…should I or shouldn’t I??? I wanted to do the course coz simply, the guy is really good at what he is doing…I like his style, and wanted HIM to teach me 3ashan keda. Also, didn’t want to screw his work ya3ni…if am out, the whole thing will be blown off…fa doesn’t sound really good. Had a good talk with wonderer, and after talking the issue…I sent him a message apologizing for not being able to do the course. Felt way better after doing that. I want to knock off this whole thing…and seeing him would trigger lots of irrelevant/incoherent thoughts and feelings. The funny thing ba2a when wonderer asked me to name 3 good things about him…fa I was like a)…..mmmm… fa she said you can’t even mention one good thing ya nerro….replied eno there were lots of good things…but he is not the same, fa I can’t state them.

– Off with his head “mesh awi”…let’s talk food ba2a 🙂
Am so hungry…what would I have for lunch!! want a tasty double cheese burger…with extra cheese….and I mean a reeeeeaaal tasty thing…don’t know where would I get one…don’t feel like McDonalds, or Hardee’s…tab where else?? I wonder why did they close Arby’s…they used to have the best baked potatoes ever “whenever the word potato is mentioned I do the potato/potuto thing from the wedding planner” makes me laugh…used to love the one with mushrooms and cheese…oh God…am starving.
I am trying to have a late lunch…as I have this photography lecture given by one of my colleagues @ Mohandeseen 6ish…and would last for like couple of hours or so. Nahh..crap…just got off the phone…ordered Pizza.

– The war or words…check the Stewart-Trump clash. Ouchhhh

-Memoirs of a Geisha is already out in the movies…wanted to go in the weekend. Sister brutally refused to go with me….for some sort of misconception from her side….she claims eno I talk a lot. Besides eno “ede3a2 kazeb” kaman…hypothetically if it is correct…fa this should be cool could someone stays silent for a couple of hours…Booooooooooooring. I’ll go on my own…wala yehemeni ;p

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Who is the bad guy…No one is?!!!!

To whom it may concern
Under my coat is a weary heart, but a kind one-one that would do nobody any harm
” – Two Gun Crowley; one of the most dangerous criminals in the history of New York.
Crowley was sentenced to the electric chair in 1932. When he arrived at the death house in Sing Sing, he said: “This is what I get for defending myself.”

Al Capone once said “I have spent the best years of my life giving people the lighter pleasures, helping them have a good time, and all I get is abuse, the existence of a hunted man

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A: Well, well, well…that’s good.
B: Good as in??
A: “with hundred question marks on the forehead” good as in G-O-O-OD.
B: So you mean it is really good???
A: Yeah…it is really really good…I am impressed.
B: So could this be translated…to great.
A: You are either an Egoist or Paranoid
B: Egoist or Egotist?!!
A: Egoist, don’t think you are an Egotist at all
B: So Egoist or paranoid!!!
A: Oh…patience…

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I am big big girl
in a big big world
It’s not a big big thing
if you leave me
but I feel,
that I will
miss you much….miss you much
I can see the first leaf falling
It’s all so yellow and nice
It’s so very cold outside
Like the way I’m feeling inside

It is so complicated….2 extremely contradicted feelings…and I am supporting one of them…and want it to take over…but the other one is struggling hard to get me down.

We have a very important visit today…the big guys are in the conference room since early morning…and they are gonna be there probably most of the day. Sonia called and said this is a perfect day out. What are we gonna do!!!! we didn’t feel like going up to the roof. So we decided to head to the Euro Deli…we actually had a very nice walk to the Deli…food wasn’t really good. but the atmosphere was amazing.

“Yu” left to the States a couple of weeks ago, as she is about to deliver her baby…she is being missed…her replacement is not really into doing anything other than talking in the phone…whenver we ask her if she would like to join in anything…she goes like no I have a phone call. Gosh….that’s a hell of phone call!!!

P.S: I gotta start looking for a new job. A new thing… something that would add to me..

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Call it whatever…..

With you I am the happiest person ever, yet hate the fact that I am with you. Forgot the word “NO”…should have said it…but maybe…it has been so long since we saw each other. Yeah…I just missed you. Didn’t say it…but you felt it. What a desperate attempt to pull the words out of me…”I missed talking to you”….that’s a slap on the face. “Missed talking to me”!!!!

What are you trying to do…whenever I start to get hold of myself….you simply show up and turn my life upside down…I want you…and I don’t want you. I can just vanish….but certainly will run into you somewhere..what if I pretended that I never got to know you. That doesn’t sound like me.

Do you really care, or you are hell good at pretentions??? who’s special to you?? to you am that wonderful perosn….and the others are???? think we are all the same. You gave yourself every right to invade my space, and when I tried to do the same….you grounded me for life. Are you afraid??? of what??? Speak your heart out even once…you never do…

In short you might have made part of my day…screwed the rest of it and the night though.

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Yellow Invasion, Nasseer, and other stuff

It is only a couple of wokring days and this is the third…but feels more like the end of the week…we have lots of things going on….visits, audits, and proposals. Plus the count down to boss’s vacation started…”yaaaaaaaaaaaay”…tomorrow is his last day “am doing the eyebrow thing” can see callouts with “when the boss is out of here” fantasies… This should be loads of fun.

The Yellow Invasion: yellow eraser, yellow flags, yellow kinda rectangular lined post-it notes, yellow small post-it notes, yellow highlighters, yellow pages “why on earth do I have this thing my desk”!! Didn’t see this coming one day!!! my desk is covered with YELLOW stuff. Yuuuuuuuuuk….abnoxious.

Nasseer Shama”s concert last night was amazing…especially when a spanish group can’t recall their name “as it was tooooooo long even for Nasseer” accompanied him…Gosh..that was breathtaking. They played two pieces, one he composed, and the other one was their’s. I liked his BIG TIME. Was in bad need for such a mood…especailly after having a super hectic day at work. It was one of those days when everything goes wrong. And I was that “as in soghanana awi” tad away from losing my mind.

Common Sense: is the key word….see it is that simple.
A person who is Persistently Dumb + Super Slow, would drive me nuts in NO TIME.

Hoax or???
Came back from lunch. Found many missed calls from my family, and colleagues who are trying to locate me “I am not a cell-phone person by any means”. Everyone is warning me “don’t use tap water” they threw infected chicken in the nile!!! Well, guys come on…this would be a bottled water company campaign or so, people won’t do this. Rasha replied no..this makes a whole lot of sense…See..people usually throw their dead animals in the nile istead of burrying them…ha!!!!!

My Favourite parts in Beauty and the Beast: “I think it is the most romantic movie ever ;-)”

Beast: I thought I told you to come down to dinner!
Belle: I’m not hungry.
Beast: You’ll come out or I’ll… I’ll break down the door!
Lumiere: Master, I could be wrong, but that may not be the best way to win the girl’s affections.
Cogsworth: Please! Attempt to be a gentleman.
Beast: But she is being so… difficult!
Mrs. Potts: Gently, gently.
Beast: Will you come down to dinner?
Belle: No!
Cogsworth: Suave.
Beast: It would give me great pleasure if you would join me for dinner.
Cogsworth: Ahem, ahem, we say ‘please.’
Beast: …Please.
Belle: No, thank you!
Beast: You can’t stay in there forever!
Belle: Yes I can!
Beast: Fine! Then go ahead and STARVE! If she doesn’t eat with me, then she doesn’t eat at all!

Beast: You came back.
Belle: Of course I came back. I couldn’t let them… Oh, this is all my fault. If only I’d gotten here sooner.
Beast: Maybe it’s better this way.
Belle: Don’t talk like that. You’ll be all right. We’re together now. Everything’s going to be fine. You’ll see.
Beast: At least I got to see you one… last… time.
Belle: No, no! Please! Please! Please don’t leave me! I love you!

Sigh…kiss…and OUT 😉

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كل يوم يبتدي يومه من بدري قوي…يا فتاح يا عليم يا رزاق يا كريم…يبص للقطر اللي جنبه …لسه نايم…لسه بدري علي ميعاده،” هو أحسن مني في ايه؟؟ من و احنا صغيرين انا بيطلع عيني من الصبح بدري و هو متدلع عالأخر”…بص عليه مرة تانية و فكر انه يمكن يكون ميقدرش يصحي بدري و يعمل كل المجهود ده “صحته علي قده يعني”…أستريح للفكرة دي..و فرح بنفسه..نوع من التحفيز الذاتي عشان يقدر يستحمل اليوم…رايح…جاي…ناس طالعة و ناس نازلة…شايل كتير القطر ده…مش ناس بس..ماهي الناس دي معاها شنط..و بؤج…و أقفاص…و مشاكل…و حواديت…ده غير اللي قرروا يطلعوا علي دماغه “دماغي هتنفجر…هو انا ناقص“.
و أخيرا…رجع البيت…”ياه…كان يوم طويل قوي” عادي زي كل الأيام
تاني يوم الصبح…صحي بدري..قبل معاده بشوية…مكانش نايم كويس أصلا…مالوش نفس يمشي…و لا يقف في محطات..ولا يشوف ناس…”هطق…اتخنقت يا ناس”…”زهقت”…كل يوم نفس السيناريو…من الصبح لبلليل…نفس الطريق…نفس الخطوط الطولية المملة اللي بيمشي عليها…عمرها ما بتتقابل ابدا…نفسه يجرب طريق جديد علي الأقل…يشوف ناس تانيين…أغلب الركاب حفظهم و حفظوه.
مرة واحدة قرر انه مش هيمشي في نفس المسار بتاع كل يوم…صحي القطر اللي جنبه و قال له عاللي بيفكر فيه…” أنت أتجنتت رسمي”…”محدش بيعمل كده…ده حتي المثل بيقول أمشي عدل يحتار عدوك فيك”…”عدو مين بس…هو انا في حد صاحبي أصلا..لما هيبقي لي أعداء!!!” “يا عمي صلي علي النبي…مش هخسر حاجة أكيد هكسب. علي الأقل أبقي حققت حلم..هو مش ده مكسب برضه؟؟”
القطر التاني قلقان عليه “بص..أنا حذرتك يا صحبي..احنا طريقنا مرسوم و محفور في الأرض…. هوكده…الدنيا كلها ماشية كده…شوية يمشوا في خطوط متوازية…و شويى يمشوا في دواير..دول مينفعش يتلخبطوا علي دول”.
طلع من “المحطة”…أصله مش حاسس انه بيته دلوقتي…مبسوط بأحساس الهروب…الطريق في الأول واحد..فجأة غير اتجاهه….مشي بسرعة قوي…”طريق جديد”…ناس واقفة علي الجنبين…بس هو مش بيقف لحد…”يا ريتني كنت عملت كده من زمان”. فضل مكمل بنفس السرعة الجنونية…مبسوط بالهوا و الخضرا…مفيش حد كابس علي نفسه..و لا قاعد علي دماغه….أتكعبل في حاجة..”ايه ده؟؟” مش عارف يسيطر علي نفسه خالص…شامم ريحة غريبة…”أتقلب”… و العربيات اتفكفكت خالص…بدل ما كان قطر كبير..بقي قطع ميكانو صغيرة..صغيرة.
فاق القطر علي ناس في حالة ذعر غريب جايين ناحيته…طب ايه؟؟؟ دلوقتي هو في مشكلة كبيرة…و ما فيش قدامه غير حل من أتنين…يا يفجر نفسه عشرتلاف حتة و يخلص خالص و بكده يبقي جبان و مش قد اللي عمله..يا يستني لما الناس تحاول تظبطه شوية و بعدين يرجع المحطة و يتصلح…بس برضه عمره ما هيرجع زي الأول..و يبقي قطر فرجة “بعاهة مستديمة” ..هيحاولوا معاه شوية بعدين يكهنوه!!!!
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It is Thursday …..Cont.

Ahhhhhh…that was a heck of a day.
Finished late….of course coming up with a record to convey after hundered years takes a lot of time…goes without saying….I was so pissed it is not that am not willing to finish a task…but admit it…that was B…
So, to cover my back I came up with the far clause that defines the retention of documents blablabla…”should have done this earlier though”….told ya….I was in Neverlands today. Heba stepped in to check on me, fa she said something like you shouldn’t be upset…..such stuff happens “particulary” in Thursdays…..exactly like “in wedding days things have to be horrible”…yeah Hooba…you are right…IT IS A CLASSIC BABY 😉

Wow…now this is hillarious, Top Ten Reason You Are A Gemini; #8, 7, 6, 4, and 2….are SO much true…# 10…mmm…depends on the mood, I mean sometimes I really can’t stop talking…I just go like crazy…talk…talk…talk, and some-other-times…am the quietest person on earth…even if somebody started a conversation…I push Ms. Freeze on him/her…. and just do the robots talk…which is usually tasteless…that’s why I go on my mute moods….it is just safer.

Tonight was a home movie night….the movie was “Esha3et 7ob”….isn’t this one amazing…I laugh every time I watch it….although I know it by heart….strange thing ba2a…I never felt bored…Souad Hosni…looked so pretty back then…I don’t like her in many of her movies…she is too much sometimes…but I just like her in this movie…and kaman “7assan w na3ima”…that is “looks” wise. Acting wise…I think Nadia was her best. Maybe she did other good ones, but am not that much of a movie person….

So drained out…. feel so tired….every single bone in my body aches….guess I gotta take it easy on myself this weekend. I desperately need some “shay belaban”…it is just too warm in here…and am too lazy to walk all the way to the kitchen”lol”…usually it is not that big deal…but now it sounds like going all the way back to Maadi :)….isn’t there a “shay belaban” fairy!!!!! They do exist…seriously….It is like last night “was too cold”….we went to a photo exhibition keda at the Opera House….the exhibition was held @ the Hanager Center…fa it took us sometime….roaming around until we reached the right venue….definitely we were freezing by then…and in bad need to a hot drink… you won’t believe it…the minute we stepped in we found a coffee shop. Can you see where am going here?? Shay belaban fairies do exist. After we had our tour inside…we decided to stay in for a drink….but apparently as it was really cold, mother fairy went home, and sent her assistant…it was the strangest tea with milk I’ve ever had in my life. I mentioned something like “this looks weird”…pointing to the thick foam layer…fa Moutaz replied in an assuring tone keda eno…no that’s ok…they sometimes serve it that way at work. It tasted Ok…but the foam was really strange…it didn’t stop us though…10 minutes and we were done with our drinks 🙂 am way off point as usual…now back to the main point. Think I gotta go do it myself….the fairy is sleeping….shhhhhhhhh.

Macbeth talk: to me it has been the cause of an infinite # of nightmares….seriously, a person with a fertile imagination like myself would really suffer after reading this play..not only that I had to read it once in my life….la2…double torture tab3an. Once at the college…and the first catastrophic time was back at school….why on earth young people have to study such a brutal play. Tayeb ma everybody knows that Macbeth murdered Duncan, but they make him king anywayz. I confess…I hate it…especailly Lady Macbeth ; she used to creep the hell out of me…

Wow…I spent a lot of time here…it is almost an hour after midnight.

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It is Thursday….am”yawwn” so sleepy

I was actaully yawning…
Who said Thursday is a good day for business meetings? seriously, it is a sports day…u come to work do some little things….go out for lunch….then come back finish your reports…then IT IS THE WEEKEND!!!! The thing is I came to work this morning… before coming to work, I was dreaming eno it is Friday not Thursday, then mom woke me up, fa I realized eno Thursday…mm… is only one day w khalas. I decided to go for jeans to feel the essence of the “should have been” a sports day..

Came to work…checked the caledar…and “takkkkkkkkh”…a slap in the face…”extended staff meeting @ 9:30″….now what? should I go home and change or what??? fa boss popped inside the office at this very moment…and so that look on my face….

Boss: What are up to Nermeen?
Me: Nothing…I just came in and found out that we are having a big day
Boss: Are you ready?
Me: No….am even on casual
Boss: you know what….you are very confusing…
Me: come on J….am an opened book “laughs”
Boss: today you are wearing a red top, but in Valentine’s day all girls came in dressed in red, but you were putting on a black top…..moreover, I’ve never seen you before in black. Guess that was the only time.
Me: “thinking deeply”…I never came to work in black…positive?
Boss: Not really, but I can’t recall seeing you in black before that day.
Me: Weird…ha!!!
Well, at least he was taken in a totally differnet direction, and forgot about the dress-code violation 😉

I was totally blank during the meeting…thank God, I didn’t have much to say…but most of the time…I was in neverlands…..

Screw the mood….
Now I am ready to chock somebody…I am required to come up with a logic for a number related back to 1997…………

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Someone is getting on my nerves, and I can’t talk about her 3ashan keda yeb2a gossip, so!!!! ah….she is killing me. I am trying to pretend that she is not around, but the fact is she is in front of me….grrrrrrr….I long to the days where Magued and Ahmed were my office mates…they were real fun and decent kaman…

Noticed that so many people are not really into celebrating Valentine’s day :)…well, let me put it this way, the fact that it is really irritating for singles doesn’t make it a bad day that have to be cursed…it is just like any other day, the only remarkable thing about it, is to make someone else’s day… is as simple as this…and in my opinion…it worth the effort.

On a side note: Khaled Selim’s voice is really G-O-O-O-D, and he looks nice as well…if only he get himself a proper haircut….he might have the chance to make it to my list.

On another side note: the google chatting thing is super cool :)))

Ipod news: entertaining… it is really small and koko :)) I love it, and kaman I like the I-Tunes radio channels…

I am done with the articles of issue # 2 “as the lazy cat el howa ana didn’t manage to finish early enough for issue #1” for this magazine, am really excited about this experience, the whole thing is really nice. It is a monthly free of charge periodical, published in English language. The magazine will be in Cafes, cultural venues, Diwan, and Sakia for sure,etc. First issue should be on stands 5 March, looking forward to see how it is gonna look like.

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Bubble Bubble Gum Drops

It is a beautiful day…rise and shine, dress up and go out with a big smile. Not only it is valentine’s day…but kaman it is raining….yaaaaaaaay.

I always love the atmosphere…it puts me in an excellent mood. Here at work, we usually get presents and stuff from our bosses, and the photo is for the present I came to find this morning on my desk. Every office is filled with either flowers or chocolates. Someother guys are going around the offices with indefinite number of Hugs and Kisses bags. Isn’t that beautiful.

So in return I went out shortly after showing up at the office, paid a little visit to the city baker and bought some stuff mostly berries tartlets and some other pastries…..came back, prepared hot tea and we all had a warm cozy breakfast at the boss’s office. I prepared a long list yesterday with lots and lots of romantic songs to play today…so music is here too 🙂

Is it my lucky day or what….the new ipod is already here “the only thing is that it just doesn’t come in pink…bas no problema…long live the skins :)))

Hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day….It is really something to make someone’s day.

Hugs and Kisses :-x)

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Gorgeous…isn’t it!!!

Took the photos few minutes before we leave Wadi El Natrun….actually I was already in the bus then I realized eno I can’t leave without getting a few photos…Stunning. More photos for the tour here.

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Romance Time

Wish you all have the BESTEST Valentine’s Day 😉
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You know how I would like to end the day???
Having late lunch…or a snack…could be a turkey or beef with melted cheese toast, in a felucca. Long ride, around sunset…a good companion “nothing romantic”…just a friendly intimate kind of talk and atmosphere. “Siiiiiiiiiiiigh”

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