My blessing list

Ibhog took smelling life into action, and asked his friends/fellow bloggers to write their blessing lists 😀

and here is mine:

– El Satr wel Se7a: at the top of my list, and am quite speechless here…cannot find the appropriate words to talk about those two huge blessings. for me they sum up God’s Graciousness.

– My mom: for everything…for being there, for helping out, for the flow of love and tenderness,  for making life worthwhile, for teaching me how to forgive, for making me realize how to live a life and look the world in the eye.  for making our home a place that I always miss when away.  for the morning smile and the good night warm hug.

– My dad: for the lovely smirk the lightens up my face whenever I think about him, for the support and acceptance of any state and always being ready for the worst, for the uncondintional freedom that I strive to prove am worthy of it.  for my (childhood) friday memories.

– My twin sister: the most important person in my life;  for the voice of reason that she adopts whenever I start rambling and going to extremes.  for the heartly laugh before bedtime, for growing up together, for her patience and love, for making me laugh for no obvious reason.

– My friends:  I have to admit that I don’t have a big circle of friends, but they are REAL ones, they are the ones who I turn to (they even approach before I even turn to them).

– My Job: el7amdolelah for that, I am not what of those who started off with a well crafted career plan, I realized my career was a mess a tad late in the game. But things worked out eventually

– My car: bondo2a is the best, super ghalbana, she gets to endure Ali (el sayes) maltreatment, and the daily bahdala in downtown. Yet, without her it would have been me who has to go through the daily bahdala.

– Being able to be positive, and see the glass half full.

– Being able to dream and have dreams fulfilled.

– Being able to love as if I have never been hurt before (believe me as naive as it seems, I consider it a blessing)

– Being accepted and loved.

يا ربي لك الحمد لجلال وجهك وعظيم سلطانك

I assume everyone has done this already, but if you haven’t please take the time to list down your blessing 😀

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Can’t you smell life?

Was asking a friend this morning about her new job and if she is happy or not? she said, “well, much better than the old one”.  Fa I was like ya3ni you are HAPPY? She then replied am fine with it, nothing makes me happy any more.

Her answer triggered a prolonged conversation about life and happiness that ended with her picking on “my happy life”.  The thing is I rarely hear people  saying “el7amdolelah”, I never hear the word “we are happy we are alive”, “rabena yedeem el ma3roof, or el se7a, or el satr….a lot of other underestimated or overlooked blessings.   I am not generalizing but seriously we need to start counting our blessings..and I believe that happiness or at least a faint miasma of it will start making home in our lives.

My very personal theory is that Happiness is a fluctuating feeling or a state of mind that totally leaps in if the person is genuinely content or satisfied “Rady” that is.   It varies according to the velocity and intensity of the roller coaster called life. We as humans cannot maintain the same level of tolerance and “Reda”…at this point it is either you give up and call her ( life) names, or hang on, fight, or  even subdue until the turn is over with and reach a phase closure. The closure might be joyful or sorrowful..nothing is guaranteed.  The only certainty in life is that we will never know what’s gonna happen.

“But life leaps over oblivion lightly.  Losing only a thing or two of no importance, and gloom is but the passing shadow of a cloud”

Shooting star:

It is the night of the shooting star, been waiting all my life to make a wish while glancing at it.  Never happened.  While staring at the dark sky  I wondered why on earth am I clinging to that faint hope while am guaranteed an “egaba” if only I approached.

Book Recommendation:

Yann Martel’s Life of Pi – highly recommended but a tad “disturbing”.

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Ya Rab

Blueberry Girl…

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