Cavafy’s house/museum

Guys, am paying a quick visit to Alex during the weekend and I wonder if you know where is Cavafy’s house/museum!! Couldn’t get any contacts to check the address or even the working hours and days!! Do they work on Fridays!!

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    The Cavafy Museum is run under the auspices of the Cultural Section of the Greek Embassy in Cairo and is open Tues -Sun 10.00 – 15.00, Thurs & Sun 10.00 – 17.00 For further information tel: ++ 203 4825205-4821598

  2. ASkandarani: I found this page in the morning and tried the numbers; they are out of service!!

  3. ask Camel, he visited it before and know its place. He said it was really nice.

  4. Sa7 gedan, Camelot would know for sure. Thanks ya Nousha.

  5. The Cavafy House open on fridays from 10 to 3 pm , it is in a small alley from Sultan Hussein Street in front of FITAR the antique boutique in the same street.
    You can get further information from 03/4851556 .
    Hope i could help you and enjoy your visit to my Alex.
    Eskendereya hatnawar wallahy.

  6. Hesham, welcome back mabda2eyan
    And thanks a million for the info, always wanted to go there 🙂
    Eskendereya menwara 3ala tool be ahlaha

  7. helloo there,
    i have no info regardin the museum. just wanted to tell u that ur blog is so wonderful
    keep on bloggin

  8. Thanks a bunch Reema 😀

  9. Just saying hi 🙂 Miss you ….

  10. Lots of kisses ya Ems, miss you much sweets. Let’s see if we can anytime soon!!

  11. I just decided to drop a line, saying:
    I miss you awiiiiii

  12. Hope you are enjoying your Alex tour, you know I hate the posts with no comments and I hate more the protected ones but what can we do.I am sure you have your secrets but this is what I feel.

  13. Wonderer: wa7ashtini awi awi enti kaman 🙂

    Hesham: Alex was cool aktar 7aga, I had a blast, details later ba2a lama asteraya7 3ashan am practically mefasfasa.
    Never mind…but remind u..u personally have a PRIVATE blog :D, mestakhsar feya 2 private posts :))!!

  14. 3andak 7a2 but this is how I felt

  15. Can somebody tell me until what time is open cavafi’s house? Because i want to visit… Plz answer to my mail

  16. joanna: I emailed you the info.

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