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During the past few months, Egyptians have been haunted with catastrophic headlines and top stories on a daily basis – from murders, to corruption, to a series of fires, to sexual harassment… not to mention the effect of the global economical crises that the Egyptian officials allegedly confirmed hasn’t significantly affected the (already) deteriorating economy. Seriously, it was like a spell has been cast on Egypt and caused a series of unfortunate events.

Amid this grim, Egyptian bloggers decided to revolt against the country’s current rueful state and bring out some positive energy to the surface through the “Change the Channel” campaign.  Get to know more about the initiative from Tarek.

The kick off  will fall on the same day that has the same number of the month; ya3ni our date is the 1st of Jan. 09.

Yalla nghayar el ma7atta 🙂


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  1. So right, the real problem is how do u change the channel on the pessimists around you in life.

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