بحبها و هي مرمية جريحة حرب..بحبها بعنف و برقة وعلى إستحياء

على إسم مصر التاريخ يقدر يقول ما شاء
أنا مصر عندى أحب و أجمل الأشياء
بحبها وهي مالكة الأرض شرق وغرب
و بحبها و هي مرمية جريحة حرب
بحبها بعنف و برقة و على إستحياء
و أكرهها و ألعن أبوها بعشق زي الداء

This is pretty much how I and many Egyptians can sum up their relationship with beloved Egypt these days.  Those who have dreamt of The Change, the country they want to be associated with and belong to. Not knowing or underestimating their surrounding, unfocused of the target, mislead by media-made hazy figures and politics  scarecrows.

In the morning on my way to work I listen to the Radio and scroll through twitter updates; my heart pounds in agony and contentment at the same time when parents call to let their kids “Salute the Flag” before they go to their schools.  At the same time on twitterverse and facebook  “mature” people and public figures diss their country in public and over international media.  People  bored at their cars or woke up on the wrong side of the bed retweeting negative energy, while parents whom while suffering through Cairo Traffic repeat تحيا جمهورية مصر العربية  after their kids in the radio.

As an Egyptian who would you want to believe, or believe in?

If I have the choice I would want media to listen to the Radio and report that; regardless of the “turmoil” there are hopeful people who believe in their country, rather than filling their feeds with tweeps diarrhea.  State Radio/media is totally biased (fact) and reflecting the government agenda, but tweeps are egomaniacs and many have agendas too (yes I am saying the agenda thing, sue me). 

To me an agenda of unconditional love to a “lousy place” as declared by a group of Egyptian social media users, is much tolerable than a destructive one, that sells nothing but an uglier picture that is different from reality (not far different, but it is an exaggerated one), and negatively affects the minority that decided to do something positive away from the filthy political atmosphere.

For a reason we have mastered the game of doing nothing over the past three years. “We toppled two regimes”..alright great people, then what did you build? “nothing”. We protest and don’t find political solutions to reinforce our choices,  we criticize instead of working, we tell people off instead of extending a helping hand, we make fun instead of digging down and fixing.  We are lazy people who find comfort in condemning rather than taking actions and initiatives.

I am not trying to blame people here.  I am neither being delusional nor by any chance turning a blind eye on the government or justifying the violations or the erratic performance, I am admitting it.  But my country’s national security comes as a priority, and if others are ignoring the fact that there is a threat, and the fact that people are opening more fronts than the government can handle. I am not.

Where in the world would people fight an army that sacrifices tens of its people (our people) almost on daily basis? Violations? I won’t disagree..but is it the right time? You jeopardize “your country” for personal disputes?

Regardless of the names and political powers, and siding with teams. I am personally siding with Egypt – My Country represented in the brave young guys standing on the borders, burying their colleagues every single day, defending your country, and knowing that their turn is coming sooner or later.

If we as people of the country cannot put any other thing aside until we get over a shaky period, then we shouldn’t blame anyone when this country falls for occupation or prey for other powers!  If you want to leave or you don’t care, it is your right but  there are others like me who don’t want to leave this country as a refugee, or simply flee leaving everything behind, others who would rather die here fighting than leave at this point when the majority decided to shrug, diss, and watch.

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Is Sufism IN?


It hit me during this Ramadan night, I was browsing twitter when I found people sharing El Halaj poetry tagging it #الخواجة_عبد_القادر , I was like people but this is Kazem ElSaher, chanting El Halaj’s poetry, there are no Abdel Kaders here, let alone khawaga. I then realized that it is an Egyptian series that tackles a love story, I started watching it and connecting the increased admiration and association with the Sufi streak being demonstrated throughout the main tagline *ربنا يدوق عينيك رؤية حبيبك*

Although the hardcore Sufi Community is not new to Egypt and has been deeply rooted throughout the years, yet the embracement of Sufism and spirituality has been on the rise for a while, and I can safely say it is “in”.

I have been a goer to zikr and sufi chanting circles since 2005/2006 and I can tell you, I haven’t seen that number of attendees and embracers like the past few months, people recite the chants, know the moves, wash up in appreciation of the collective energy and serenity.
You can hear Zein Mahmoud, El Touni and, Yassin El Tohamy in a friend’s car, or recurrently see the name in a music list. Halaj, Rab3a El 3adaweya, Rumi, and Ibn El Fared are being quoted during casual discussions! And the next thing you see is chanting circles and even Mouled El Hussein have Facebook events.

As superficial as this may sound; it strips the hardcore of Sufism to soft-core spirituality – and of course as many would say it is just the “hip”- yet I find it a counter reflection to the current humongous negative vibe instigated by the radicalism of the Islamic current or to be more precise high pitch.

In history, Sufism has risen in many countries like Pakistan or Iran to defy radicalism and intolerance. No one can deny that over the past few years “Religion” has been the visible façade for everything oppressive, turbulent and vandalistic , that the only logical counterweight was turning towards the peaceful, mystical, and “existential unity of being and vision”.

As baffled and bewildered, I popped the question on Twitter; Is Sufism in?

Ola Abbady (@OlaAbbady) said: “I had a book -referring toبحار الحب عند الصوفية – that related the rise of Sufism to the loss of faith in times of turmoil, in religious figures. For some it is either atheism, or Sufism.”

Nermeen Refai (@Nerminism) who has recently started delving into Sufism, she said “I find myself in there, in Sufi love, a book, a poem, a chant, a dervish’s journey. It is fascinating, Sufism explain God through love and how you get lost in longing words let it be meant for God or the beloved”

In his book بحار الحب عند الصوفية., Ahmed Bahgat simply stated that Sufis are those whose hearts have been polished “الصوفية هم الذين صفت قلوبهم”. Although the statement capsulate the heart of Sufism and reflects the universal and simple define, yet the Sufi Order is much complicated and gradual in terms of connectionوصل

Whether the increased appreciation and endorsement of Sufism and Spirituality is because it is “in” or a social defense mechanism in defiance to the community hyper-aggression, and unavoidable mind and body crashing stress levels, I would say let it be. It is a good cholesterol, quite needed and encouraged. Like Mawlana Jalaludin Rumi Said:
Come, Come, whoever you are.
Worshiper, wander, lover of leaving; ours is not a caravan of despair

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on Crazy Girls


I am the crazy girl who speaks her mind and heart out..realizing that I am losing because I don’t play by the rules of a world I see as mediocre.

I am the crazy girl who finds solace in ugly truth. I have been called negative because I strip the truth bare and reject unnecessary “white” lies…

I am the crazy girl who follows her heart and intuition -and the voices in her head-. I have been called cold and unfriendly because I don’t show my Gemini colors, I loathe pretenses. I value people -even those whom I don’t like- enough not to pretend they mean anything to me, or fight and bring out the maniac in me to get a firm hold of cherished ones and place them in the place I deem appropriate in my heart and life.

I am the crazy girl who feels like hurting you bad and would compromise at the thought of a hug or hearing your voice…I am the crazy girl you are struggling to accept her rawness and aloofness.

I am the crazy girl who doesn’t believe in grey areas. Black, white, and Rainbow colors define the way I approach life.

I am the crazy girl who thinks of herself as Stargirl despite the shortfalls, not because I am too vain to acknowledge them, on the contrary, I do…but I also know for sure that star people are hard to find.

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On Peeing Statues and Kafka

Nothing could set a better introductory to the -well- perfectly Kafkaesque setting of Franz Kafka’s Museum in Prague as David Cerny’s “Piss/Pee” Statue.


What on earth could be more welcoming than a couple of men pissing on a Czech Republic shaped pool!!

On his take on Art, Cerny says:
“Provocation is the amplified…uh…amplified reason why the art exists. What’s supposed to be called ‘art’ and not design has to have something behind. Has to have some message, whatever. Of course, it can have a static message. But it has to have a message, it’s not a ‘chair’.”

Well, you don’t have to agree or disagree with Cerny’s point of view..yet it is a fact that his works are remarkable.

The above statue draws lots and lots of tourists -not for the erotic notion I hope- around the Kafka’s morbid museum, even those who are not visiting the museum itself.

On a quick note: am totally prejudiced. Never liked Franz Kafka, and after visiting his museum I realized it is because he is the sole creator of his dilemma.
His “existential circle” could have been wider & less tragic but he inflicted much agony on his life for the sake of “literature” I suppose.

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*ولسة جوا القلب غصة..

مع  كل نكتة، أو خبر حلو أو سجدة بتتمني انها تتمحي ويرجع قلبك بيضحك من جوة. الضحكة اللي في اخرها وجع بطن مش وجع زور مخنوق ودموع محبوسة.  مبقيناش بنعرف نضحك من جوة. كل واحد فيه اللي مكفيه، وكلنا بنلف وندور ونتحايل عالدنيا تضحك لنا –ضحكة حلوة مش صفرا- هي كمان. 

العنوان مقتبس من ديدو

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جريمة علي كوبري ستة أكتوبر

في جريمة قتل عمد بتحصل كل يوم وكل ساعة. من كام شهر بدأت عمليات اصلاح وصيانة أعلي كوبري ستة أكتوبر. بعد ما خلصت المرحلة الأولي، ابتدت مرحلة تانية من العك الرهيب..منتهي العشوائية وعدم المهنية.

الفواصل الأسمنية بين الاتجاهين مش موجودة اصلاً أعلي منطقة رمسيس .
من كام اسبوع كان في عربية بتتحرق علي الكوبري وكان الاتجاه ده مقفول طبعاً…فعزيزي سائق المركبة قرر انه لازم يمشي ويتفادي الزحمة..وبما انه مفيش فواصل بين الاتجاهات فسو وااات..نمشي في الاتجاه المعاكس..وبدل ما تبقي عربية واحدة مولعة نزود عربيتين تلاتة داخلين في بعض!!!

الجميل انه في الاماكن اللي لسة فيها فواصل..يا اما بتبقي حبال متصلة بعواميد حديد صغيرة او شكارة اسمنت..او حجارة مكسرة.

السيد الاستشاري المسئول عن صيانة كوبري أكتوبر انت لازم تتحاكم علي اسوأ مقاولة اتعملت في التاريخ غالباً…وطبعاً لو حد اتأذي أو مات ذنبه في رقبتك…عبوكو يا أخي


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An angry letter to Egypt’s Political Activists

Dare I say that I consider the rise of Egyptian Political Activists one of the revolution’s downsides?  I would actually take my exclamation to the next level and consider it a counter revolution movement to be perfectly honest.

Let me start the love letter off with a disclaimer. This is by no means a directed criticism, it is an angry post from an Egyptian citizen who has been trying to see Egyptian Activists (some of them are friends) playing an integral role in transforming the country, and helping –not only encouraging- others to take part.

Alas, away from very few who have been around for a few years now and were around for the support since the eruption of the revolution, activists were genuinely competing in hurling to the focus points particularly the crazed international and local media .  It is pretty sad to see that those who have been trusted and followed in most cases mislead thousands and thousands.

Fighting the windmills, twisting facts (which in cases was for raising the morale), promoting small victories that might at core be considered actual losses, and lack of foresight.

Let me tell you of a firsthand account; One day during a blogging conference that was held outside the country, one famous activist wasn’t sure if he should support the students protests or not, another leading activist and blogger encouraged him saying do it “wesh”…not knowing (what, where, why, or how).  Allak “wesh”..we do things for the sake of doing them? or because we need/have to do them?

I laugh out loud whenever I see a post from a “political activist” rallying for something “abusing” the martyrs and injured!!! Where have you been last year when you didn’t even tweet an initiative to help them as you were busy campaigning for a huge -commercially driven- charity campaign? Did you try to visit any…look me in the eye and say yes!!!

Dear famous activist the utter truth is while you were busy posing and posting about the consecutive interviews others were roaming different paths trying to console numerous unknown families who never took the streets but were in dire need for support, moral if not financial in most cases.

While you had nothing in mind beyond your “E-Sabooba”, some took on themselves the effort and risk to unravel the secrets of the WWW to Egyptians living in the outskirts.

While building a rapport with the media living inside your own bubble, erecting a façade around you adorned with arrogance and foul language..you did lose your people.
Get out of the bubble, realize that an actvisit’s place is neither inside a studio nor a cafe, his job is not to update the others with shows and speeches times.  If you decided to take the role of an activist..focus, pick your fight..and believe that your actions will speak louder than your words.

“HELPED are those who find the courage to do at least one small thing each day to help the existence of another–plant, animal, river, or human being. They shall be joined by a multitude of the timid”  ~ Alice Walker

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On a positive note; Egy Women Rock!


While we are being engulfed by the presidential elections grey tornado…two young Egyptian women were busy making history during the British Open Squash Championship 2012.
Nour El Sherbini beats her fellow Egyptian Raneem El Weleily to become the youngest-ever British Open women’s finalist.

فيها حاجة حلوة!!!!

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365 pp moving to tumblr

Just to let you know that I am moving the -incredibly slow- 365 pp to my tumblr. http://nermeena.tumblr.com/



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10/365 Capable


Hiking along Whales Valley on crutches.

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them”

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9/365 on Impressions :D


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8/365 My Happy Desktop :D


“الضحك قال يا سم عالتكشير”

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6/365 a genuine attempt


A sign placed at El Hegaz St, Heliopolis. Some friends thought it’s cheesy… I found it a genuine move (hearts excluded) ;)

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5/365 – A year after 25 Jan 2011


The number of Martyrs doubled up, the parliament proved useless…People are still in the streets…cheering Selmeya Selmeya!!

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4/365 Lost


“Getting lost is just another way of saying going exploring”

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